Sunday, January  1, 2012
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater
God is a Woman Chronicles.

On May 15, 2009, Grace again visited me at the Nassau County Jail. Grace told me this was the final lesson on the anti-primes. The next lesson number 6, would be the beginning of the Prime Directives, where all of Grace’s readers will start out on the path to success.

Grace wanted me to tell you that the Prime Directive Lessons are designed by Grace to teach you all you need to know about how to succeed. If you need more income to supplement your present job, are unemployed looking for an income source, want to grow your present business, or have an idea you wish to market, then the Think Grace – Prime Directive Lessons starting at Lesson 6 are for you. If you have doubts about your abilities read Lesson’s 1 to 5.

Starting with Lesson 6 Grace will give you practical, workable examples, from real life business experiences, to start you on your way to success. This is the last Anti-Prime Lesson which discusses the reasons why most people fail to leave the starting line.

No matter what you are trying to do, read the Anti-Primes carefully before going on to Lesson 6. If you are thinking about starting a new business or a new singing, acting or dance career, all of the Anti-Primes may arise, as you ponder your next move. Free Will goes both ways. In our modern politically correct age you would say Free Will is bi-directional. You can decide to lay on the couch and avoid the risk, or you can dust off your skate board and start rolling. Its up to you.

FIFTH PRIME DIRECTIVE: [18] “My family loves it”. [19] “My family will find ways to support me”.  [20] “My family is helping me”. [21]  “My family is keeping me going”. [22] “My family supports my efforts”. [23] “My friends love my idea”. [24] “My co-workers love my idea”. [25] “Everybody I talk to is supportive of me”.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER EIGHTEEN:             “The family virus”.

Grace says that, “everyone is concerned about the family virus”. Grace points out that, “many young COG’s live at home and are afraid to go out into the world and leave the nest. Especially in hard economic times”. Grace points out that, “young COG’s imagine the family will be against their idea, when that is really not the case at all”.

Grace says that, “any loving family will support their child in her or his endeavors. After all, the child needs to consider that the parents faced the same problem at one time in their lives, and the mere fact that the child is living in the parents home, shows that the parents were able to overcome their trepidation and go out and win”.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER NINETEEN:             “The family need virus”.

Grace says that, “many COG’s think that the family needs them at home to help with the children or the chores. Some families need the child to help with elder family members. All of these issues are emotional pulls that keep a child from success”. Grace wants you to understand that you owe your first duty to yourself. Your own Free Will must prevail at all times. That does not mean you ignore family needs. It means you find other ways to fulfill those needs. Need a child helper? There are local sitters. Need elder help? Local women in the neighborhood or government sponsored visiting nurses associations. It can be done. Think about it.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER TWENTY:               “The family thought virus”.

Grace asks, “how come you never get upset about what your family will think when you dye your hair purple? What about all those rings in your upper lip?” You know the rings Grace is referring to, they are just like the rings in your lower lip and eyebrows. Grace asks, “what did mom and pop and little sister say about the dragon tattoo on your back? You decided to drop out of high school. What did the family think about that?”

Grace says that, “what the family thinks only means something when you fail to exercise your Free Will. Think of your new idea as a lip ring, a tattoo or taking the initiative to forgo outcome based education and strike out on your own. Its the same thing. Free Will. No matter what your family thinks about your idea for a new business or career go for it, unless of course its distributing crack, selling weed, becoming a pimp or making unauthorized withdrawals from your local bank.” After all, even Grace admits there are limits to Free Will.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER TWENTY ONE:        “The family will stop me virus”.

Grace says, “the family will stop me virus is spurious. If the family did not stop you from lip rings, tattoos and dropping out, they are not going to stop you from taking a chance at making a success of yourself. Did they try to stop you when you greased your hair into a multi colored pyramid, sticking straight up into the air?”

Grace asked, “how about those $300 blue jeans you wear below your butt cheeks. Thoughts of family interference are just excuses. No one will stop you from trying to better yourself. The trick is to get off the couch, sit down at the computer, start your open source learning and begin on the path to success.”

Grace smiled her signature smile and said that, “she will bet your family will be happy your trying to earn a living, and getting off the couch. Its probably the first time the rest of the family has had an opportunity to sit on the couch in ten years.”

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER TWENTY TWO:       “The family will ridicule me virus”.

Grace smiled her signature smile when she spoke of this virus. Grace said, “how can anyone who dyes their hair purple, puts in lip rings, gets a dragon tattoo and wears their pants below their butt possibly be concerned about family ridicule.”

That’s why the lady is God, she has this great logic that is so very hard to overcome.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER TWENTY THREE:    “The what will my friends think virus”.

Grace says that, “friends may bust your chops [Yes Grace really said bust your chops] when they hear about your idea, just like they did when you got the tattoo. Think about how cool they thought you were when you drilled a hole in your tongue and stuck in the dumbbell.”

Grace said to ask you if you can think of a reason they call it a dumbbell?

Grace is of the opinion that your friends may actually be quite valuable when it comes to your ideas.

Grace asked me if I heard of, “the Samuel Adams Beer Commercial, where the owner of the brewery talks about no bank would lend him money to start the brewery, so he raised the cash form his drinking buddies.” Grace wonders if now you get the idea? Friends may be valuable allies. Grace said to tell you that, “the Samuel Adams guy started a fund at the brewery to help other small business entrepreneurs get started. Look it up on the web. Samuel Adams Beer.”

Grace said that, “your friends have dreams also. Join together with those friends and make everyone’s dreams a reality. Multiple Free Will is sometimes better, than singular Free Will.”

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER TWENTY FOUR:      “The what will my co-workers think virus”.

Grace said that, “co-workers may ridicule you. That happens. Why? Simple, they hate the thought of your being successful, and leaving the rat race job behind. Why? It leaves them behind.”

Grace said that, “most co-workers will actually be very supportive. Co-workers may offer to help out and do research, or help create the product or invest. Remember they have the same dreams you have. Your co-workers want to achieve success and climb out of the rat race. They have Free Will. You have Free Will.” Ain’t that amazing? Get-R-Done-Son. [The last two comments are mine, not Grace].

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER TWENTY FIVE:        “The what will everyone else think virus”.

Grace said, “this is the biggest fear people have. What will people think of me? The answer is actually a question. Who cares what they think?”

Grace says that, “Warren Buffett never once thought about what anyone would think. Neither did Bill Gates, in fact Gates defied his powerful attorney father and quit college. The late (late as in dead, not as in late for dinner) Steve Jobs, also quit college and started Apple Computer in his friend Steve Wozniak’s garage. All three of these people started with nothing.” That’s nothing as in nada, zero, broke. Look at the success Free Will can bring to you. [The last sentence is mine not Grace].

Grace said that, “peoples opinions are just that. Opinions. Imagine the cave guy that struck the first flint to the pile of grass and made the first fire. Did he care what people thought. What about the guy who invented the wheel? Did he care about what anyone thought?”

Grace tells the story of Henry Ford. “Henry Ford was thought of as an uneducated lout. In fact he went to court on the subject of his commoner status, in a defamation lawsuit, wherein a newspaper had insinuated Ford was an ignorant lowlife. The defense lawyers tried asking Henry Ford high brow questions on sophisticated topics like the Roman Empire and Socrates.” [I don’t make this stuff up people, this really happened].

Ford said in court (paraphrased) “I have no idea what all that is you are referring to,” (in answer to the lawyers questions) “but I have dozens of experts, including two floors full of attorneys who work for me, that can answer those questions in a second”.

Ford then asked, “Would you like me to call them?”

The jury laughed, and Mr. Ford won the case!

That said, Grace rested her case on the Anti-Primes.

What’s the lesson. Simple answer.

The only thing stopping you, is you! Free Will. Deus Vult.

Grace says to tell you this completes the lessons on the Anti-Primes.

Now that you know what your own negative thoughts are all about, as well as where they come from lets start to work on the positive aspects of Free Will.

In Think Grace, Lesson 6, Grace begins the process of helping you reprogram yourself with positive thoughts. Grace picks a cool subject to use as an example. Lets say you are a creative girl or guy and want to make a movie. How would you begin? What does it entail? Can you do it? Read on and find out if you have what it takes to make the next God Father or Men in Black.

Are you ready for some success?

Then lets get going, and mouse click on Think Grace – Lesson 6.

Remember: It makes no sense dying on a small cross.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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