Wednesday, December 28, 2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater
God is a Woman, Chronicles.
Beyonc’e Knowles – A Magical Radiant Point of Light.
“GIRL POWER” at it’s finest.

Grace came to visit at the nassau county jail and continued with TG Lesson 3, on May 7, 2009.

Grace started the conversation by saying that this third lesson was one of the most important, as it covers the Second Prime Directive, which Grace said is very important. The Second Prime Directive addresses the fears that all COG’s have when they think about the work required to reach a goal.

Grace said one of the most elegant and brilliant COG’s is the radiant Beyonc’e Knowles.

Beyonc’e is what Grace calls a “Magical Radiant Point of Light”. Grace explained that every soul is a point of light. Radiant points of light are those souls (COG’s) who have demonstrated their exceptionalism, by utilizing their own individual Free Will, (Deus Vult), in a manner leading to a level of stellar success that is an inspiration to all COG’s. Grace said that Beyonc’e is such a “Magical Radiant” soul.

Grace said that the Seocnd Prime Directive consists of the following points: Keep inmind the ANTI-PRIMES are discussed first for all five (5) PRIME DIRECTIVES. After the Anti-Prime Lessons are completed, Grace will start on the ongoing Prime Directive Lessons.

THE SECOND PRIME DIRECTIVE: [7] You can do it. [8] You have the know how. [9] Your never to young. [10] Your never to old. [11] Make the time each day to accomplish your goal. [12] Change brings happiness.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER SEVEN:     “You will never accomplish it”.

Grace said that everyone has doubts when they think about the risks and hard work associated with reaching for the stars, and following their dreams. Grace uses the example of Beyonc’e and how Beyonc’e worked to accomplish her dreams. Beyonc’e is what you would call and overnight success, that took sixteen (16) years to achieve.

Grace told me that Beyonc’e was born in houston, texas on september 4, 1981. Grace said that from a very young age Beyonc’e dreamed of being a performer.  Today Beyonc’e is a stellar singer, songwriter, record producer and actress. Grace said that when you look back at Beyonc’e beginnings you see a lovely middle class young lady, with the dreams most young ladies have at her age. Beyonc’es dad, mathew knowles, was a medical equipment salesman, and Beyonc’es mom, tina knowles, was a hair stylist and costume designer.

Grace said that the only thing Beyonc’e knew for sure, was that in her heart, Beyonc’e saw herself as a singer and dancer. Grace said that even as a very young lady Beyonc’e had a tremendous drive and desire to achieve her goal. Beyonc’e used every fiber of her being to achieve her dream from the moment Beyonc’e could walk and talk. Never once did Beyonc’e allow the power in her soul to be diminished in any way. No one took away Beyonc’es “Power of Free Will”.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER EIGHT:     “You do not know how to do it”.

Grace said that thomas edison tried more than 1000 times to perfect the light bulb before he succeeded. The wright brothers tried numerous times before their first successful flight. Life is a series of trials and errors. The difference is that those who keep trying succeed, and those who give up, fail.

Grace again pointed to Beyonc’e. Grace said that Beyonc’e is the epitome of the phrase “Girl Power”, at it’s finest. Beyonce began like all young children with nothing more than a dream and the bold sense of unstoppable success that only children have.  It all began at st. mary’s elementary school in texas. As a child Beyonc’e enrolled in dance classes including ballet and jazz. Beyonc’e did not start out singing, she started out as a dance student.

Grace told me that Beyonc’e dance instructor was humming a tune one fine day, and Beyonc’e picked up the tune and started singing the song and finished the tune by hitting the high notes like a seasoned professional. Thereafter Beyonc’e enrolled in the schools talent show and a few years later, that experience led to the formation of a group called “Girl’s Tyme”, which later changed it’s name to “Destiny’s Child”, and the rest is history.

Grace said the lesson Beyonc’e teaches the world is very simple. If you do not know something, get to work, now, right now, today, and learn how to do it.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER NINE:       “You are to young to accomplish it”.

No matter what you are dreaming about the time to start is now. If you wish to be a doctor do you start at age five? Of course. It all begins with learning. You develop your sense of self respect by helping yourself learn what it is you do not know. You start to read about science, chemistry, biology. You pay close attention in school and take a deep interest in all your science and math classes. There is no such thing as to young to start working on your dreams.

Grace again pointed to Beyonc’e. At the age of seven (7) Beyonc’e won a school talent show by singing the john lennon song, imagine. Thereafter the young Beyonc’e gained her first press accolades by winning a local talent prize called the “Sammy”. It was the beginning of Beyonc’es name being heralded in the press.

While still an elementary school student, Beyonc’e enrolled at the parker elementary school, a music magnet school in houston, where she performed on stage with he school choir. After grade school Beyonce enrolled in the high school for the performing arts in houston, and was a member of the choir at st. johns united methodist church, where she performed as a choir soloist. This radiant young lady achieved all these accolades, while still a teenager.

Grace says to tell you, that all that is stopping you, is you.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER TEN:        “You are to old to accomplish it”.

Grace said there is no such thing as being to old to accomplish it. There are stories everyday of people who graduate from college in their eighties and nineties. Recently, in canada, a ninety year old man recently ran a marathon. It all starts with your desire. We see older people in wheelchairs participating in marathons. Older people with prosthetic legs running marathons at all ages. Grace says there are no excuses related to age. Age is actually a benefit, as the wisdom that comes with age, acts as a guiding force when you set out on a new dream path.

The thought of retiring at 65 has for the most part, excluding illness, become a memory. People are working at mcdonalds who are over 75, people are starting home based businesses in the sixties, seventies and eighties. All it takes is desire and knowledge.

Grace says that the desire ball is in your court, it takes your individual Free Will, Deus Vult, to make up your own mind to proceed with your future. Today, is the first day of the rest of your life.

Grace said to tell you that as far as knowledge is concerned that is the goal of the Deus Vult Fellowship. It is here in the THINK GRACE LESSONS that you will find all the knowledge, resources and tips you will need to succeed.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER ELEVEN:   “How do I make time to do it”.

Grace smiles her signature smile every time the issue of time comes up. The issue of not having time is addressed in Lesson (2) Two, ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER FIVE. In this anti-prime Grace speaks to issue of “Making Time” to accomplish your dreams. Grace wonders why people have a problem making time. Think about how much time you spend driving to work? Think about how much time you waste at lunch? Think about what you do after work? Think about your evenings sitting on the couch? Think about wasting time in bed on the weekend?

Grace says it is simple to look in any of the major franchise and business magazines, to find e-book downloads on every type of business you can imagine. All you need to do is download the book, and for the price of a latte, you are on your way to better future, while you drive to and from work, learning how to be successful. How hard is it to take an on line course during your lunch break? How about taking time after work to go take a class for an hour or two once or twice a week.

Grace asks, do you need a few extra dollars? Thinking about starting a fast food restaurant, cookie place or maybe a signature ice cream store? What if you find a part time job at mcdonalds, mrs. fields or baskin and robbins. That way you make some extra money and get a free education all at the same time.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER TWELVE:  “Your to afraid to make the change required to accomplish your dream”.

Grace understands the concept of fearing change. Change is frightening. Grace understands you are not happy with your old chevy, with the noisy muffler. Grace understands the need to live in a tiny apartment and pay a fortune in rent, which is money you give to a landlord and essentially throw out the window. Grace understands you are forced to eat beans and franks, or spaghetti five days a week. Grace understands the need for food stamps, welfare, and section eight. Government assistance is fine as a starting point. The idea is to gain your independence and tell the government goodbye.

Grace “DOES NOT UNDERSTAND” why you continue to tolerate it. Grace is of the opinion that first of all you owe it to yourself to improve your existence, and you owe it to your family to improve their lives. Grace says that if what you have right now is the minimum to survive, then you should be proud of yourself for getting this far. That said, Grace wants you to take it to the next step. Kick it up a notch. Does your tiny apartment have a kitchen? Then why not bake some cakes, cookies or brownies and sell them at the local swap meet or farmers market? Why not make specialty cakes and pies for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, parties and events. Make your specialty signature ethnic dish like taco’s or burritos and sell them at work for lunch. Advertise your services on the millions of free internet sites. Start generating extra money. If you are afraid of change, then change slowly, starting today.

Grace wonders what you will think of change when you move into your own home and start earning equity by paying a mortgage, instead of rent. Grace wants you to make the move with your family in the backseat of your new chevrolet, cadillac or mercedes. Grace wants you and your family eating nutritious Grace Dieta, vegan meals every night. Grace wants you to have the sense of pride of earning your own way, and making your own decisions, without the need for any assistance or the emotional duress of you and your family living a life, with less than you deserve.

Grace wants you to think about that “Magical, Stellar Point of Light” known as Beyonc’e. Think about that little girl who began at five. At seven she was already in the press. At sixteen she was a rising star. Now at  28 she is listed in forbes magazine as one of the most influential women in show business, hundreds of awards, millions of albums and singles sold, recognized worldwide, and it all started at a dance class, in grammar school.

The only thing stopping you, is you.

Follow your dreams.

Free Will. Deus Vult.

Remember:  It makes no sense dying on a small cross.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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