Friday, December 23,2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater
God is a Woman Chronicles.

Grace came to the nassau county jail on May 6, 2009, and continued the discussion from Lesson 1, (See: 56TH CHRONICLE). Grace said changing your paradigm takes work. Wishing, hoping, international thought and affirming seldom succeeds. Grace stated that anyone can give you feel good advice and a list of platitudes designed to look like a master plan that you may utilize to improve your life. Pick up any of the hundreds of books written in the last ten to twenty five years and you will see a recurring theme of affirmations, intentions and positive mental focus. All of these theories are fine, if they are applied after you figure out the reasons you are seeking to change your life. The reason you seek to change should be obvious. You are not happy with where you are at this date and time. Grace said that when a COG seeks change, you are actually looking for a cure for the emotional viruses Grace discussed in TG Lesson 1.

Grace said that since birth, COG’s have been discouraged from thinking constructively and questioningly. COG’s’s have been mind numbed into acquiescence and encouraged to follow the crowd. It has become so pervasive that most COG’s do not even realize it. Grace said that many COG’s are waking up and practicing Free Will by coming to Deus Vult. Grace stated that many COG’s are discovering that the Graceian way of Free Will, is the answer to their questions.

Grace said that over the last two millennia, those in power discovered that the most effective way to manipulate a COG is to use religious, political, fear, guilt, hate, envy and feel good dogma. The most effective dogma’s ever created by the powerful one percenters to control COG’s are religious dogma’s. Judaism, christianity or islam, are very effective in creating fear and guilt. Grace stated that the political dogma of the left and the political dogma of the right, are the same when viewed from hind sight, both use class warfare to create hate and envy. These dogma’s create a negative attitude in the majority of COG’s, allowing control of the so-called common COG’s, by the elite COG’s. These elitist dogma’s create a victim mentality. The victim mentality is easy to support because if a the COG believes it, the COG will achieve it.

Grace said that recently COG’s have begun to awaken. Grace stated that COG’s worldwide are beginning to realize that the religious and political dogma’s of fear, guilt, hate and envy, have actually had the effect of placing COG’s into what Grace calls a spiritual slumber for the last 2000 years. Grace said that COG’s are now starting to question this manufactured reality. More and more COG’s are awakening to the Graceian concept that there is more to life than mere existence.

Grace told me that COG’s are rapidly coming to understand that there is more to each COG than just a body. There is a power component called a non-conscious and that non-conscious component is what controls happiness and success. It is easy to reach the power component in you. All you have to do is have a conversation with your non-conscious mind. Talk to your own power source and find out what fears, and guilt mechanisms have been programmed into you since before you were born. These fear and guilt mechanisms are  mind viruses. Once you recognize your own individual mind viruses you can re-program yourself from the “GI” information in the TG Lessons and start living a joyful, Blissful life.

Grace told me that once you learn that there is no reason for you to “GIVE UP THE POWER” you begin to feel alive in a way  you have never felt before. Grace says you need to open your eyes. Who gave anyone else the right to rule you. kings, queens, presidents, politicians, police, popes, priests, reverends, no one has any more right to be on this earth, than you do. These people say they are royalty, they are the authorities, they run the world. By whose command? COG’s are beginning to understand that the only reason the elites and their minions we call authorities have power is because the COG’s give them the power. Take back the power. No one is better than you. Absolutely, positively, unequivocally nobody!

Grace said that in order to tap into your Graceian Intellect [GI] it is necessary to first review your past according to the 25 components of the Five [5] Prime Directives of GI. The starting point is the twenty [25] anti-prime viruses, which make up the “tails” end of the two headed coin of life.

Grace teaches that there are Five (5) Prime Directives, with twenty (25) five components Grace applies to “GI”. Grace says if all COG’s study the Prime Directives and understand all 25 components, the keys to success will be obvious and nothing will stoop you for achieving success.

Grace started this lesson with by taking a look at the First (1st) set of the Five (5) Prime Directives. Grace says that these lessons are designed to show you why many COG’s give up and never succeed, and once you have mastered the art of building your own self esteem, Grace teaches you will reveal to yourself the true power of GI by teaching you how to take back the power you have unwittingly given up by using the Five (5) Prime Directives.

Grace says that COG’s fail because they are infected with life long mind viruses, which are built in impediments to success. Grace calls these anti-prime viruses. Grace teaches this first lesson by breaking down each of the Five (5) Prime Directives into five (5) individual sets. [I am limited to three (3) pages in these abridged Chronicles, so the sets are abridged here. I will expand them upon my release].

The Prime Directives are set out with each of there components. After each Prime Directive you will see the corresponding Anti-Prime virus, that applies to each directive. Grace said it is important to learn the anti-prime viruses first, so you will be prepared for the work involved in achieving your own individual success. After you have learned the anti-primes, then the lessons show you how to utilize each of the Prime Directives. In the interest of simplicity from this point forward i use the term “Primes” for the secrets to winning, and “Anti-Primes” to explain the reasons for failure.

THE FIRST PRIME DIRECTIVE: [1] Winning takes work. [2] Minimize your risk. [3] Find the time to make the commitment. [4] Strive to accomplish your goal. [5] Understand you can do whatever you set your mind to. [6] No matter what your goal the information you need to succeed is at your fingertips.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER ONE: “It’s a lot of work virus”.

This is the virus you utilize to discourage yourself. If you think you will have a hard time losing weight, you will. If you think kicking a weed or cocaine habit is impossible, then so be it. If you think you will never get over your depression, then you won’t. If your lifelong shyness has led to a life of loneliness, and you feel you can never get over being shy, then you will live life alone. In order to succeed you must consider the fact millions of other COG’s have done what you desire to do and have been successful. No doubt the change you desire will be a challenge, but it is far from impossible.

Grace says that the first thing you need to do is take every dictionary you own and cross out the word impossible. If you think it will be possible, then you will find that possible is waiting for you. Thoughts are things. What it takes is work. Sometimes hard work, sometimes all you need is a simple commitment. When you decide something is doable then you become thrilled with the thought of accomplishing it.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. If you think you have it difficult, imagine stephen hawking in his wheelchair, deciphering the universe and reporting his conclusions by tapping on a keyboard with a stick, he holds in his mouth. Now that’s difficult. You having to get your big butt off the couch and go walk around the block for an hour is not difficult. Stephan hawking, a wealthy writer, scientist and professor would trade everything he has to be you, and have the ability to get out of that wheel chair and go for a walk.

If you look back into your childhood or the past you will see that the “lot of work” virus has haunted you for your entire life. Once you overcome the past programming you will realize nothing is a lot of work. Rome was not built in a day, but it was built. Mount Rushmore took an entire lifetime to finish. Get it?

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER TWO:  “The lot of risk virus”.

Grace says there is no such thing as impossible risk. There is only fear of the unknown. If risk was unmanageable there would be no insurance companies. Any risk is manageable. Each day you are brave enough to wake up, get dressed, get in the car and drive to work. That’s risk. Each day you use an elevator that takes you up hundreds of feet. That’s risk. Each day you eat thousands of calories at McDonalds and other fast food. That’s extreme and insane risk. Each day you cross the street. That’s risk. Taking the time to exercise, is pleasure, not risk. Taking the time to research a new business idea, is fun, not risk. Going to church, social clubs, parties and school events in order to meet new friends and love interests is joy, not risk. Grace says there is no risk in thinking, unless you are trying to decide where to fight mike tyson.

If you look in the past you will see what caused your risk aversion. Risk is a very manageable event. Think about how to overcome risk and you will seize the day. The wright brothers overcame risk, and now we all fly. The “houston we have a problem” guy’s overcame risk, and then landed on the moon. Grace told me that in your heart you know risk is manageable.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER THREE:  “The lot of time virus”.

Grace says that when it comes to thinking about time, you must consider what she calls the “Divine Riddle” which is the only thing you need to consider whenever you feel you do not have enough time, [Note: You may have to read the following sentence a few times to grab it, but suddenly you will see the genius of the words and have an epiphany moment].

Grace says that if you have the necessary time, to consider the fact that whatever you desire will take a lot of time, then you obviously have the time it takes, to accomplish the desire, otherwise you would never have had the time, to think of the desire. That my dear COG is Graceian Intellect [GI] at it’s finest. No wonder the lady runs the universe.

Look in your past. Think about all the time you spend doing nothing constructive. Laying on the couch, watching TV. Then say to yourself, what if i added up all the time i spend doing nothing? What could i accomplish with all those hours, days, weeks and months?

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER FOUR: “The pain to accomplish virus”.

Grace teaches that anything you feel is a pain to accomplish you have already failed at, before you even finish thinking about it. Grace states that anything worthwhile to enjoying your life, is fun to plan for, and joyous to achieve. It is impossible to reach the conclusion that something is a pain to accomplish, if you are actually desirous of achieving whatever the desire is.

Grace says that if you think about something being a pain to accomplish, be happy your mother never felt that way. Otherwise, you would not be here.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER FIVE:  “The it can never be done virus”.

Grace says “your kidding me, right”?  Why would any thinking COG, desire something they already think can never be done. That’s not a desire, that’s delusional. Imagine the guy in the cave, running around chasing his dinner. Do you think he ever envisioned supermarkets? You can do anything if you set your mind to it.

ANTI-PRIME VIRUS NUMBER SIX:    “It’s way beyond me virus”.

Grace gave me her signature smile as she said these words. Why would anyone waste time thinking about anything, when they have already reached the conclusion that what they desire is way beyond them. You are blessed with having the opportunity to live in an age when anything you need to learn is at your fingertips. If you feel it’s beyond you then you are only fooling yourself.

Remember: It makes no sense dying on a small cross.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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