Tuesday, February 14, 2012
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater
God is a Woman Chronicles.

Grace came to the federal jail today with a wonderful warm smile on her face. I wondered what was on her mind. The smile Grace gave me was more brilliant than Grace’s signature smile, that usually tells me I am asleep at the switch. Grace asked, “do you know what today is?” I thought about it and said, “Tuesday”. Grace kept smiling as she shook her head.

Grace said “Frederick, today is our third anniversary, three (3) years, since you and I met on 39th street”. Wow, I thought, has it been that long. Grace told me she was pleased that I had thus far finished 67 Chronicles. Grace understands that there are hundreds more to go before I catch up to the present, but given the fact I am limited to a prison email system, Grace feels my progress has been admirable.

Grace told me that she was deeply moved, that I continue the quest to publish Chronicles even after having suffered three cerebral strokes, and recently having suffered a fourth occular stroke, resulting in the loss of vision in my right eye.

Grace told me that she wanted this “Special Chronicle” to be published immediately. If you are a follower of the Chronicles you are aware that I relate the Chronicles in sequence from the first day Grace and I met. Occasionally, when Grace has something of immediate import to say, Grace will instruct me to publish a “real time” Chronicle.

Grace asked me if I knew what the word information means. I said imparting knowledge and facts to others. Grace told me that was one explanation. Grace wanted me to make sure that all COG’s understand that the word information is greatly misunderstood. Grace told me that the word information has two spellings. One is “information” and the other is “InFormation”. Information has the conventional meaning everyone understands. InFormation means something much more important. InFormation relates to COG’s and the fact that each and every day, COG’s are “formed” as they learn and grow. The result is that up to the moment a COG exits the earth, they are always In-Formation.

Grace wants everyone to know that there are many ways of comprehending the world. Some of the many ways are personal insight, mystical intuition, poetry, science, art, education, meditation and the various religions of the world.  Grace said that COG’s limit themselves to thinking that InFormation is data, the knowledge a person has. Grace wants COG’s to understand that InFormation is much deeper than the surface explanation implies. InFormation goes far beyond the mind of the individual. InFormation, is far beyond the knowledge of all COG’s put together. InFormation is what actually forms the paradigm of each individual COG, as well as that of society as a whole.

Grace said that InFormation is not limited to something we write, speak, see or think. Grace stated that Einstein said that “human beings are part of the whole called the universe (Grace refers to the Universe as the Infinite) limited in time and space. He experiences his thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of the collective consciousness. This delusion is a prison for humans, restricting humans to their personal decisions and to affection for only those few people close to them”. What Einstein was trying to say is that we are all connected by the infinite. There is no singular thought. We are all one.

Grace then gave me the means to overcome the difficulty of describing Grace to the COG world.

Grace explained that the visage she takes when she appears to me is a compilation of the faces of female COG’s from the beginning of time. Grace said that there is no argument that the oldest “legitimate” (i,e, devoid of revisionist explanation) human female remains are that of Lucy. Lucy was a dark skinned African female. Thereafter as the continents spread out COG’s began to adjust to the climates that each continent drifted to, resulting in a lightening of skin color. Grace said the facts are irrefutable that all COG’s began as very dark skinned people, the same as the fact that all COG’s begin as females in the womb. Grace stressed that there is no Black race or White race or Asian race. There is only one race. The human race. The skin tone variations are “ethnic” not “racial”.

Grace has expressed in earlier Chronicles the InFormation that main stream, male dominated religions have cast women as second class citizens. Grace tells me there is no dispute that women are responsible for all good in the world. All things come from women. The ever present ethnic divisions between COG’s are nothing more than a smoke screen created to lower minority women in the eyes of the world, when in fact it is uncontrovertible that dark skinned, Golden Hued (see: Golden Hued below) women are responsible for the worlds population. The visage Grace utilizes is one of a woman who is part African, part Asian, part European, part Sephardic, part Indian (India) and part Native American. Grace’s visage in essence says “I’m Every Woman”.

Grace says that the first African Earth Mother was a Golden Mother. Grace tells me that the proper descriptive phrase for a dark skinned woman is “Golden” to represent the woman’s key role in giving life in relation to that of the Sun. Golden is the color of Queens and Female Leaders and signifies all that is valuable. Golden is the highest attainment of honor according to Grace. It is a Golden woman who sits at Graces right hand, the right hand of God. The Golden hue of the African Earth Mother comes before all the other lighter hues of Gold from one end of the color spectrum to the other, ending at  what Grace terms the Ivory hue, commonly referred to as white.

Grace feels that woman have been relegated to the proverbial back of the bus and that reparations are due. Grace pointed out that the German government has thus far given over seventy billion dollars in reparations to the Jews murdered in the Holocaust. Grace said that the Holocaust reparations by Germany are a good beginning, but by no means a final restitution for the cruelty inflicted on Grace’s Jewish COG’s.

What Grace demands is that the so-called new elites, who comprise the globalist one percent (1%)in their push for world government, under United Nations rule, must be froced to recognize the fact that Women have been  the victims of discrimination for all time. All women.

Grace says that all things on earth have as their source the feminine mystique. Be it a COG baby, a mammal or a plant, all the living things on earth have as their source a “feminine” component. Grace demands that all women be compensated for the suffering that women have endured through the ages at the hands of man.

Grace is of the opinion that women do not need a “hand out” all women need is a well deserved and long overdue “hand up”.

Grace tells me that women must make a concerted effort to market themselves to the world as being in the image of “God/Grace”. Whomever coined the phrase “girl power” is on the right track.  Grace told me that  her demand for compensation to women is a simple demand. Grace is not asking for food stamps, welfare or Medicare. Grace demands that women be given reparations. Grace agrees with Warren Buffet, that the rich do not pay their fair share, and owe great restitution to all COG’s.

Grace tells me that she looks at all the children dying of starvation worldwide and wonders why anyone would be proud that they have a personal bank balance of many billions of dollars. Grace proposes that the one percent donate a portion of their vast incomes as follows.

Anyone who has one to one hundred million must donate a flat 25% reparation to a general fund for women. Those with one hundred to five hundred million must donate a flat 50% reparation. Those with five hundred million to one billion must donate a 75% reparation and those with more than one billion must donate a flat 90%. All of those funds would be placed in a trust and distributed to women worldwide based upon the formula below.

Grace states that all of her sisters worldwide, all the shades of the golden hue should each be given $1 million dollars tax free. Each Golden sister should be given an additional $1 million dollars for each child to which they have given birth. Grace demands that each of her sisters be given access to unlimited funds for higher education.

Grace demands that a private equity fund be establish to provide loans to women who desire to establish new businesses or buy existing businesses for which they are qualified. The private equity fund will also provide mentors for a ten year period free of charge to the women entrepreneurs to assist the women in running the businesses. Grace demands that all moms who do need to work be provided with government established day care free of charge. This should be done immediately. Grace says this new women’s movement should be called  M.O.M. (Mothers Owed Millions) similar to T.A.R.P. (Troubled Asset Relief Program – The Federal Bailout program).

Grace tells me that with the current number of homes in foreclosure it makes sense that all ghettos should be torn down and each family dislocated must be given one of the empty foreclosed homes currently available. The cost of the home should be part of the M.O.M. reparations program.

Grace tells me that the M.O.M. program will use it’s political clout to demand that the Corporate Elites cease and desist from marketing empty promises to minority families and children. No more emphasis on basketball, rap music, sneakers, alcohol, expensive jewelry, clothing and fast cars. The new emphasis will be on education, self esteem, personal achievement, the nuclear family and God. The program will be called “THINK GRACE”. If the corporate advertiser fails to have a THINK GRACE message in the promotions and on their product the product should be seem for what it is, a sign of corporate disrespect for minority women.

The elitist drive to spiritually impoverish the minority women of America must stop. The corporate elites are causing a collapse of minority ethnic culture, and taking away all hope, love, self respect and family. Minority peoples are smart, capable and able and recognize that the corporate elites are currently collapsing the meaning of moral life for all minorities.

Grace demands that the new Jim Crow racism of imprisoning two out of every ten minority male children must be stopped. All federal and state prisoners must be educated and “Corrected “by the so-called correctional systems so they may have an opportunity to become valuable contributing members of society.

Minority politicians who aspire to high office on the backs of their minority constituents must be “InFormed” that their minority constituents are well aware that and upon gaining office, the minority politician and his/her family become white on the inside. Minority politicians must be “InFormed” that minority women are tired of the same old empty promises.

Grace tell me that it is imperative that the one percent take note and be “InFormed” that minority women have now snapped to the class warfare game. Grace wants minority women to recognize and be InFormed that the old game used by white politicians, wherein they would stab minority constituents in the back, will no longer work. Grace wants all minority women to be InFormed that minority politicians are now sinking the knife of Jim Crow statutes six inches inches deep and then through redistricting creating minority leadership positions wherein hope and change are promised and never delivered.

Grace wants all minority women to recognize that a minority leader, working for his or her own benefit, will pull the knife out four inches, leaving just two inches sticking in the heart of every minority women and her family, and proudly proclaim that small lessening of the knife thrust to be progress. Just as there is no such thing as a little pregnant, there is no such thing as a little dead. Emotional death is no different from physical death. THINK GRACE.

In Chronicle 69 I will report on the progress of my legal team, a no holds barred report of what is and is not going on.

The words progress and respect are spelled R.E.P.A.R.A.T.I.O.N.S.

Remember: It makes now sense dying on a small cross.

Grace be with you.


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