January 9, 2012
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater
God is a Woman Chronicles.

Grace came again on May 17, 2009. Grace expressed concern that the economy is tanking and many COG’s were losing their jobs and homes. Grace stated that unemployment and poverty would continue to grow to record numbers in the next two years. Grace is very concerned about children having proper shelter and nourishment. Grace told me that her main concern is to offer all COG’s a way to increase their personal incomes, while working from home.

Grace shows you in this Chronicle how to earn extra income producing “THINK GRACE MINI-MOVIES” wherein you learn to express your own Free Will, Deus Vult. One of the prime benefits of being a member of the Deus Vult Fellowship is your constant access to the power of networking through the Fellowship.

Grace started with the obvious. First, in order to participate in any Deus Vult Fellowship program you need to be a member. Membership is “FREE”. All you need to do is send an email to Deus Vult, at the contact email address found on the WWW.THINKGRACE.ORG website with your name and email address. That’s it. Once you complete this small requirement you are a Fellowship member. Remember, membership is “FREE”.

Grace started this meeting with a review of the first five (5) Think Grace Lessons. The first five lessons focused on what Grace calls the Anti-Primes, the reasons why people fail to thrive. In this Chronicle, Grace starts by outlining the FIVE (5) PRIME DIRECTIVES, and as this and future lessons progress, Grace will explain how each of the 25 components of the Five Prime Directives, apply to your goal of making THINK GRACE MINI-MOVIES, to earn extra income.

The FIRST PRIME DIRECTIVE: [1] Winning Takes Work, [2] Minimize your risk, [3] Find time to make a commitment, [4] Strive to accomplish your goal, [5] You can do whatever you set your mind to, [6] No matter what your goal the information is at your fingertips.

The SECOND PRIME DIRECTIVE: [7] You can do it, [8] You have the know how, [9] Your never to young, [10] Your never to old, [11] Make time to accomplish your goal, [12] Change brings happiness.

The THIRD PRIME DIRECTIVE:  [13] I’m very lucky, [14] Here’s how I found the money, [15] I’m so jazzed I cannot wait to get started.

The FOURTH PRIME DIRECTIVE:  [16] I cannot believe it was this easy, [17] Once I figured it our nobody could stop me.

The FIFTH PRIME DIRECTIVE: [18]  My family loves it, [19] My family will find ways to support me,  [20] My family is helping me, [21] My family is keeping me going, [22] My family supports my efforts, [23] My family loves my idea, [24] My co-workers love my idea, [25] Everybody I talk to is supportive of me.

[1] WINNING TAKES WORK: Grace says the first thing you need to do is understand that you will have to do some work. Ask yourself these four (4) questions. [1] Can you walk or motivate by wheel chair or personal transporter? [2] Can you talk? [3] Can you communicate by handing out a one sheet explanation of what you are doing? [4] Do you have access to a movie camera or cell phone that makes movies? If you answered yes to these four questions your ready to start working and earning extra income today.

[2] MINIMIZE YOUR RISK: Grace said that whenever you start a new project you need to evaluate the risk involved. When producing a THINK GRACE MINI-MOVIE your risk is “ZERO”. There is no risk as you are providing a much needed advertising service in your community and earning “instant on the spot” extra income at the same time. All the income you earn is yours to keep. You do not share your income with the Deus Vult Fellowship, you keep every penny you earn. All Grace asks is that you mention WWW.THINKGRACE.ORG in the film, add a crawl on the bottom with the WWW.THINKGRACE.ORG website and wear a T-Shirt that says WWW.THINKGRACE.ORG in the movie.

[3] FIND TIME TO MAKE A COMMITMENT: Grace says when you consider the matter of time think about this. When you are out and about, you may stop for gas, go to a local business to grab a sandwich, run into the drug store, pass hundreds of businesses as you walk down the street or walk through the building you work in, just to name a few. If you were to stop in at any of these businesses and seek their support in your project would you really be taking time. No. Of course you would add a few minutes to your daily tasks, but if you are going to be in the business or passing by the business the simple extra step of dropping in for a quick chat is really easy.

[4] STRIVE TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOAL:  Grace says if you know that you are going to be passing by many businesses the next day when you are out and about, then strive to accomplish your goal of earning extra income by taking the time the night before to put together a simple one page brochure (Front and Back Sides) with information on your THINK GRACE MINI-MOVIE. Include the fees the business will pay for being in the mini-movie as a background. Your brochure can read something like this.

IDEAS FOR ONE PAGE BROCHURE: Grace says to ask one simple question when you talk to an owner. Are you looking for new customers? How would you like to  have your business or service  star in a THINK GRACE MINI-MOVIE. I (put your photo on the handout) will come to your store or business and make from a one (1) to five (5) minute mini-movie showing how great your product or service is. If you like we can say that anyone who mentions the THINK GRACE MINI-MOVIE for the next ten days gets 10% off the price of their purchase. MINI-MOVIES are great advertising for your business. The MINI-MOVIE will be posted to YouTube with links to local blogs and local web sites and has the potential of being seen by everyone in the local community.

[5] YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU SET YOUR MIND TO. Grace says you can go to any local business. Sandwich shops, restaurants, drug stores, fast food, car repair, beauty salons, barber shops, lawn care, baby sitters, day care, pool cleaners, rug cleaners, clothing stores, shoe stores, just to name a few. Once you set you mind on the THINK GRACE MINI-MOVIE concept you go from there, knowing every business needs advertising.

[6] NO MATTER WHAT YOUR GOAL THE INFORMATION IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Grace says loading to YouTube and adding your MINI-MOVIE to the WWW.THINKGRACE.ORG website is easy and fun. All Grace asks is that you always have a crawl on the screen that says WWW.THINKGRACE.ORG. Have a tee shirt made with a logo that says WWW. THINKGRACE.ORG. If your MINI-MOVIE says WWW.THINKGRACE.ORG then you can upload your link to the Think Grace web site for “FREE” which will take the viewer directly to YouTube when they click on it.

[7] YOU CAN DO IT:  Grace says start today. As soon as you walk in to any business ask the owner if she or he would like to have their business advertised in a venue that offers potentially millions of viewers for only $25.00. Grace says the answer will be “Tell me more”. You will already have won half the battle. Keep your cost low. Under $100.00. Never make more than a five minute video. For two minutes, charge $25.00. Three minutes, $50.00. Four minutes, $75.00. Five minutes, $100.00. If you make only one (1) five minute THINK GRACE MINI-MOVIE a day that’s $700.00 in cash every week.

[8] YOU HAVE THE KNOW HOW: Grace told me she is sure that everyone old enough to walk is capable of operating a cell phone with movie applications or is capable of operating one of the dozens of low cost video cameras available at your local electronics store. Just point and shoot. Think about the fun you can have. You doing your own your news style interviews. You can also sing, dance, or rap the merchants theme. It’s easy. Free Will.

[9] YOUR NEVER TOO YOUNG OR [10] TO OLD: Grace says that age is irrelevant. Kids as young as five are running lemonade stands and selling cookies. News reports talk about people in their 80’s and 90’s working at McDonald’s. The only thing stopping you, is you. Look at number seven (7) above, could you use an extra $700.00 a week in cash?

[11] MAKE TIME TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOAL: Grace smiles talking about this Prime. There is no need to make time. You are out and about everyday. You are in and out of these businesses everyday. It’s that simple. Just start talking.

[12] CHANGE BRINGS HAPPINESS: Grace says that once you make your first THINK GRACE MINI-MOVIE and post it on YouTube and cash that first check you will be much happier than you are right now.

[13] I’M VERY LUCKY: Think about it. Can you compete with a six year old girl? Every day millions of six year old girls go door to door, business to business selling girl scout cookies. Grace says these young ladies make their own luck. How hard can it be. Talk to local girl scouts and network with them. Ask the girls to help you sell your THINK GRACE MINI-MOVIE service.

[14] HERE’S HOW I FOUND THE MONEY: Grace says this Prime is easy. You find the money by simply walking in and asking for it. Have a sample video on your phone or camera and show it to the owner. Make a sample one, three and five minute MINI-MOVIE and post it on YouTube. Then when you visit the owner show the owner an actual example of what the internet ad will look like.

[15] I’M SO JAZZED I CANNOT WAIT TO GET STARTED: Grace says that you will be super motivated and jazzed beyond belief when you cash your first check and post your first MINI-MOVIE. What are you waiting for. Get out the door now. Go see friends who have a business and talk to them to get started.

[16] I CANNOT BELIEVE IT WAS THIS EASY: Grace smiled and said that people the world over operate micro-businesses and make a great living. Need is a great motivator. There is nothing easier than talking to people about having fun and getting their message out to the public. When MINI-MOVIES go viral that is the most fun. The idea is limited only by the amount of your creativity.

[17] ONCE I FIGURED IT OUT NOBODY COULD STOP ME: Grace says that once you start thinking about what you will do in your THINK GRACE MINI-MOVIES you will become so creative that you will be unstoppable.

[18] MY FAMILY LOVES IT: Grace told me that this idea works around the world. Families become so excited they start adding their ideas to yours.

[19] MY FAMILY WILL FIND WAYS TO SUPPORT ME: Grace says that families start helping out by offering ideas, talking to merchants they visit, helping with script ideas and giving you positive input. Cash is a real motivator for families who need income.

[20] MY FAMILY IS HELPING ME: Grace says that family members will actually go with you and help shoot the movie while you do the acting. Make THINK GRACE MINI-MOVIE’S a family project.

[21] MY FAMILY IS KEEPING ME GOING:  Grace says your family will make sure that you are professional in your approach. Your family will offer opinions, help you with editing and posting and talk up your project to everyone they know.

[22] MY FAMILY SUPPORTS MY EFFORTS: Grace says that you will be surprised that things you think are holding you back like chores, baby sitting, house work and other issues will suddenly disappear, as other family members take up the slack in order to support your income earning idea. Income is a key component to gaining family cooperation.

[23] MY FAMILY LOVES MY IDEA:  Grace told me that families actually become powerhouse production competitors. Once your family starts seeing your success all of your family will start working on THINK GRACE MINI-MOVIES.

[24] MY CO-WORKERS LOVE MY IDEA: Just like your family, Grace says that your friends will help you find customers, and eventually start thinking about THINK GRACE MINI-MOVIES of their own. You network with friends and take a piece of their profits by teaching them how to script, shoot, sell and upload. Be creative. Make your movie business grow.

[25] EVERYBODY I TALK TO IS SUPPORTIVE OF ME: Your customers will support your efforts because the service is fun, profitable and low in cost.

Upload a sample THINK GRACE MINI-MOVIE on YouTube. Grab your camera or cell phone and head out the door.
REMEMBER TO THANK GRACE. [see paragraph 6 above].

Please include WWW.THINKGRACE.ORG in everything you produce.

Grace be with you.


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