About Author

Frederick Celani, Reg. No: 06691-026, MDC Brooklyn, P.O. Box 329002, Unit 4 North, Brooklyn, NY 11232

email: FredCelani@Lavabit.com


4 Responses to About Author

  1. Leroy A. Mitchell says:

    What is this about a stroke? Please take care of yourself, Fred. I know we are getting older but I am suppose to kick the bucket before you. This e-mail way is easier for me to talk with you. I will get you again next week. Drue and I will cruise the Caribbean for our 40th Anniversary. I will write you while I’m on the water.

  2. Brian Simon says:

    Mr. Celani you stole my my mother’s house from me return my funds which you have stolen!!!

    • Brian Richard Simon says:

      I have had a desperate life since you had stolen my inheritance, I trusted brother Franklin, that for me was a terrible error. Please return the money you had stolen.
      Brian Richard Simon

  3. Al Caloun says:

    I worked with Fred in NYC I know eveything he says is a fact. By the way the man on this site named Brian Simon is a liar. He got almost $200,000.00 back from the trustee in this case. Simon and his ex-wife were drug dealers.

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