Friday, February 24, 2012
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater
Transcription Assist: “GG”
Dictation Date:  June 7, 2009
Dictation Location: Nassau County Jail
God is a Woman Chronicles

Grace set the stage by talking about my mother. Grace asked, “when was the last time you spoke with your mother?” I thought about the question and gave Grace the best answer I could come up, “sometime in 1971” I said.

Grace gave me her signature smile and said, “that was over thirty eight (38) years ago.” I thought to myself she died in 1971, how could I have talked to her since? I forgot Grace knows what you are thinking so that thought earned me a shake of Grace’s head and a half smile, that told me Grace thought that sometimes I had an I.Q. smaller than my sneaker size.

Grace said, “Frederick, are you aware that you can talk to your mother anytime you wish?” I said, “No”. Grace stated,  “when a COG transits from earth and returns to the raceway, the collective consciousness of the soul continues on in the infinite, (Universe). The soul itself is immediately returned to another womb for rebirth, but the collective nature of the human consciousness within that soul continues to amass information.” I gave Grace my hopelessly confused look and said, “what do you mean?”

Grace said that, “when a point of light, the genesis of every soul, is initialized for eternity [NOTE: A point of light is the infinites descriptive phrase for a “SOUL” and is always identified by the acronym “POL” Point Of Light), that POL transmits all it’s amassed information to the infinite, wherein it is collected and interacts with the information coming from the more than seven billion other POL’s in the universe. It never ends and continues to do so for all of it’s eternal existence.”

Grace said, “The individual POL will be continuously reborn over and over again, and through all incarnations will transmit all the information it amasses into the infinite data base. COG’s on earth can tap into that data base, and interact with any individual POL the COG wishes to contact, by utilizing POL relaters here on earth.”

I asked Grace, “if she was talking about people like John Edwards, the guy who contacts the dead.” Grace said “no.” Grace said that, “COG’s were free to exercise their own Free Will, as to any claim made by John Edwards and those like him who profess self proclaimed powers to contact POL’s in the infinite.” Grace stated that, “she is referring to her own totally reliable method of POL contact.”

Grace said that, “contacting a POL which has transited the earth from an incarnation whereupon contact is desired by COG’s who remain on earth (The COG’s, family, and friends, who knew or interacted with the POL while that POL was on earth) is not a parlor game. It is a serious probe into infinite communication that requires three pieces of information. [1] The POL’s name during the earthly incarnation of interest, [2] the POL’s city location on the day of transit and [3] the date of the POL’s transit.”

Grace said, “When these three pieces of information are obtained, one of Grace’s POL relaters on earth, contact the POL and gather whatever information the requesting COG so desires. Sometimes, it is done quickly, sometimes it can take weeks, months or years depending upon many factors.”

NOTE:  Any Deus Vult Fellowship Member may request Grace assist them in contacting a POL. [Membership in the Fellowship is “FREE” go to ThinkGrace.Org for details.]

I asked Grace what if a COG wanted to talk to a historical figure who was a very bad person or someone to whom the COG was not related? Grace said that, “any  POL who has transited, even negative POL’s can be contacted.” Grace explained that, “there is no heaven or hell or sin. There is only Free Will. If a POL in their given COG incarnation comports themselves in a manner of Grace, the POL returns immediately upon transiting into another womb and is thereafter are reborn. If a POL falls from Grace while on earth the punishment is that the POL will be reborn in a form of suffrage. Grace said that nothing of import, be it good or bad that occurs in the infinite, goes unrecognized and if need be unredeemed.”

Grace explained that, “sadly many COG’s do not believe in God anymore. In the modern world COG’s hide behind the the theory of Cogito Ergo Sum, (I think, therefore I am). COG’s mistakenly think they know it all. Grace said that COG’s forget the writing of one of Grace’s greatest relaters, Pico Della Mirandola, the author of the work known as Oration. Oration Grace said, was written for a group of philosophers invited to Rome by Pico himself. Oration describes the creation of man under Greek and Judeo-Christian logic.”

Grace told me that, “Pico explained the divine author (Grace) would be “different from every other creature” and that humans (COG’s) were created in a manner that God, (Grace) hoped would lead humans to love intelligence. Pico wrote that humans were “constrained by  ‘NO’ limits in accordance with their ‘OWN FREE WILL’.”

Grace stated that, “in Pico’s time and for centuries thereafter COG’s thought the earth was the center of the Universe and that all the planets and the sun revolved around the earth. After the Copernican revelations and the resulting scientific revelations which followed, COG’s came to know that the earth was not the center of the universe, and as a result lost faith. These Copernican and scientific revelations, led to what is now the twenty first century, being the first century in history after the so-called enlightenment, wherein a global dysfunctional society has been created, which bases itself in so-called scientific proofs creating the erroneous doubt which now rules the world.”

Grace stated that, “she brought forward numerous relaters over the past fifty (50) years, who have espoused what is now termed “new age” idea’s and revelations. These new age idea’s and revelations are exposing the – anima mundi,- of the soul. This is what Deus Vult is all about. The Deus Vult fellowship is founded on the premise that COG’s must become aware of their of their own God given Free Will.”

Grace said that, “she wants every COG to stop believing the Universe is nothing more than a mere expanse of meaningless motion, and purposeless existence. Grace says that the current idea, that the world outside of the human being, lacks and creative intent, purpose, meaning and intelligence is dead wrong. Human consciousness is – not – the only source of meaning in the universe. If COG’s continue in this erroneous thinking then the only logical end is for all COG’s to conclude that the soul knows no home. This pride in the misconception of Cogito Ergo Sum, currently controlling COG spiritual thinking comes at a high price. COG’s continue to mistakenly conclude that they are nothing more than momentary beings, insignificant specks of dust, living in a purposeless universe, lacking any rhyme or reason. This misconception is what is wrong with the world today and what Grace intends to redeem.”

Grace stated that, “COG’s are engaged in a singularly focused drive to achieve ever greater financial, political, and technological gains  superseding all spiritual aspirations.  The beauty of God, religion, nature, art, music, language, and culture take second place, if in fact they are considered at all, in the meaningless quest for wealth. Love of the human body is left behind creating a fat, dying, diseased, society, focused on gluttonous gain, entertainment and satiation. History is revised to tell a false stories. Trees, mountains, oceans and seashores become nothing more than  commodities for oil, minerals and rare earths. The minds of small children become targets for big corporations, whose constant desire for profits are making the children sick with hormone and antibiotic laced fast foods loaded with thousands of chemicals. This quest for instant gratification has led to epidemic of diabetes and hypertension in COG’s, and children as young as five growing breasts and experiencing puberty. COG’s now eat a diet composed of materials that are 70% corn by products with chemicals in the food and water, that are causing cancers and debilitating diseases in COG’s worldwide.”

Grace told me that, “The synchronicity of the Universe and the resulting collective unconsciousness is all around us. To think that the Unversed is not a living, breathing, thinking entity is error. Thinking that all of the thoughts of each and every POL, through each of the POL’s incarnations as COG’s in this world, are not connected, and then being stored and shared for eternity in the collective data base of the universe, is a grievous error.”

Grace said that she desires all COG’s to know that, “the Universe is unfolding as you read this. Each COG is a child of the Universe, no less than anything else on this planet they have a right to be here, and to be free of tyranny and oppression. COG’s are born from POL’s created by Grace, with Grace’s express demand that all COG’s exercise Free Will. No man made law controls a COG.”

Grace said that, “she urges all COG’s to stop eating processed foods and return to nature. Vegetarian and organic foods are Grace’s choice. If you desire meat, make it organic meat. Drink only water that is free of fluoride and chlorine. Bottled filtered water is best. Avoid pasteurized dairy products.  Most important avoid medications and doctors who prescribe and promote surgery and pills. Holistic practitioners are where all COG’s should go.”

Grace invites you to test God’s edicts. Grace says, “each COG should ask to speak to doctors and people from more than one hundred (100) years back in history, to find out the reasons they did not have cancer, diabetes and hypertension epidemics in the past. You will come to find that all of the current illnesses, cancers and epidemics are all food related.”

There is no charge to contact a POL. You do not have to know the POL. Just go to ThinkGrace.Org and put in your request and a POL relater will contact you via email. All requests are first come, first served. Deus Vult has only one staff member in Europe to handle POL requests at present so responses may take many weeks. POL research is FREE, the same as membership in the fellowship is FREE. You must be a Fellowship member to make a POL request. The free POL request form will be available on the ThinkGrace.Org website upon the websites launch in the near future.

Its easy to prove what Grace says is the truth, swear to God.

Play doubting Thomas and put Grace and Deus Vult to the test today.

Remember, it makes no sense dying on a small cross.

Grace be with you.


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