Sunday, January  1, 2012
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater
God is a Woman Chronicles.

Grace wishes all COG’s a Happy New Year 2012.

Grace has instructed that I publish a “Special Chronicle”. Special Chronicles are current events that appear out of sequence from the numerically related Grace Chronicles.

Grace instructed me to expand on the Deus Vult concept. Grace is pleased with the wonderful increase in worldwide interest in Deus Vult. Grace told me that a few points of clarification are necessary to overcome language barriers she is seeing worldwide. Grace also instructed me to tell you about changes and additions Grace has ordered for the coming new year.


Grace wants every COG to understand that Deus Vult is a Fellowship. Deus Vult is non-denominational. Deus Vult is a self improvement Fellowship, created to expand the use of Free Will on earth. Deus Vult is utilized in addition to any organized religious affiliation you may have. Participating in Deus Vult, and practicing Free Will as a Graceian is not a replacement for your current faith or beliefs.

Think Grace, is a way for you to improve your life, by following the teaching of God as to exercising your Free Will. No matter what faith you practice, be it Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, or any other organized faith, the fact that your faith teaches belief in God, is what is pleasing to Grace.

Grace states that the purpose of Deus Vult is for you to concentrate on your own self improvement, aside from the theology, dogma and tenets of your individual religious faith. Deus Vult is not a replacement of your beliefs, it is an addition to your faith.

The purpose of Deus Vult is to enlighten you on the danger of political correctness and the looming evil of the globalist society. Grace is concerned that seven billion COG’s are being forced to comply with new rules, dictated by a handful of elite families, who are convinced they can run the world with an ill conceived globalist agenda. Grace wants her COG’s to utilize their Free Will, and reject globalism, to avoid an Orwellian existence.

Deus Vult teaches that there is nothing wrong with taking care of ones self. There is  nothing unreasonable about you watching over your own life and taking all the steps available to make sure that “YOU”, make your life and the lives of your loved ones, as pleasant as possible. The reverse spelling of the word “LIVE” is “EVIL”. Grace teaches it is evil to allow any COG or group of COG’s who think they are elite to control your Free Will by telling you how to think and act.

Grace teaches that the elite COG’s are spinning the truth. These elitist’s tell you that your own self interest is irrational. They wish to control your life by having you do what they tell you to do. You are chastised for being selfish, by people who want everything their own way. When absolute moralists try to dictate your life, Grace teaches that is evil.

Grace teaches that the world has no need for governments in the electronic age. Grace says that any rational COG will realize that if the elitists promise that surrender of national sovereignty (giving up nation status) is permissible, then we obviously do not need the hundreds of individual sovereign governments were are abandoning?

Grace says to ask yourself this question. If there is no need for the hundreds of individual governments, then why do we need one central global government?  Grace asks you to consider the obvious fact. The world wide web essentially eliminates the need for politicians and governments. People can vote online for whatever agenda they desire. The majority would rule. The citizens COG’s of the world would control the armies and police. The so called authorities would finally do what they were created to do. Work for the taxpayer. The authorities would answer to the people. The us versus them mentality of the authorities would cease to exist. Grace asks, do you think the globalists will allow you to abandon the one world government plan?

Grace comments on various main stream movements and religions from time to time as Grace feels that the main goal of religion should be to utilize all it’s assets to help the faithful. Grace voices her opinions on the methods main stream organized religions are theologically managed. Grace supports the basic foundational ideas of most main stream organized religions, regarding teaching of belief in God. The manner in which a particular religion manages the power and wealth that God grants the religion over it’s congregation, is another question altogether.

Grace has employed many relaters over the millennia, and I am only one of thousands. When you read about Grace it is not my brief to convince you, my brief is to inform you. Your faith in Grace may only arise from your own Free Will.

Grace’s primary interest is the needs of women, children and men. No matter what your faith, lack of faith, race, creed, color or national origin. Any COG (Child of God/Grace) is welcome to join the Fellowship of Deus Vult. Deus Vult is the “first” and “only” Fellowship to teach “GOD IS A WOMAN”. The true meaning of God is found in the form of Grace.

Grace being the mother of all who inhabit the infinite, has an affinity for woman and children, as any “MOTHER” figure would. Grace has as a primary focus women, young girls and young boys. Grace loves her adult sons, and expects normal healthy adult males to defend themselves where possible using their Free Will.

Grace says Deus Vult is a “FEMALE CENTRIC” Fellowship, utilizing in the modern vernacular used by young females, “GIRL POWER”. Grace opines that once a female learns the “Secret of Life”, [Free Will], no matter what the females age, that female is unstoppable, [“I am woman hear me roar”]. Grace states the Chronicles were created to teach all females and young children the “Secret of Life”.

Grace says the majority of adult males (18 and over) come to Deus Vult by way of their female friends, wives and family members, which is the reason for the female centric focus of Deus Vult. Grace loves all of her COG’s equally. In a world of seven (7) billion souls, Grace opines that females make up 52% of the total, over 3.5 billion souls. Grace feels that her 3.5 billion female sisters will guide the adult males to Fellowship.

Grace reminds all COG’s that Deus Vult is not a Church or a Religion. Deus Vult is a Fellowship. Deus Vult is not a tax exempt organization. If individual COG’s wish to join together and organize a church and practice Deus Vult in a religious manner Grace wishes you God’s speed.


Deus Vult is creating a new unit called “Papillon International” [P.I.]. Papillon International, is the Civil Rights Arm of Deus Vult.  P.I. is new – currently in the formative stages – and will recruit volunteer professionals from the educational, legal, social services, and mental health professions, to provide ‘free’  – web based – consultations to COG’s needing advice from these professionals.

P.I. (a dual purpose acronym for “Papillon International” and “Private Investigation” takes it’s name from the central character in the famous escape from Devil’s Island) is dedicated to assisting oppressed woman, children and prisoners worldwide in gaining freedom from unjust prosecution, persecution and governmental overreach.

P.I. will operate in the United States, Great Britain, Africa, Mid-East, Asia, and China. P.I. will focus on women and childrens civil rights issues, denial of health care and death from failure to treat issues, WTO efforts to regulate the supplement industry, and the exponential growth of prison populations in the United Sates and China, used to exert social control over a growing class of unemployed and under educated young male minorities.

P.I. will be a not for profit – 501(c) – tax exempt organization of volunteer professionals worldwide. Oversight of all P.I. professionals will be managed by a retained managing attorney, acting as senior counsel in New York City.

Anyone wishing to volunteer or financially support P.I., may contact Deus Vult via the P.I. link on the “THINK GRACE” web site.


You should be aware that the Chronicles of Grace are related in order from there original date of transcription, February 14, 2009. At this point I am still two years away from catching up to the present time. You should also be aware that I am a federal prisoner, (See: Chronicles 1 and 2) which limits how fast I am able to produce Chronicles, as I am working with a limited email system, in a federal prison.

Now that Deus Vult is gaining a worldwide audience Grace is starting to enlist the aid of others who are helping organize web sites and manage various programs within Deus Vult. Grace tells me that I must keep all readers current on what Grace is imparting at this time, as the world is a very dangerous juncture in time. In that regard Grace has ordered that the following take place.

As of January 1,2012, I will commence publishing Chronicle’s called DEUS VULT NEWS, [DVN]. These Chronicles will follow the same format as the “Grace” Chronicles and will relate Graces opinions on current events in real time as they occur.

The DVN Chronicles will simply be identified as DEUS VULT NEWS. When you see Deus Vult News in the subject line you will know you are about to read Graces current views on the news. The DVN Chronicles will follow the standard chronological number sequence of the Chronicle series.

This new section will eventually be a daily “Cyber” broadcast, 24 hour news service on the internet called the DVN-NEWS NETWORK. DVN CYBER NEWS, will be a honest, unbiased 24 hour news cycle broadcast of current news, worldwide from the perspective of Grace. Think of it as the evening News, anchored by God.

DVN on the internet is a future project that will take some time to create. In the meantime please read all of the web site DVN News Reports in upcoming Chronicles.


Grace instructed me to inform everyone that the previous style of language subservience seen in the Chronicles will cease as of this Chronicle. In the future I will relate the Chronicles in standard English format. The reason for this change is to avoid confusion which has arisen worldwide. Many non-english speaking COG’s fail to realize that originally I as the relater for Grace, was of the opinion that capitalizing names and places in the Chronicles was to equalize them in stature to Grace/God. I was of the opinion that nothing was equal to God. This decision was mine and mine alone, and was not ordered by Grace.

Grace allowed me to use this form of respect and tells me she appreciates my devotion. Grace says that while she understands my desire to love and serve God, Grace is of the opinion that my subservience is confusing to other COG’s, especially those in countries, wherein English is a second language. Grace has requested that as of this Chronicle, I utilize standard English grammar and punctuation in all future Chronicles.


Deus Vult is growing, especially in the Mid-East and Asia. Many COG’s are requesting we post in various languages which are currently working on.

If you are a reader in any non-english speaking country please feel free to become a relater by translating the text of any Chronicle into your native language and sending it to Deus Vult. You will be given credit for your translation, and the copyright will remain the property of Deus Vult.

Grace desires that in the near future I add a Spanish language version of the Chronicles, which I am working on and hope to be able to offer in the near future.

Remember: It makes no sense dying on a small cross.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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