Thursday, December 22, 2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater
God is a Woman Chronicles

Grace came to the jail on May 4, 2009. The conversation centered on a previous visit by Grace on the day i was arrested, (3/17/09). On that day Grace had come to see me and told me that she had begun investigating the case by reviewing all of the events of my life, (See: 45TH CHRONICLE- GRACE STARTS INVESTIGATING). Today’s visit was to discuss a rather curious piece of information Grace had discovered.

Grace said that my life was so unusual and covered so many years and at least 54 countries, with so many diverse players involved, that it takes time even for God to figure it all out. Grace asked me if i was aware of something called Codex Alimentarius, commonly referred to as “Codex”. I told her that i had heard many stories about Codex when i was in europe and the middle east, and that it involved a takeover by big pharma of the supplement industry. Grace smiled her signature smile, which indicated she thinks there is hope for me.

Grace asked me if i knew that Codex was a big part of my case? I asked her to explain what she was driving at. Grace started out by discussing Codex. Grace said that big pharma was pushing for a set of rules to be put in place worldwide, controlling the sale of supplements. The idea is to make sure that COG’s depend on hospitals, doctors, surgery and drugs so big pharma will be guaranteed future profits.  Big pharma is concerned that the natural supplement (vitamin & mineral) business is catching on and that COG’s worldwide are learning that natural (Grace/God) cures are available which provide much better, safer cures for their ill’s than big pharma’s drugs, at a much lower cost.

Grace said that the term Codex Alimentarius is latin for ‘food code’. Grace stated that there is now a group called the Codex Alimentarius Commission, which is financially backed by big pharma and operates under the authority of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations, (UN). Grace said the rules set in place by the WHO and UN will be enforced by the World Trade Organization, (WTO). The WHO, UN and WTO using the politically correct global language of new speak, claims that all the Codex Commission is seeking to do, is to harmonize health and food supplement rules on a global scale.

Grace says, what the Codex Commission is actually doing is creating laws to “Criminalize” (Emphasis added) health products, supplements, and even the web based information regarding the use of supplements. The Codex Commission is seeking to limit supplement dosage units to a point where taking supplements will be a waste of time and effort. The Codex Commission under the auspices of United Nations rules would control supplements worldwide.

Grace said that each individual sovereign nation would no longer have control of the regulation of supplements. The new rules and laws would be written by the Codex Commission, and enforced worldwide with prison sentences, (yes, you read that right…prison sentences) if anyone tries to circumvent the rules. Grace said that possessing flintstones children’s vitamins or adult centrum plus or one-a-day vitamins, in the near future, could get you as much time in prison as possession of cocaine or heroin does today. Welcome to the brave new world.

Grace showed me a set of rules issue by the Codex Commission which state as follows: [1] Supplements could not be sold for preventative or therapeutic use. [2] Potencies would be limited to low doses. [3] High doses would be by prescription only. [4] Many common foods used as supplements would be classified on criminal drug schedules. [5] Codex rules would be international, with no escape clauses and no ability to overrule their application by any individual sovereign nation. [6] New supplements would have to be approved by the Codex Commission, the same as the current rules regarding the FDA approval of drugs. [7] “All” food will be irradiated. [8] Genetically altered food will be authorized for sale worldwide, without any notice on the label.

Grace said the Codex Rules are rapidly becoming law all through europe, canada, asia and south america. The sticking point is the united states. The Codex gang is having a hard time gaining ground in the united states, as the supplement industry has a huge following among COG’s and is very strong in the united states.

Grace said that is where i come in. In my case the man who investigated this case is named barry minkow. He is not an FBI agent. He is an agent of the “F.D.I.”. What is that you ask? The FDI is an acronym for the fraud discovery institute. The FDI was designed to sound like the FBI, so that when Minkow calls someone, when he says the name in an authoritative fashion, this is barry minkow, with the FDI, it sounds like you are calling from the FBI. Nice scam.

Grace says the FBI allowed minkow to operate the FDI and conduct investigations into public and private companies. In fact Grace said the FBI gave minkow his marching orders on the people and companies to target. The federal government is now trying to close the last door on supplement manufacturers in the united States by order of the Codex Commission. The main go to man to close that door is barry minkow.

Grace said that the target of many of minkow’s investigations were vitamin and supplement firms located in the united states. But minkow added an unusual twist to the FBI/FDI Codex scam. The FBI allowed minkow and his FDI to make a fortune for himself and the FDI as well as his federal agent handlers, by allowing minkow special scamming privileges.

The FBI, in allowing minkow to operate the FDI scam, was remiss in failing to tell the public a few things. First minkow is an ex-con. A con-artist. Minkow scammed millions through a company called Z-Best carpet cleaning. Minkow went to federal prison for many years. Upon his release he went to work for the FBI. Minkow started out upon release as a fake preacher, who robbed the collection money from his own church, not once, but twice.

The FBI forgot to tell the public that the FBI was giving minkow carte blanch authority to create fake investigations into public companies, and take short positions in the stock of the company, prior to issuing his negative reports. The negative reports drove the stock down and minkow and his FBI pals made big bucks. Grace said the FBI was quiet on the short sales because the agents and their families were raking in big bucks. Grace said that the FBI agents figured if U.S. Congressman and Senators are allowed to trade on inside information, then the FBI should have the same rights.

Grace said that the FBI needs to investigate the agents in the operation rainmaker case for fraud. Grace told me that when the FBI points at you frederick, they really need to be pointing at themselves. Grace said that any reasonable person would immediately conclude that operation rainmaker is exactly what the defense claims it to be, a government intelligence operation run by the JTTF.

Grace said that the obvious interaction of the FBI with minkow clearly shows beyond any doubt that the FBI and all other government agencies use ex-cons to operate intelligence operations. Grace asked me why the S.E.C. had brought a case against me under my alias, sid levine in california, yet there is no case against minkow. I told Grace i had no idea.
[NOTE: This Chronicle took place on may 4, 2009. Since that time minkow has been indicted in florida and sentenced to five years in prison with a time reduction for future cooperation. The sum of money he is accused of taking is over $500 million dollars a sum that should have carried thirty (30) years to life, for this second offender. I guess it pays to have friends in the FBI.]

To this day as this Chronicle is related, the S.E.C. has never investigated or charged minkow with any civil or criminal wrongdoing. That’s what happens when your a “favored” contract agent for the FBI, who keeps his mouth shut and does not upset the apple cart.

Grace said why are you in jail frederick when the S.E.C. says you did not take a penny in it’s california case. I told Grace the FBI says a totally different story here in new york. Grace just shook her head and said the the following.

Grace said it all boils down to an inspired defense team, and a deep investigation of all the facts. Grace is of the opinion that the defense team she is assembling for me in the future, will win the day.

[NOTE: This chronicle took place on may 4, 2009, since that time Grace has assembled her “inspired” defense team. The “Grace” ‘inspired’ defense team is now starting to gear up, (12/22/11) as i relate this Chronicle. As things move forward I will relate the results of my inter-action with the ‘inspired’ defense team in the future.]

Grace shook her head and said to me she was reminded of one of her most famous relaters, george Orwell, who  told all COG’s about ‘big brother’ more than fifty years ago. Yet. to this day no one is listening. Grace said that COG’s will regret not exercising their Free Will, once all the globalist, new world order rules are set in place, and lead to the loss of Free Will enjoyed by all COG’s.

Grace ended the meeting with an old story told by a german pastor named martin niemoller. “When they came for the jews, I wasn’t a jew, and I did not speak up. When they came for the trade unionists, I wasn’t a trade unionist, so I didn’t speak up. When they came for the Catholics, I wasn’t a Catholic, so I didn’t speak up. When they came for me, there wasn’t any one left to speak up”. Grace says that COG’s need to wake up, and speak up, before it’s to late,

Grace says you have been warned.

Remember: It makes no sense dying on a small cross.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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