Monday, January 16, 2012
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater
God is a Woman Chronicles.

On May 22, 2009 Grace came to the jail. Without preamble, Grace began by taking me on a trip in the way back machine to see Jesus Christ Super Star, on what I assumed was 1960’s Broadway. Judas was on stage singing, the lyrics were “Every time I look at you I don’t understand, why you let the things you did get so out of hand, you’d have managed better if you’d had it planned, why’d you choose such a backward time in such a strange land, If you’d come today, you could have reached the whole nation, Israel in four (4) BC, had no mass communication” The play went on and Grace and I watched in silence. Suddenly we were in a huge stadium in Texas and a preacher was on stage talking. Grace said, “Look around you Frederick, there are 43,500 people here today”. Then Grace began the object of this lesson. The simplicity of teaching Free Will – Deus Vult to millions of people in the blink of an eye, via Websites, YouTube, Face Book and Twitter.

Grace said to me, “there is no Catholic, Jewish or Muslim Congregation in the world that can boast 43,500 coming to a weekly service.” Grace stood and watched as the minister did his magic. Who was the minister? A man named Joel Osteen. What is Osteen’s magic? Prosperity Theology, commonly referred to as the Prosperity Gospel.

Grace has told me on many occasions that she loves all of the organized religions. In Graces opinion any style of religion that brings COG’s to a loving, caring and nurturing God, is what Grace supports. Grace has certain issues she disdains, such as preaching hate, preaching jihad, preaching against homosexuality, preaching that marriage is limited to being between one man and one woman, collecting money in the name of God, creating huge real estate empires and monolithic organizations that do nothing more than evade taxation and make the church wealthy, while doing little for the congregation.

Grace teaches there in no such thing as Homosexuality, [See: 7TH CHRONICLE – GRACE ON HOMOSEXUALITY] and that COG’s engage in natural pairings according to Free Will. Graces teaches that marriage is the joining of two COG’s in a natural pairing according to Free Will. Grace has told me she is totally against collecting huge sums of money in the name of God.

Grace especially disdains any organized religion which builds huge monuments to itself at the neglect of the COG’s in the congregation. Grace is of the opinion that organized religion, acting in her name, has a responsibility to feed, cloth, shelter, educate and assist the COG’s in its congregation, and not spend their time building self perpetuating monuments and looking for tax exemptions.

Grace has a goal of seeing prayer restored in school and belief in God restored in community and government buildings. Grace tells me that perhaps non-denominational prayer would be best, any prayer is better than no prayer at all.  Grace spends a great amount of time addressing organized religion in all of these Chronicles. I report the Chronicles in the chronological format they were told to me, so in the future you will read much more on organized religion.

Grace has great respect for all organized religious endeavors. Grace especially enjoys Evangelical and Jewish theology. This Chronicle discusses Graces love of “Modern” Evangelical Theology. The Prosperity Gospel.

Grace told me that from the thousands of relaters Grace has at work at this time, three of Grace’s hardest working favorites are Billy Graham, T.D. Jakes and Joel Osteen. Grace started by addressing the roots of Evangelism. In the 1950’s largely due to the ecumenical evangelism of Billy Graham, evangelism took on new meaning. The terms evangelicalism and fundamentalism began to refer to two different approaches. Fundamentalism aggressively attacked its liberal enemies, and emphasized outreach and conversion.

Traditionalist preached the foundational Protestant beliefs which gave birth to Evangelism. Evangelism of the 1950’s was a new wave created to lure the baby boomer generation. History shows that as the 1950’s gave way to the 1960’s political unrest in the United States brought politics into the pulpit and the evangelical movement splintered in various groups. Conservative, Fundamentalist, Liberal and Modern.

Evangelicals currently make up 26.3% of the religious population in the United States. Catholics make up 22%, Protestants 16% and Jewish, Muslim and all other religious organizations come in at lower percentages, further down the chart. Why is evangelism becoming so popular? Two words, “Prosperity Theology.” The bible is as strong as ever, the difference is the bible is being applied in a modernist sense. Sin, punishment, hell fire and brimstone, is being downplayed. Free Will and spiritual growth is the keyword. Grace says, “the evangelical movement has figured out that people need to be educated on how to help themselves, and that as more COG’s learn that the only thing limiting them, is themselves, the world is becoming a better place.”

Grace is pleased with the outreach practiced by evangelism. Grace is pleased that evangelism teaches that abortion is wrong. Grace loves the fact that evangelism teaches prayer in school is right. As evangelist increase their social agenda by reforming the hell fire and brimstone theology into an education preaching a God centered prosperity theology, Grace feels evangelism will eventually eclipse the ever growing and popular Islamic religion. Grace says that, “Evangelism will soon be the worlds leading religious movement.” Grace says, “the reason is simple. COG’s no longer believe in heaven and hell. COG’s are opening their minds and abandoning their fears and are coming to understand that free Will is heaven and hell on this earth. As COG’s become more enlightened and start to understand Grace, their lives will greatly improve.”

Modern evangelists as opposed to the old conservative evangelists are seeking to engage the modern world in a positive way. The movements aim is to enlighten the evangelical movement itself while at the same time bringing light into the lives of COG’s everywhere, who seek “FELLOWSHIP” with Grace’s teachings of Free Will and Deus Vult.

On a worldwide scale evangelical churches are rapidly growing. Evangelical churches are now found in 128 nations of the earth. There are over 600 million evangelicals on earth and the number is growing daily. It appears that COG’s are rapidly embracing Prosperity Theology. Free Will. Deus Vult.

There are three senses in which the term “evangelical” is used today.

The First Sense is to view evangelicals as all Christians who affirm a few keys doctrines such as Conversionism, (lives that need to be changed), Biblicism, (regard for the bible as a life blueprint), Crucicentrism, (Christ sacrifice on the cross), and Activism, (proselytizing the gospel).

The Second Sense is to look at evangelism as an organic group of movements within a religious tradition. In this sense evangelism denotes style as well as belief. Evangelism encompasses such diverse groups as Black Baptists, Dutch Reformed Churches, Mennonites and Pentecostals.

The Third Sense if to understand that since World War II, a coalition of believers in personal growth doctrine have given rise to what is now called the Prosperity Theology Movement, giving rise to the prosperity Gospel. This coalition came into being as a reaction against the perceived anti-intellectual, separatist, belligerent nature of the old fundamentalist tent style evangelical movement, which arose in the fifty year period from 1930 to 1980.

Grace says that, “Evangelicals are rapidly intellectualizing their socially conservative doctrines by making use of new age metaphysical approaches to life and self sufficiency, while maintaining their call for school prayer and anti-abortion planks in the evangelical political platform. This is one of the reasons that modern evangelicals are so feared by both the left and right in the United States. A socially conservative approach to government, which calls for self efficient life based upon a Free Will doctrine, sends shock waves through a growing “socialist-Far left” political movement on both the left and right. These socialist programs seek to foster class warfare, and racism in the hopes of separation of all COG’s and the creation of a population of citizens who depend on governmental handouts and social welfare program.”

Grace says that Evangelicals are rapidly abandoning a strict interpretation of primary biblical authority and are coming to realize the bible is more of a road map than a rule book. The fundamentalist mainline doctrines are giving way to foundational doctrines stressing God, atonement for improperly directed Free Will decisions and multiple after lives.

Grace opines that traditional right and left political activities in the united States are on the way out of vogue. As COG’s embrace the new age doctrines of Prosperity Theology – Free Will, the need for right and left manipulation of the population by racist class warfare thinking diminishes. COG’s are beginning to understand that social programs are actually anti-social. Its great to have a section 8 place for free and food stamps. It’s even better to have the ability via Free Will to own the building that rents to the section 8 tenants and own the 7-11 franchise stores that accept all those billions in food stamps. The only question left to answer is do you wish to be a “LEADER” or a “FOLLOWER”. Prosperity Theology is teaching every COG how to be a leader. Political parties are teaching free loaders how to be followers.

Prosperity Theology is the wave of the future. As COG’s learn that complex social issues are best handled by simple discussions amongst those effected by the issue, there is no need for political party mediation. Why have a social program, when there is no social problem. The main stream media feeds a steady stream of imagined and spun “problems” the left and right create and spin in order to separate COG’s. Modern trends are proving that the democrats and republicans are dinosaurs. Hot button social issues are now being handled by millions and soon billions of people, person to person on the world wide web. The emergent Prosperity Theology – FREE WILL – DEUS VULT, is what is leading this trend. Like any good mother who comforts her children, Grace is encouraging her evangelical relaters to lead as many COG’s as possible into the light of enlightenment. It’s working and here is the proof.

Billy Graham and his son Franklin  reach millions via their crusades. In the old days they traveled tent to tent, church to church. Today what the Grahams accomplished over fifty years can be done in fifty seconds. Once a video or message goes viral, millions of people see it in a matter of minutes in all the corners of the globe. Like the song says “Israel in 4 BC had no mass communication.”

Joel Osteen reaches 43,500 each week in person and Lakewood Ministries reaches millions on television, in print and on DVD. Joel is the largest.

Next is T.D. Jakes, the chief pastor of The Potters House, a non-denominational organization (like Deus Vult) reaching 30,000 worshipers weekly. Jakes is Americas most famous Black minister after Martin Luther King, Jr. Jakes airs on the Trinity Broadcasting Network; B.E.T.; The Daystar Television Network; The Word Network; and the Miracle Channel in Canada. Jakes reaches millions of people on the air each week. Jakes has written more than 30 books and is frequently found on the New York Times, bestseller list.

The third largest is Craig Groeschels, whose worship services are beamed from Craig’s church base in Edmond Oklahoma, to 13 remote locations reaching 26,000 people per week.

These men followed their own Free Will, the doctrine Grace teaches in Deus Vult. Grace guided each of these men and the result is right before you eyes. Deus Vult is there for you. The only thing holding you back, is you.

Utilize the world wide web to reach millions with your message of Deus Vult and Prosperity Theology.

Please mention WWW.ThinkGrace.org, in all your efforts.

Remember: It makes no sense to die on a small cross.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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