January 20, 2012
Dateline: New York City.

At a time of partisan gridlock in Washington, D.C. an obscure terrorist organization has drawn a stellar list of big time republicans, in an attempt to cover up the fact the United States Government, during the Administration of George W. Bush, ran a major terrorist organization, that is killing Iranian scientists, New York Lawyers, and Iranian expatriates and was responsible for the alleged attempt  on the life of a Saudi official in Washington, D.C. The Terrorist Group known as M.E.K. continues to operate to this day, and is growing in influence with powerful republican lawmakers.

On January 17, 2012, Iranian women’s rights activist, Gelareh Bagherzadeh, 30, a Texas medical student and internationally renown Iranian women’s rights activist was shot in the head, while sitting in her car outside her home in Houston, Texas. The murder is unsolved.

On March 17, 2004, Daniel Furman, a New York City Lawyer, succumbed to septicemia poisoning at St. Mary’s Hospital in Bronx, New York. Furman had been given an infectious agent by a local prostitute named Loanna Checo. The prostitute was never charged by the F.B.I. and is now working as a F.B.I. cooperating witness.

Iranian nuclear scientists are being killed in a wholesale slaughter. Darloush Rezaeinejad, killed by a bullet to the neck, Majid Shahriari, killed by a magnetic bomb attached to his car, Ardeshir Hassanpour, killed by poison gas, Masoud Ali Mohammadi, killed by a bomb hidden in a parked motorcycle, which exploded as Mohammadi was walking down the street.

Saudi Arabian diplomat, Adel Al-Jubeir, is alleged to have been the planned victim of a failed assassination plot by Manssor Arbabsain and Gholam Shakuri in Washington, D.C. Arbabsain is now an internationally sought fugitive. Shakuri was recently arrested in New York City, while trying to board a flight at JFK International airport.

Iranian dissidents are seen sporting suitcase microwave dishes, called “Internet in a Suitcase” that can access the internet all over Iran. The source of these suitcases is the U.S. Government.

What does Internet Suitcases and the murders of Furman, Bagherzadeh, Rezaeinejad, Shahriari, Hassanpour, Mohammadi and the attempted murder of Al-Jubeir all have in common?  The Mujahedeen El Khalq. Commonly called M.E.K.

M.E.K. is a decades old terrorist organization which was the primary subject of a book entitled Target Iran, by Scott Ritter. M.E.K. is on the international terrorist watch list and operates out of offices in Alexandria, Virginia. The M.E.K. terrorist organization openly operates a public relations arm in Washington, D.C. called the National Council for Resistance in Iran (N.C.R.I.) and has an official front group connected to the U.S. Department of State, called the Iranian Parliament in Exile, (I.P.E.).

The Bush administration and powerful republicans nationwide used M.E.K. to do their dirty work. The United States of America operated and supported its own terrorist organization, via hundreds of millions of dollars from powerful Iranian expatriates in the United States. The object was to overthrow the Theocracy and re-instate the Shahs son to guarantee Republican controlled access to the oil.

Recently the New York Times, in a November 26, 2011, article by Scott Shane, said that former CIA director(s) James Woolsey; and Porter Goss; Former F.B.I. Director, Louis Freeh; former Attorney General, Michael Mukasey; former Homeland Security Chief, Tom Ridge; Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor, James Jones; former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani; former Vermont Governor, Howard Dean and former State Department Counter-Terrorism Chief, Dell Dailey, are all arguing for an end to the M.E.K. Terrorist designation. The British parliament also wants M.E.K. removed from the Terrorist organization list. The question is why?

Its election time in the U.S. The Republicans are worried that United States voters will find out that George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice ran a terrorist group, “PRIOR” to the 9/11 atrocities in New York City, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. Not a good piece of news for the Republican candidate. Not good news for Barack Obama either whose Department of Justice, is covering up the truth.

Ali Safavi, of the Near East Policy Research Group, in Washington D.C. is worried that he will be thrown under the bus for working with Alireza Jefarzedah, the point man for M.E.K. in the United States and is also a talking head on Fox News. It is well known that Safavi was funneling millions to the terrorists from sympathetic Iranian expatriates in the United States. (See: N.Y. Times article by Scott Shane – Safavi giving money to terrorist is illegal, so its called a donation to sympathizers)

What’s all the fuss about. It appears the Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York City ran a major intelligence operation called Operation Rainmaker. It was run out of a New York City law firm. This law firm funneled over $120 million dollars to M.E.K. The JTTF ran four law firms, three in New York City, the Freedom Forum of New York, The Furman Law Firm and the Furman and Dilmaghani Law Firm, and one called the Butler Law Firm in Washington D.C. a block from the White House. This was done as giving money directly to terrorists is against the law.

The problem is the guy the feds threw under the bus to cover-up the JTTF operation Rainmaker plan is screaming his head off. Operation Rainmaker was the main source for collections of money in the United States. The money was raised utilizing nursing home partnerships, department stores and law firms. The U.S. Government operated the intelligence effort via agents from the United States Department of State; The Joint Terrorism Task Force; The F.B.I; The United Nations Security Council, federally authorized or approved agents of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Office of Court Administration, and authorized private contractors.

The man behind the operation was Daniel Furman. Furman was a New York City attorney who was an Israeli national. Furman reportedly worked for the Mossad and the United Nations Security Council. Furman was an official for the United Nations wherein he worked with Richard Holbrook. Holbrook himself died mysteriously from a sudden heart related ailment.

Daniel Furman upon arriving in New York City went to work with he Joint Terrorism Task Force. Exactly who within the Joint Terrorism Task Force controlled Furman and Operation Rainmaker is the subject of a current investigation in United States v. Frederick Celani, (hereinafter the “Celani case”) a federal criminal case in the Eastern District of New York.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force is based in the Javits Federal Building at 26 Federal Plaza in lower Manhattan. There are more than 2000 FBI Agents in this building. There are 500 officers from other agencies as well. There are 130 N.Y.P.D. detectives, and agents from the CIA, NSA, ATF, ICE, TSA, Secret Service, DIA (Department of Defense), State Department, (DSS Diplomatic Security Service), U.S. Pak Police, U.S. Marshals, Port Authority Police, and the New York Fire Department. All of the state agencies involved in the Joint Terrorism Task Force are deputized as federal agents under federal law. Any one or combination of these federal or state deputized agents may have been the controllers of Daniel Furman and Richard Holbrook. Getting to the truth will not be an easy task.

The story regarding how Daniel Furman and Richard Holbrook approached the Freedom Forum Law Firm and eventually took over the law firm as a front for Operation Rainmaker, can be found on http://www.FredCelani.Wordpress.Com under the heading “Is Fox News a U.S. Intelligence Agency?”.

The Celani case has thus far revealed that Celani ran the law firm under the alias Sidney Levine. Celani was not licensed to practice law. The law firm had come to the attention of the Feds due to the fact that law firm was bringing Russian women to New York City – to work in prostitution for the Russian Mob – by claiming the Russian Women were taking English Language courses at the American Language Institute in Manhattan. Based upon reports the feds were investigating the Freedom Forum for Russian Mafia involvement when it was discovered that Sidney Levine was actually Frederick Celani,(hereinafter Levine/Celani) a federal parole violator.

Furman arrived on the scene at 26 Federal Plaza right at the moment the Law Firm investigation was heating up. Furman took the position that the law firm would be an excellent cover for Operation Rainmaker. Furman and his JTTF agent pals went to see Levine/Celani and had a come to Jesus meeting with Levine/Celani. The federal investigation into the Freedom Forum Law Firm, had also resulted in scrutiny being focused upon the law firm and it’s unlicensed leader, Levine/Celani by the First Department Disciplinary Committee of the New York State Supreme Court.

The chief investigating attorney for the First Department, a woman named Naomi Goldstein told Levine/Celani she was going to shut him down. At this point Furman arrives on the scene and a few days later Furman and the JTTF order Naomi Goldstein to lay off the law firm which continues in operation for more than five years. It was later shown in federal court in the civil case, Anderson v. State of New York, that Naomi Goldstein was taking orders from Federal agents in many cases and was referred to in her office as the “Fixer”. At this point Daniel Furman and the JTTF now had control of the Freedom Forum Law Firm, and now had a perfect front for Operation Rainmaker.

The law firm until this point had been utilized solely for criminal and immigration law. Furman brings in an Iranian national from Toronto Canada, named Alireza Dilmaghani. Dilmaghani an acquaintance of Furman, was also a New York State licensed attorney. Dilmaghani’s father is reportedly a former high ranking Iranian official, who had been a close friend of the late Shah of Iran.

The law firm under the direction of Furman and Dilmaghani, begin Rainmaker partnerships to launder millions in cash. Levine/Celani is forced to relay the cash to Washington D.C. for delivery to Safavi and Jeffarzedaah, who passed the cash to M.E.K. The State Department, later, sets up Levine/Celani in a safe house in Falls Church Virginia, where he was babysat by a State Department agent for months.

The interlocking role of the Department of State and the Federal and State operatives in New York City is the subject of the Celani criminal case. All the rats are deserting the ship. The problem for the government is Arthur D. Spatt. Spatt is a senior U.S. Distrcit Judge who does not countenance perjury. Spatt has assigned top shelf defense counsel James C. Neville and Terrorist Defense Attorney, Steven Zessu to the case.

The biggest problem for the government is the Celani case itself. The inexplicable involvement of a man named Barry Minkow in the case casts a blanket over all the governments claims. The Feds say that Celani’s story of working for the feds in disingenuous as Celani is a con-man, an ex-convict and a liar. This is a wonderful smoke screen, except the Celani case was not investigated by the FBI. The case was investigated by Barry Minkow. Minkow is a con-man, ex-convict and liar. In fact Minkow is the subject of an expose in the January 16, 2012, edition of Fortune Magazine. A Google search reveals Barry Minkow operated a firm called the FDI. The FDI investigated Celani for the FBI. Minkow was recently sent to prison again for five years, for defrauding people out of $500 million dollars, and is again being offered a time cut to testify against Celani and others in the future.

The New York Times Article referenced above makes it clear that the nations most powerful law enforcement and political leaders are trying to have a terrorist group taken off the terrorist watch list. Why?. The reason is that the Terrorist Group M.E.K. was funded and supported by the United States Government via Operation Rainmaker. MEK killed the people referenced in this article. Now the big shots of the Republican Party’s money machine are trying to cover it up.

Makes you wonder what really happened on 9/11.


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