Sunday, January  1, 2012
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater.
God is a Woman Chronicles

Grace wishes all a Happy New Year 2012.

On May 14, 2009, Grace came to the Nassau Jail.  Grace started right in with a discussion on the Anti-Primes, related to the Third and Forth Prime Directives. Please keep in mind the first five (5) lessons are limited to the Anti-Primes, – the reasons why COG’s fail to achieve their dreams – the sixth (6th) lesson, and all the lessons thereafter, will introduce you to the Five Prime Directives, and will teach you actual workable examples of various careers and business ventures you may engage in to achieve your dreams.

THIRD PRIME DIRECTIVE: [13] I’m very lucky, [14] Here’s how I found the money, [15] I’m so jazzed I cannot wait to get started.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER THIRTEEN:       “The why me virus”.

Grace says that everyone gets a case of the why me virus. Sometimes the why me virus comes along when something is going on that you hate to do. Sometimes the why me virus comes when you just do not feel like leaving the comfort of your bed in the morning. Other times the why me virus shows up when you’re doing something and it all falls apart on you. There is nothing wrong with getting a case of the why me’s. Grace says its Murphy’s law, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Grace says the anti-dote for the why me virus is preparation. Whatever it is you are thinking about requires thought. If you fail to plan, there’s a good chance you will fail. Grace say to think of the wizard of Oz.  You will recall the saying  “Begin at the start, go all the way to the end, and then stop”. Always think it through.

Grace teaches in the Prime Directive Lessons that if you begin at the start, plan the middle and visualize the end in your mind, you will succeed. Start out reading and studying about what it is you plan to do. Grace says there is nothing you can think of that has not been thought of before. In fact, whatever bit of genius you are contemplating, the collective consciousness of the infinite, distributes that thought almost simultaneously to many others. The infinite is well aware that most people never act on good ideas, so the infinite distributes the idea liberally on the hope that one out of a million might take the chance and make the idea work.

Grace says that many people will invent something and turn in the application to the patent office, only to find out there is one, two or three similar items already waiting for patents to be approved. This is an example of the collective consciousness at work. Think, plan and execute. Grace is going to give you the how to lessons on thinking, planning and execution, starting with the upcoming Prime Directive, Lesson 6.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER FOURTEEN:      “The Cost to much virus”.

Grace teaches that there is no such thing as it cost to much. Almost every idea on earth came to fruition in the market place, based upon the idea of some woman or man who was broke. All the person had was high hopes and an idea. If you have a great idea you will find people to back you. There are many people who will assist with money. It could be your mom, dad, siblings, other family members, co-workers, fellow students, church members, bankers, business people, venture capitalist, and on and on.

Grace is a big fan of Frank Sinatra an says you should listen to the lyrics in the song High Hopes, “Once there was a silly old ant, thought he’d move a rubber tree plant, everyone knows an ant can’t, move a rubber tree plant, but he had “High Hopes” he had “High Hopes” he had high in the sky, apple pie hopes”. Even ants have Free Will. Deus Vult.

Grace teaches that the practicality of the idea sells itself. All you need to do is perfect the idea, and have the required enthusiasm to gain the attention of others and create the buzz that will grease the wheels.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER FIFTEEN:          “The I’m to tired virus”.

Grace says that the reason you feel that you are to tired is depression. Many people live day to day in what psychologists call a state of quiet desperation. If you think you can’t, you won’t.  You need to experience a paradigm shift. You need to get your head out of the sand and into the clouds.

Grace says that Deus Vult is like an owners manual for COG’s.  When you buy a car, in the glove box is a book called the owners manual. It tells you all you need to now about the car. How to operate each gadget and how to drive it the right way.

Owning a human body is the reason why Grace instills Deus Vult in you. Deus Vult is an owners manual for humans. The Think Grace Lessons, give you a set of logical instructions as an anti-dote to the tired virus. The explanations provided by the Think Grace Lessons allow you to see simple solutions, to what you have thus far perceived as complex problems.

The fatigue of thinking how to go out and win is wiped away and replaced with enough energy to fill the Ever Ready Bunny, and presented to you in a simple format. All it takes is your own Free Will to make the decision to take the first step and study the lessons of Think Grace.

The car belongs to you. You can sit in the drivers seat and go out Ricky racing and have a ball enjoying life, or you can sit in the back seat like a lump, and let someone else drive the car. The decision is up to you. Thoughts are things. If you think you can, you will. If you think you can’t, you won’t.

FOURTH PRIME DIRECTIVE: [16] I cannot believe it was this easy. [17] Once I figured it out, nobody could stop me.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER SIXTEEN:        “The I don’t know how virus”

Grace shakes her head and gives me her signature smile on this virus. Grace asks one simple question. In today’s age of the internet is there really anyone who can look you in the eye and say they do not know how, when everything man has ever thought is somewhere on the world wide web?

Grace says to get real. No matter what you are thinking the information is as close as a mouse click. All you need to do is get over your fear of the unknown and start searching on Google.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER SEVENTEEN:   “The they won’t let me virus”

Grace says many people feel that something or someone is stopping them. If you feel that your family commitments or job commitments are hindering you then read the Fifth Prime Directive and Fifth Anti-Primes found in Think Grace, Lesson 5. This Seventeenth Anti-Prime is aimed at people who are thinking that some type of governmental authority may be stopping them.

If you are going to create a new micro-brew Beer or Vodka, you are going to need a license.  If you are going to look for partners to raise money in the public marketplace to start a company, you will need a prospectus or an exemption from the Securities and Exchange Commission and your State Securities – Blue Sky Regulators. If you are inventing a new drug you will need a license. Many things require licenses.

Just starting a business requires a consumer affairs department license in many cities. You will need a sales tax permit. You will need a D.B.A. certificate or corporation. You will need an employer identification number. If your idea involves a vehicle you may need D.O.T. permits and a commercial drivers license.

If you lease or buy a building to use in a business, you may need a zoning permit and a certificate of occupancy.

All of these things may look like the authorities are trying to keep you from success. That would be an error in thinking. The laws are designed to protect the consumer and to protect you. There are many services that will help you write a business plan, apply for licenses and get the authorization you need to succeed. Its not as hard as you think.

The Lessons taught by Grace in the Prime Directive Lessons starting with lesson 6, following this Anti-Prime series, will teach you using real life examples, how to overcome every obstacle. If you think you can, you will. Free Will. Deus Vult.

Remember: It makes no sense dying on a small cross.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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