Wednesday, February 22, 2012
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater.
God is a Woman Chronicles.

Grace came today and requested that I compose a special Chronicle. As you probably are aware special Chronicles are real time out of sequence Chronicles on matters of importance to Grace. I informed Grace that I cannot type Chronicles as my long term memory is fading rapidly, and my sight is rapidly diminishing. Grace agreed that it was fine for me to ask another inmate to type the Chronicles for me. Grace stated that she understood the handicaps I am facing. It should be noted that this Chronicle is being read by everyone on the internet including the prosecution as well as my inmate typist. In order to maintain attorney-client confidentiality I have intentionally utilized initials for selected parties described herein.

Grace then asked, “tell me your opinion of what is happening with your case?”

I thought about it for a moment and then gave Grace my answer. “This case is not only complex, it is one of a kind. It would be easy to blame the lack of significant progress on the lawyers, but that would not be genuine as the reasons for the lack of progress are many”

I informed Grace about the involvement of lawyers in the case. “The attorneys in this case are James Neville, of Port Washington, New York, Steve Zissou, of Queens, New York, and Andrew Oliveras, of New York City. These three lawyers are backed up by Ronald Dwyer, a private investigator (retired N.Y.P.D.) who operates out of Steve Zissou’s law firm in Queens. [NOTE: It should be noted a succession of other colorful characters have represented me at various times in this case, and have now withdrawn from the case, they are intentionally omitted herein.]

I explained to Grace the progress thus far. “When all is said and done all of these lawyers are essentially basic criminal lawyers. They represent clients who for the most part are drug dealers, bank robbers, and assorted miscreants who are guilty and looking for the best deal possible from the prosecution. It is not often any of these three lawyers run into a defendant who ran numerous law firms for three decades and was an active working intelligence agent for the United States Government, who is painted by the government as a con-man, scammer, ex-con and liar.”

I went on to tell Grace that “Thus far the bulk of the case has been handled by Jim Neville (hereinafter “JIM”). Steve Zissou, (hereinafter “STEVE”) and Ronald Dwyer, (hereinafter “RON”) are new to the case in the last few months, and Andrew Oliveras, (hereinafter “ANDREW”) is essentially a research attorney used for document review. That said, the entire case at this stage rest on Jim Neville’s shoulders. My opinion of Jim Neville is that Jim is the kind of guy who could easily be a Jerry Spence or a Alan Dershowitz. Jim has the brains and ability, but appears to lack the desire for stardom.”

“When I talk to Jim I get the sense that Jim is a moral person. He knows deep down in his soul that the criminal justice system is a farce. Only the poor, disenfranchised and minorities suffer what we laughingly call justice. I think Jim’s morals and character keep him in the game trying to save those few who can be saved. Jim understands that justice in America is nothing more, than the appearance of truth”

I told Grace that ” There are times I become frustrated that the pace is so slow, that nothing is import is being accomplished. But then I realize that when all is said and done I have only Jim to rely upon. I am tasking one sole practitioner with the monumental burden of reviewing and uncovering four decades of plausibly deniable undercover behavior. The proverbial needle in the haystack.”

Grace asked me, “what about Steve and Ron and Andrew are they helping?” I told Grace that, “Steve strikes me as the kind of guy who operates as the chief surgeon. The only time you see him is the day of the surgery. Other than that he leaves it all to the general practitioners around him to do the grunt work. So far, I feel Steve has yet to understand the case. I met Steve one time. In that hour Steve talked about the time frames of the case based upon an old indictment, without ever considering the superseding indictment or the fact that years are missing from the time frame regarding the Washington D.C. phase of the case.”

I told Grace that in my opinion “Ron Dwyer is the guy I pin my hopes on. When I talk with Ron I have a sense of a true professional who can get the job done. That gives me great comfort. Steve obviously has the skill and track record, but thus far has not grasped the fact that the United States is clearly running a terrorist group, and because of that lack of understanding has yet to develop a passion for the defense. We shall see what the future holds as far as Steve is concerned.

Steve wants to pin down the intelligence agency and controlling officers. The problem is Steve needs to understand that the Public Authority and C.I.P.A. material is proven in this case as the government runs M.E.K. The need to name who authorized the Rainmaker Operation is established by simply stating M.E.K. Daniel “F” and Richard “H”. There is no doubt that M.E.K. is a U.S. Intelligence operation, and no doubt who runs it when one reviews the list of M.E.K. supporters listed in a recent New York Times article discussed elsewhere in this Chronicle.”

Grace asked, “have these lawyers filed a public authority – C.I.P.A. notice about M.E.K.?” I told Grace the answer was, “No”.

Grace asked about Andrew. I told Grace that,  “Andrew appears to be a nice young guy, whose role in this matter is that of a document review attorney. Thus far he has yet to send any of the discovery that should have been copied to disks years ago. This is the third year I sit waiting to review the discovery and have yet to see it all, other than some disks provided by the government.”

I told Grace that, “I am deeply concerned that the trial date will be set on April 2, 2012 and that we are no where near ready to start trial. I have suffered three cerebral strokes since October 14, 2011. I have suffered an ocular stroke in the interim. That’s four serious strokes in less than a year. My memory is severely damaged. My ability to recall is severely damaged. My ability to speak is severely damaged. As of January 2012, I am now 50% blind.” I asked Grace, “Does that sound like someone ready to go to trial?” Grace shook her head no.

Grace and a long time associate of mine have provided me with a wealth of information in the last three years. Grace asked twelve important questions regarding her revelations that she feels need to be answered:

[1] “Do these lawyers understand that the government already tried this case in California and said you never received any of the money, and then changed their tune in New York?
[2] Do these  lawyers understand that Barry Minkow was operating the same type of intelligence operation you were?
[3] Do these lawyers understand that Minkow was an ex-con, com-man, scammer and a felon that the government asked a federal judge to release from supervision?
[4] Do these layers know who Alireza Dilmaghani is?
[5] Do these lawyers know who Alireza Dilmaghani’s father is?
[6] Do these lawyers understand that Naomi Goldstein allowed you to run a law firm without a license for many years?         [7] Do these lawyers understand that Daniel Furman worked for a high ranking intelligence operative named Richard “H”, who was a major United States and United Nations official?
[8] Are these lawyers following up on all the investigations being revealed in New York City regarding the J.T.T.F. and NYPD illegally investigating Iranian and Muslim groups?
[9] Are these lawyers following up on the numerous allegations around the country of Iranian operatives involved in violence, that is actually the work of M.E.K.?
[10] Do these lawyers understand that Fox News is an integral part of this case?
[11] Are these lawyers aware that Media Matters and it’s leader David Brock, are investigating Fox News. Have these lawyers “Personally” reached out to David Brock, in person and on the phone?
[12] Do these lawyers understand that the United States is to this day running a terrorist organization called M.E.K. which is an “Intelligence” agency of the United States?”

I told Grace that I was of the opinion that, “Jim Neville understands, but the rest of the team are unaware of these facts and have yet to grasp or understand the actual nature of the case, as they have not heard the whole story yet.

Grace spoke about the fact that the lawyers seem to be ignoring important facts regarding an article written in the New York Times on November 26, 2011, by Scott Shane, of their Washington D.C. Bureau who stated that, “top ranking Republican and Democratic party officials are trying to have the M.E.K. Terrorist front, taken off the terrorism watch list. Political luminaries such as former CIA directors, James Woolsey and Porter Goss; former F.B.I. Director, Louis Freeh; former U.S. District Judge and Attorney General, Michael Mukasey; former Homeland Security Chief, Tom Ridge; President Barack Obama’s national security advisor, James Jones; former NYC mayor, Rudy Giuliani; former Vermont Governor and DNC Chairman, Howard Dean; the former head of the State Departments Counter Terrorism unit, Dell Daily, and officials of the United Kingdom, who all desire M.E.K. to be free to operate worldwide. How much more proof does anyone need that Operation Rainmaker is a U.S. Government front?”

Grace questioned the logic of the legal team, based upon the teams failing to see that the United States left out years of  conspiratorial behavior in the superseding indictment. The entire Washington D.C. phase was intentionally omitted by the Department of Justice (hereinafter “DOJ”). Grace feels as I do that the reasoning is simple. The DOJ is well aware that the M.E.K. leader in Washington, D.C. a man named Al “J” was so bold as to utilize a State Department Safe House in Falls Church, Virginia, as well as two State Department contract residences in Washington D.C. The DOJ knows that the Dar El Hijar mosque is a glaring evidentiary issue in this case. The DOJ knows that the Falls Church Safe House wherein I lived was staffed with a State Department Intelligence Officer, who controlled my actions. The DOJ knows that the law firm in D.C. was visited daily by as many as ten (10) Federal Agents assigned to the Rainmaker Operation. There is no way around these “FACTS” so the DOJ simply ignored the damaging proof, and intentionally cut out years of the facts from the indictment.

Grace expressed concern about the Fox News portion of the Rainmaker Operation. Grace wanted to know if any of the lawyers have listened to the tapes of a show called Justice for All. I told her that I think Jim had heard at least one tape, but he cannot find the correct radio station to subpoena all the tapes. Jim thinks it is a religious station in Maryland. It is not. It was a 50,000 watt AM station in Washington D.C. It is identified by it’s call letters on all the tapes and Fox News casts are also on the tapes. So far no one has found the station. Grace wonders how hard can it be to listen to a tape, ascertain the call letters form the broadcast and look on the web for the station? I have no answer for that question.

Grace expressed her deep concern for my health and freedom. Grace wonders how I can be taken to trial when I have stroke related memory issues. Grace wonders how can I testify when I have stroke related speech and expression issues. Grace wonders how can I review hundreds of thousands of documents when I am 50% blind. Grace demanded that I post this Chronicle and let the world know that a very serious case of the united States clearly running a terrorist group, during the George Bush and administration is being covered up by the Obama justice department.

There is no way the relater should be in a courtroom. There is no way this case is anywhere near ready for trial with a brain damaged defendant, who needs to be hospitalized. Grace wants the world to know that these issues were raised with these lawyers prior to any substantive ruling by the court, so that the facts may be memorialized for the “Public” record.

The power of Fox News?  Who knows?

Remember, it makes no sense dying on a small cross.

Grace be with you.


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