Tuesday, December 20, 2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani,  Relater
God is a Woman Chronicles.

On april 26, 2011, i was sitting in the day room area of the jail and i noticed Grace walking amongst the prisoners at the other end of the cell block. Grace appeared to be absorbed in what the prisoners were doing. She stopped by each table and looked at the various groups. Some of the men were laying cards. Some were playing board games. A few were braiding hair. Some were washing the clothes. Grace strolled casually amongst the prisoners, watching and evaluating.

As she crossed the cell block and started heading towards the area where i was, she appeared to have what i felt was a perplexed look on her face, which tells me she is coming to check on me and is reacting to something on the spot. When Grace comes it is usually for one of two reasons. Sometimes Grace has a specific agenda, and pops in and lets me know what’s on her mind. Other times, Grace just pops in like a mother checking on a wayward child, to see if i am alright.
There is no warning. Sometimes Grace comes every day, other times there may be a few days in between her visits,  once in a while there may be a week or ten day break, and on a few occasions Grace made multiple visits in one day. When Grace pops in i can usually tell what frame of mind Grace is in by the look on her face, i have no idea what the subject will be, but i can tell the tenor of Grace’s mood.

God or no God, Grace is a woman who lets it all hang out. No guile. When Grace is unhappy she wears it on her face like a neon sign. If you think i am being rather casual regarding my interactions with Grace, you would be correct. There are no trumpets, thunder or lightening. No light show, sound effects, violins or angels. A meeting with Grace is like visiting your elderly mom in boca raton. She is just there waiting for you with warmth and love in her eyes. Grace is a beautiful lady. She is warm, loving, kind, smart and most of all real. I feel sorry for those of you who do not believe. You have no idea what you are missing.

During this visit Grace expressed concern about the type of food given to the prisoners. Grace looked at all the black and brown faces and asked me why almost all the prisoners were eating candy and chips and junk food. I told her that was all a prisoner could access through the prison commissary. It was junk food or nothing. Grace wondered if the jailers could think. If all they feed prisoners if garbage, how can the jail expect to keep health standards high and decrease the cost of medical care due to diabetes and poor diet.

Grace asked me if i though jailers cared about prisoners? I said, without any hesitation whatsoever, that the undeniable answer was no. Grace said it made no sense. Then the lady sat beside me and asked me, with a profound sense of sadness, why do i see so many black and brown faces? There are only three white people in this entire room, she said. I told Grace it was called the war on drugs. It was a new idea that america had created to replace racism with a wonderful new concept called due process.

Grace said she was amazed that COG’s allowed this to take place. Why lock people in cages like animals, when there are so many ways to change behavior in COG’s simply by educating them. Grace wondered why they called it a correctional facility, when no one was being corrected. I smiled and told Grace she was an optimist. The only thing prison does is provide great civil service incomes for people who otherwise would be unemployable. Prison is a self perpetuating business. In order to justify the billions of dollars spent on prison systems, the most important factor is making sure you have prisoners. America is proud of the fact that we have five (5%) percent of the worlds population and twenty (25%) five percent of the worlds prisoners.

Grace considered this and asked, if you are right, then why feed prisoners a diet so poor in nutrition that it costs millions to provide medical care to correct the damage from the poor diet. I told Grace it was the same reasoning for why prisons existed. Jobs. Imagine how much money the jail pays to the local hospital for medical care. Look at all the guards and nurses and doctors they have working in the medical department. It’s the prison industrial complex at its finest.

Grace told me that people in the poorest countries on earth, had better daily nutrition than what she saw at the jail. I told Grace that in my humble opinion people in the poorest countries are much better off in many more ways than prisoners in american gulags.

Grace wondered why everyone spent decades fighting for civil rights, when all they got for it was the replacement of all those midnight hangings, from an old oak tree, by guys in white robes and hoods, with judicial hangings, by guys in black robes. Grace asked me why prisoners do not enlist the help of al sharpton. I told Grace that ‘big al’ as the prisoners refer to him, only gets involved in events that will bring him big publicity and money. Prisoners feel that al sharpton is a 24 carat gold plated phony. Prisoners tell me that they feel the only time ‘big al’ helps black people, is when black people can help ‘big al’ and his follow the money agenda.

Grace opined that Free Will controlled it all. If COG’s allow the government to replace racism with the obvious sham of due process, then there is no one to blame but the COG’s themselves. Grace told me that COG’s needed to understand that no man has the right to rule another man. The infinite creates all souls as free souls.

Grace said that human superiority over one other is a psychological concept. Human superiority is controlled by the creation of man made laws, backed by police and armies, which are created by the fiat of the one percenters. The elites determine how the majority shall live. If the majority ever decides to rise up and change the way things are done, no amount of armies or police will stop it. Grace said the rules regarding the mindless acquiescence of the common COG to the will of the elites, has been proven time and again in history to be built upon thin ice. Grace said that history has shown, over and over again, that when people have had enough, they will change the status quo by whatever means are necessary. Ballot or bullet.

Grace wondered why the jail did not add natural supplements to the commissary, which prisoners could buy and use, at their own expense, to promote good health. I told her that the jails were nothing more than distribution points for big pharma. Grace told me she was well aware of the push by big pharma to eliminate natural supplementation. Grace told me she was concerned about events taking place worldwide wherein major corporations were eliminating nutrition supplements in there mindless pursuit of profits, by creating laws to force natural supplementation to fall under the control of new prescription laws. Grace is very concerned about COG nutrition, and supplementation, especially regarding childhood obesity, which leads to type 1 and 2 diabetes, (See: 52ND Chronicle Fellowship Advice & Bliss Gardens and the 54TH Chronicle Bad Sugar & Good Sugar).

Grace told me to pass on to you the following information about natural supplementation, so that all COG’s everywhere may utilize it to avoid diabetes and save your life. Grace hopes if you are a prison or jail staff member, you will make this suggestion to your superiors. If prisons enforce a raw vegetable and fresh fruit dieta, with supplementation for health, which the prisoners pay for themselves, through the commissary, the prison could save billions of dollars and use the savings to give all the staff big raises.

Grace started the supplement conversation with a discussion about aloe vera. Aloe vera contains a sugar called d-mannose. D-mannos is what is called a good sugar, as it helps you overcome urinary tract infections. Aloe vera contains glucomannen which reduces triglycerides. Aloe vera is a rich source of protein, enzymes, calcium, selenium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin A and E. Aloe vera helps your liver create anti-oxidents. Aloe vera juice has been proven to reduce blood sugar by 40%. Aloe vera reduces neuropathic pain, caused by diabetes in your feet and fingers as it increases circulation. Aloe vera also helps heal wounds, regulate cholesterol, and reduces the frequency of kidney dialysis treatment. You can eat aloe vera fresh or obtain aloe vera supplements in health food stores.

Grace then spoke about curcumin. Curcumin is a turmeric spice, primarily found in dishes from india. Curcumin is part of the ginger family. Curcumin improves insulin sensitivity and relieves neuropathic pain. Curcumin promotes good memory in alzheimers patients. Curcumin increases glutathione, a powerful free-radical scavenger. Curcumin reduces inflammation and pain.

Grace said another good herb was fenugreek.  Fenugreek is responsible for the beautiful hair seen on women from india. Fenugreek gives indian women’s hair the luster and sheen all women seek. Fenugreek is a powerful anti-oxident, with high SOD levels. It has been shown to protect against cancer, especially pancreatic cancer. Research shows that it is also highly valuable in the fight against  breast and prostate cancers. Fenugreek has been shown to ease varicose veins based upon the fact one of its active ingredients is a bioflavonoid called rutin. Fenugreek is a wonder tool in the fight against metabolic syndrome, as it helps regulate blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. Fenugreek seeds are a great source of dietary fiber.

Grace spoke about gymnema sylvestre. Gymnema sylvestre helps your pancreas regenerate beta cells, so you can make natural insulin. Gymnema sylvestre lowers serum cholesterol and triglycerides. This supplement also has the magical ability to prevent cravings for sweets. An important feature of this supplement is that it reverses the damage from alloxan found in white flour foods, (See: 32ND CHRONICLE – GRACE ON HOW BAD WHITES ARE). In the 32ND Chronicle you can find information about alloxan, which is a very serious poison found in all white four products.  Gymnema sylvestre is a great anti-bacterial agent, and helps your cells take in insulin which alleviates diabetes.

Grace spoke about holy basil. Holy basil is a traditional indian ayurvedic treatment sometimes called tulsi. Tulsi is an interesting word as it means “the incomparable one”. Holy basil acts as a natural anti-depressant. It is a strong anti-inflammatory. Holy basil is an excellent pain suppressor. Holy basil has powerful anti-oxident properties. Holy basil protects your heart from chemo damage, if your following a cancer drug treatment regimen. Holy basil helps alleviate metabolic syndrome, by lowering blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. Perhaps most interesting is it helps relieve inflammation, heartburn and bloating.

Grace  ended the conversation by speaking about lipoic acid.  Lipoic acid is a wonder supplement, that reduces nerve pain, acts as a chelating agent, helps guard against alzheimer’s and parkinson’s disease and penetrates brain cells to prevent free radical damage. Lipoic acid even helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and is used in that manner in many cosmetic creams.

Grace says each COG should check with their own doctor before using any supplement to make sure they are healthy enough to rely on only the supplement, if the COG is contemplating replacing a prescription drug with any natural supplement.

Grace has spent a lot of time during her visits discussing nutrition. I have hundreds of pages of notes on the topic of health, exercise, nutrition and disease prevention. When i am released i will amend the abridged Chronicles to provide you with all of Graces wisdom in the full Chronicles. You will be amazed at the valuable advice the lady gives, as Grace has told me things that no one has ever heard before. The information Grace has imparted will astound you.

In the future when you and i meet in person at fellowship events you will have the opportunity of learning about Grace first hand and i will have the profound privilege of introducing you to Grace.

Remember: There is no sense dying on a small cross.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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