Wednesday, January 11, 2012
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater
God is a Woman Chronicles

On May 21, 2009, Grace came to visit at the Nassau County Jail. She began the conversation by discussing the role of COG females in the infinite, (Universe). Grace said, “Frederick, did you know life never ends?” I replied, “Do you mean in the sense that once a person dies their soul goes on to another body?” Grace said, “No.”

Grace said “lets revisit a conversation we had previously  wherein we discussed the fact that all COG’s begin life as females. No matter what anyone says, even if they believe in the fact that “Man” is made in God’s image, then obviously man starts as a woman for the first few weeks in the womb. We have already discussed the fact that God is a woman so I will not belabor the point.” I sat quietly and listened, after all who am I to debate God with God.

Grace went on to say, “what I mean is that nothing ever dies. Lets start with the Caterpillar. This beautiful fury creature suspends itself in a cocoon called a Chrysalis. Then the Caterpillar undergoes a metamorphosis wherein it changes itself from a solid state into a totally liquid form. The liquid form undergoes various biological changes and eventually a beautiful Butterfly emerges, wings and all, in a totally solid form, ready to take flight.”

Grace went on to say that, “all things are constantly changing, nothing dies. The soul leaves the body yet the body goes on with life. Like the Caterpillar the body turns itself into various gases, fats, liquids, and biodegradable material through entirely new bacterial life forms. The body may have stopped being a host to the human life form, however that does not end the bodies life cycle, as time continues the body keeps on living in other states as it converts itself.”

Grace went on with he discussion by talking about organ donation. “When a COG leaves her or his earth body, the soul returns to the raceway for rebirth, and the organs go right on living. The skin, eyes, face, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and bones are easily transplanted into other COG’s. The body from which the soul departed, continues to live within the body of a COG whose soul continues in place, while fighting whatever illness requires the transplant.”

Grace the paused and asked, “Frederick, have you ever heard of Joss?” I said that, “when I was in China I ran into monks in Tibet who would burn Joss sticks and Joss pictures. They were offerings to the dead, that the Chinese people believed provided whatever the dead person may need in the next life.”

Grace smiled her signature smile, which told me I had rung the bell. Sometimes I think Grace wishes she had chosen a better relater, one with a brain, but at least for now I was batting 100. Grace said that, “Joss offerings were one of the deepest forms of respect recognized in the infinite. When the soul of the COG exits the earth and enters the raceway, the departed soul immediately encounters nine months of loneliness, while the soul awaits rebirth. Joss offering give the soul something to do for that nine month time period until the soul is reborn.” Kind of like a few books or magazines to read in the rebirth waiting room. That last thought was mine not Grace’s and in thinking it, I drew a frown from the lady. Oh well, what do you expect, this redemption stuff is new to me.

My rogue thought brought this question from Grace. “Are you wondering about redemption?” “yes” i said. Grace said, “Frederick redemption is a life long process. You cannot redeem overnight, sixty years of incarnation that involved forty years of nefarious conduct, in a few weeks or months. Redemption is like “AA” (Alcoholics Anonymous) or “NA” (Narcotics Anonymous) its a life long process. Day by day. Each day you redeem yourself by your properly directed moral actions. You are never redeemed until the moment your soul exits this particular incarnation on earth and enters the raceway. If you practice moral fitness for the balance of this incarnation, then you please me. If you lapse I will be displeased. If you fail or in any manner attempt to deceive me, then you shall abandon my Grace by your own Free Will, and lose my blessing.”

I asked Grace, “how am I doing so far”. Grace smiled her signature smile and said, “Frederick, it’s only been two months, but the indicators are good that you will succeed.”

“Indicators,” I asked. Grace shook her head and said, “lets go into the city and look at some art.” In the blink of an eye we were at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, standing in front of a painting.

Grace began, “Frederick do you know why you went to Tibet so many times?” I said it was because, “I felt at home there and the people were wonderful.” Grace said, “what you were searching for was this. Its called the Goddess deity Bodhisattva. The Goddess deity Bodhisattva is the Ushnishasitatapatra, surrounded by Buddha’s and bodhisattvas, and has 117 heads, which symbolize her influence on the various spheres of being. The left hand holds the World Umbrella (axis mundi) and the right hand holds the Wheel of Law (dharmacakra). Beneath the numerous blessed feet of the Bodhisattva stand the people of the world who have prayed for enlightenment, there is also the symbology of eternity and time. That is what you were seeking. You wanted to know who you were in prior times. I can tell you that you were a great lawyer, a judge, a physician, a priest, a goat herder, a wandering evangelical, a third grade science teacher, a musician, a merchant, a sailor for the Dutch East India Company, a low level official in Hong Kong, and many more personages of respect. In the 33 times you have lived thus far only three (3) were of ill repute. 14 were as female and 19 were as male. That is how I know that redemption is totally within your grasp before this incarnation is complete, your past incarnations weigh heavily on the side of doing good.”

Grace said, “In order to fully understand Deus Vult Frederick, you need to travel with me many times into the past to see the creation of the Upanishads. In the future we will travel the world and stop at many historic Hindu destinations as I teach you the wonders of the Upanishad text. The Upanishads are the stories from the cradle of all civilization and religion and are were written by my true representatives here on earth. Twice in your 33 incarnations you were a scribe who worked on the Upanishads Frederick, and I shall teach you more of your past in the future.”

Grace then zipped us from the American Museum of Natural History to Pierpont Morgan Library in New York City.  We were looking at a single-leaf manuscript entitled ‘The Cosmic Lion Goddess, Holding the Sun’. Grace said that, “this single-leaf manuscript is an eighteenth century representation of the undeniable fact that God is a woman.” Grace pointed out that, “the Hindu’s had always indicated that God was a woman as far back as 800 years before the birth of Jesus Christ.”

Grace then asked, “Frederick have you ever looked upon a Siva-symbol.”  I told grace that I had seen representations of the Siva-symbol in Tibet, as it related to the Lingam-Yoni. [For those of you in Port Washington, New York, a Lingam is a penis and a Yoni is a vagina]. Grace smiled her signature smile and seemed pleased I knew the answer. Grace told me that, “the Siva-symbol was the foundation of the Bliss Massage.” In an instant we were again traveling through time. We were in a clearing in a remote jungle. I asked Grace where we were. Grace replied that, “we are in Vietnam during the ninth century”.

Grace took me to a large open clearing in a small village. Many people were moving about doing their daily chores. In the clearing was a short Asian man working on a stone carving.  The carving was made up of two squares of stone. One slightly smaller than the other. The smaller was placed on top of the larger creating a pyramid. In the middle of the smaller top stone was a depression with a circle in the middle. In that Circle sat a large button like stone, that gave the impression you could push it down and it would pop back up, even though it was obviously stationary, this button represented the Lingam, (penis). One side of the smaller square stone, which was the top stone, had a small curved hill coming from it that rested on the platform upon which the artist was working. In the middle of the curved hill was a depression that was the artistic representation of the vulva, (vagina).

Grace told me that, “it was in the Upanishads that the term Bi-Sexual first came into common usage. The early scribes recognized the fact that God was a female, and also realized that man came from woman, thus giving a bi-sexual connotation to the primary deity.”

Grace told me that, “the term “God”, which in today’s language we associate with a “male” came from the word “Goddess”, the female descriptive for God.”

Grace also told me that, “the term “he” a descriptive term for a male, is derived from the Goddess term “she”, (S-HE). Grace told me that anyone who truly believes that God is anything other than a female is obviously mistaken, as the actual historical record (not the male chauvinist revisionist histories) clearly show.”

Grace told me that, “in the future she and I would travel back in time to the Eight century B.C. and she would allow me to watch myself acting as a simple scribe writing in Sanskrit.” Grace explained that, “the writings called the Upanishads were Vedic (an early form of Sanskrit, an old ‘Indic’ [India] language)and were ancient Hindu metaphysical treatises dealing with humanity in relation to the Universe (Infinite) as defined by Grace to the early relaters.”

I asked Grace the following. “Does that mean I was a relater in an earlier life?”  “No” she answered, “you were a scribe, not a relater, the man who employed you was my relater, you were one of many servants who assisted that man in creating the written records.”

Grace then took us back to the jail. At the jail Grace told me that the Upanishads were foundational documents that we would relate thousands of times in the coming years, and that she and I would travel the world together many times to re-visit the moments giving rise to the creation of the Upanishads.

Grace then told me, “that the 67TH Chronicle would be about one of Grace’s favorite topics, Evangelical Christianity.” Grace said that, “of all the organized religious movements on earth the most pleasing to her were the Evangelical movement, and Judaism,” and that she wanted to, “share the reasons for her love of the Evangelical’s and Jews with all COG’s.” Grace said that, “the 67TH Chronicle would start with the topic of the Evangelical movement.”

At the time of this visit I was 61 years old. I asked Grace how long do I have to live to get all of the relating completed. Grace smiled and as she started to depart from the meeting she looked at me with her signature smile and imparted information that shocked me, by giving me the date, time and manner of my exit from this earth.

Remember: It makes no sense dying on a small cross.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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