Wednesday, December 21, 2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater.
God is a Woman Chronicles.

I had not seen Grace since april 26, 2009. Then all of a sudden i am sitting in my jail cell and she pops in. Grace asked, “do you know what today is” ?  No, was my reply. Grace said is is cinco de mayo. May 1st, 2009. I wondered what the significance was. Grace said, the significance is (remember Grace reads your thoughts) it’s the first of may, the day we begin to tell the world to “Think Grace”. It is your job frederick to teach my COG’s the relationship of “Think Grace”, as to it’s application in each individual COG’s learning curve on how to express their own Free Will – Deus Vult.

Grace told me that this was the day we would start a series of lessons called “Think Grace”. The lessons are rules from Grace (God) on “The Meaning of Life”, which is to “Give Birth to Yourself”. Grace said the rules were created to teach each individual COG how to take care of her or his individual self. There is no way on earth that anyone can help another person until they learn to take care of themselves.

Grace said that the “Think Grace” Lesson Chronicles will be ongoing and eternal. They will cover thousands of future conversations, between Grace and i, each as it’s own Chronicle, that will be labeled “Think Grace Lesson 1” to  Lesson ? (who knows how many, eternal may not have a end number, sort of like pi ). All references to “Think Grace” in the text of the “Think Grace” Lesson Chronicles will be simplified as “TG”.

TG Chronicles will cover all aspects of life. Health, family, career, exercise, entertainment, how to win at life, and hundreds of other topics. The TG Chronicles are Grace’s (God’s) philosophy. You may feel free to pick any one of the Lesson Chronicles to read by itself, or read all of the “Think Grace” Lesson Chronicles in sequence, from beginning to end.

I think the TG Lessons need to be read in sequence, as you can see in the preceeding paragraph Grace does not agree with me. That means the choice on how to read the TG Lesson Chronicles is your “First Lesson” in applying to your own Free Will. All Grace and i desire is for you to start reading and do not stop.

Grace began the first lesson with a real show stopper. Grace said there are three ways to live your life. [1] Take action. [2] Refuse to take action. [3] Kill yourself. Grace does not advocate the third option. The reason Grace said it was to shock you into understanding that a life “unlived” is the same as killing yourself. Free Will is what life is all about. You were not placed on earth to be nothing. Refusal to take action, is killing yourself as it leads you to a life of quiet desperation, which is what many COG’s are currently living.

Grace wants you to live and enjoy every moment of your life. That’s what the TG Lesson Chronicles are all about. Grace what’s you to think of today as the first day of the rest of your life. Think of it this way. In each of the coming years you will live 365 days, 8760 hours, *525,600 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds. If you are a teenager on average you have about 75 years to go. If you are 40, you probably have about 50 years to go. If you are 75, you more than likely have at least 15 years to go. Do the math, that’s a lot of seconds to live. You decide. Live all of those millions of seconds in quiet desperation, or live them healthy and happy and surrounded by love, (*If you listen to the sound track from “rent” the stage play, you will hear the theme song 525,600 minutes, it pretty much tells you what Grace is trying to impart ).

Now that Grace has set the stage, lets start you on your way to happiness.

Grace started with the following statement. It is said that old habits die hard. That is why many people feel they cannot change their lives. Grace said she is here to tell you that entrenched ways of behaving can be changed by locating a new path to knowledge and concentration focused on eliminating old habits. Thoughts are things.

COG’s are bombarded daily with so called scientific studies in genetics, medicine, psychology and sociology that appear to say you cannot overcome the outcome of whatever the particular study is addressing. Grace said that is silly. How many times have you seen a major announcement that such and such has been proven great for you to take or use, only to see a few weeks or months later, that such and such has been found to be a cancer causing agent in some other study.

Grace said that no matter what you are doing at this very moment, it is your mind controlling all of your actions. The mind controls the body. There is no dispute on this issue. Grace said that COG’s have seen for decades documented studies where sugar pills given to a control group who think they are a remedy for knee pain or back pain, believe the pills had a wonderful pain relieving effect. All the pills did was give your glucose a spike. The placebo effect comes from your believing the pill is effective. Grace said that recent studies have shown the placebo’s given during faux knee surgery, resulted in the placebo group reporting better post operative recovery, (The surgery never happened).

Grace said that by changing your beliefs you can change who you are. Thoughts are things. As you follow the TG Lessons keep in mind the only thing stopping you, is you. Think of the TG Lessons as a cure for the common mind virus. Like the common cold virus, the common mind virus is something every COG catches at birth. Your parents, siblings and family pass on their mind viruses to you via their ideas, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, the same was your sick sibling passes on the flu.

If you think you will always be poor, poor you shall be. If you think you will always be unlucky, fat, skinny, short, tall, addicted to drugs or alcohol, then guess what, unlucky, fat, skinny, short, tall, high, or drunk is what you shall be. Remember, thoughts are things.

It is your thinking patterns that cause your behaviors. Simply stated your own individual paradigm is what controls your life. Your thoughts truly make or break your life. Some thoughts are on your conscious level for a few moments, that said, the bulk of your thoughts come from your non-conscious, (Grace uses the term non-conscious as she says use of the word un-conscious implies you are unaware and in a state of suspended animation). It is the non-conscious where all the programming is for the computer you call your mind. It is that programming in your mind that is reflected in your behaviors.

Benedict de spinoza who was one of Graces greatest relaters on earth once said, “[T]he human mind is part of the infinite intellect of God”. In essence there are three non-conscious entities within you. [1] The first is your present limiting non-conscious loaded with mind viruses. [2] The second is the yet to be written non-conscious which is what we are going to re-program starting with this first TG Lesson. [3] The third is the foundation of your non-conscious which Grace calls the “GI” or Graceian Intellect. The “GI” is the hard drive of the infinite available to all, similar to your being able to access information from your computer, which has been stored in a web based, cloud data storage system.

Grace says that what every COG seeks is available to them right here, right now. All you have to do is align your mind with the infinite intellect of Grace, “GI”.

Grace said there are five [5] prime directives, (with 25 components) involved in understanding the “GI”.  Each of the five [5] prime directives has an equal and opposite anti-prime which is the result of the mind viruses you have been given from birth. We shall start with the anti-primes and then go on to the anti-dote for living known as the Graceian-Intellect, “GI”.

Grace said that like a coin, for every prime directive (GI) there is an anti-prime virus. Think of the old saying “For every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action”. We shall start with anti-primes which control what you are doing now, and which control your current belief systems.

FIRST SET OF ANTI-PRIME VIRUSES: [1] it’s a lot of work virus, [2] lot of risk virus, [3] lot of time virus, [4] pain to accomplish virus, [5] can never be done virus, or [6] is way beyond you virus.

SECOND SET OF ANTI-PRIME VIRUSES:  [1] You cannot accomplish it virus , [2] you do not have the knowledge virus,  [3] your too young virus, [4] your too old virus, [5] you do not have the time virus, [6] too afraid to make changes virus.

THIRD SET OF ANTI-PRIME VIRUSES:  [1] why me virus, [2] cost too much virus, and the [3] I am too tired virus.

FORTH SET OF ANTI-PRIME VIRUSES:  [1] I don’t know how virus, [2] they won’t let me virus.

FIFTH SET OF ANTI-PRIME VIRUSES:  [1] My family virus, [2] the family need virus, [3] the families thoughts virus, [4] the family will stop me virus, [5] the family will ridicule me virus, [6] my friends will think virus, [7] my co-workers will think virus, [8] what everyone will think virus.

Grace told me that if each and every COG spends a little time reading the TG Lessons, they will take the Graceian placebo and learn to shake off all twenty [25] five of these damaging viruses they have been infected with since birth. If you are ready to start then lets get going. In THINK GRACE – LESSON II, Grace starts out with a discussion of the twenty [25] five Anti-Prime viruses and how to lose them.

Note:  Keep in mind i am relating these Chronicles from prison and have a limited email system that only allows three pages at a time. That means each TG Lesson is limited to a maximum of three pages. When i am released these TG Lessons will be greatly expanded. In the interim i have included the main thrust behind each of Grace’s statements and will fill in with more life examples in the future. The TG Lesson Chronicles are abridged in a manner to give you the full concept and all i have omitted is the life experience examples Grace gave me.

Remember: It makes no sense dying on a small cross.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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