Monday, December 19, 2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater.
God is a Woman Chronicles.

On April 14, 2009 Grace came once again to the nassau county jail. It was a little after 5:00 p.m. and i was watching the local news. The story was something about the new charismatic barrack obama, who had been president for only 12 weeks. Grace asked me “what do you think of this man”? I told Grace it was to soon to tell, but it was encouraging as at least george bush was gone.

Grace knew i had hard feelings over the fact that george bush and his co-conspirator condoleezza rice, had abandoned operation rainmaker, which led to my current residence at the nassau county jail. Grace opined that she was deeply concerned about barrack obama, as Grace felt he was totally unaware of what was going on around him. Then Grace smiled a rueful sort of smile and said that when all is said and done, barrack obama had to follow his own free will.

Grace told me she saw a lot of john f. kennedy, in obama. I agreed. Grace went on to ask me about a topic we had discussed previously. Who really runs the world? (See: 31ST CHRONICLE – GRACE ON HONOR’E de BALZAC) The 31st Chronicle was a discussion about hard assets as opposed to people who had all cash. Grace wanted to discuss the so-called richest families in contrast to the hard asset, power families.

Grace launched into a discussion about how the power elite communicate with each other. How decisions are made. How the common COG is misled by corporate owned, main stream media propaganda.¬† Grace told me that essentially the bulk of the work news media is held by a tiny handful of large corporations. When the power elite, who hold all the shares in these corporations wish to report what they desire COG’s to hear, they simply instruct their minions in the main stream media news rooms to say what they are told to say.

Grace went on to say that soon we would see a new set of massive controls, called net neutrality placed on the internet, as the power elite know the internet may disrupt all of the elite plans for a new world order. Controlling the internet is simple. All the power elite has to do is create the child porn scare, and couple that with the credit card fraud scare, and you have instant control over what anyone can see and do on the internet. Grace said, power corrupts, and absolute power, corrupts absolutely.

Grace asked me what i thought about the bilderbergers, trilateralists and the council on foreign relations members. I told her my feeling were that these three groups represent the modern elite view of the one percenters (1%) who seek a one world government. Grace smile in a knowing fashion. I went on to say that these three groups are nothing new. The british had organized a group called the round table, which existed long before these three groups. The british also created the royal institute of international affairs, the british mother organization of what we know in the u.s. as the council on foreign relations, commonly referred to as the c.f.r.

Grace and i discussed the fact that in the united states the original elite conspirators were headed by david rockefeller, and zbigniew brzezinski, who had been jimmy carters national security advisor. Grace seemed impressed when i told her that both rockefeller and brzezinski were c.f.r. members and trilateralist’s. I also pointed out that george bush was a c.f.r. member, trilateralist and skull and bones member. Bill clinton was a c.f.r. member, trilateralist, and bilderberger member. Grace asked me why the average COG did not find these groups ominous? I said that the main stream corporate media reported these groups as being harmless “think tanks”, that were doing good things for mankind. The groups were reported upon is such a manner as to make them seem harmless while at the same time benevlolent. Grace smiled and said “beware of the benevolent despot”.

Grace said that she was amazed at the fact that a few years ago if anyone said we were heading for a new world order, with a one world government, they were called a crackpot. Today, all we see in the news is the fact that we are living in a global society, and working in a global economy. We see the european union and n.a.f.t.a. We see the united nations giving orders to the u.s. military. We see n.a.t.o. doing the same thing in europe, as if the armies of all the u.n. and nato countries are essentially one large worldwide law enforcement and military group.

Grace said that COG’s will welcome the new world order. COG’s will gladly give up their freedom for manufactured security, against terrorist’s who actually work for the governments,(like the M.E.K. terrorist’s in the Operation Rainmaker case). The fake security when coupled with the loss of jobs and the resultant need for free government food and a roof over their heads, will bring COG’s quickly in line.

Grace said that there was no doubt that a one world government was around the corner in probably less than ten years. This new way of living would involve one central bank, one worldwide currency, an electronic cashless society that would allow the government and corporations to track every penny spent, and a micro-chipped population of COG’s all linked by satellite, to a main frame computer, that would track their every move. Think of it as “On Star” for people. The reason COG’s will accept the chips is to protect youngsters from kidnap, terrorists from infiltrating the country and the added security of tracking criminals who will be quickly caught after they invade your house, rape your loved ones or kill you.

Grace said it will be mandatory by law that all newborn COG’s be chipped at birth. You will be arrested if you take out the chip. grace said that COG’s will never ask the obvious simple question of what happens when the kidnappers, rapists, terrorist’s and criminal’s remove their chips. After all they are criminals. Do they really care about breaking the law, by removing the chip? How can you find the criminal that remove’s his or her chip once it is removed? Street scanners of every person walking down the street? Grace said the criminals will have fake chips that do not set of the scanners. Works for me. I cannot wait for the brave new world to commence. I told Grace i hoped my chip was chocolate. Grace looked at me with that smile that says, what a retard you are, and laughed. Lady has a sense of humor. If you know me, you have no problem believeing i said it, it’s a classic fred remark.

Grace said there are really only a few families who rule the world by controlling almost all the cash, and even fewer in total control who have a rock solid position because they control the “hard assets” which are the foundation of those few elites who have billions in cash. Grace said cash is in all reality fiat currency. Not much better than monopoly money. The real control rests with the hard assets. Think what happens when inflation comes or cash is outlawed in the new cashless society. What good will cash be? If you are a drug dealer, with boxes of cash, you are in for a rude awakening in a few years.

I asked Grace if there was a way to stop what was happening. Grace said it is Deus Vult. If COG’s have the Free Will to stop this one world government push, they will defeat the elitists. If COG’s buy into the promises of a chicken in every pot and a roof over your head, guaranteed by the government, they will not be able to defeat the elitists.

Grace said the elitists control the world. They decide who gets elected. They decide when COG’s go to war. They control all food shortages, stock market crashes, and currencies. The best part is the elite one percenters (1%) always stay in the deep background. They never show up up on any radar screen, and they never will. The average COG will never know who the one percenters (1%) are.

Grace started chuckling and said that COG’s in the united states actually believe there is a difference between the republican party politicians and the democratic party politicians. Grace is amazed that people believe that any political party would go against the status quo. Grace pointed out that even the occasional rogue politician who actually believes in personal freedom’s is not going to push the envelope, as he or she is well aware of what happened to John F. Kennedy.

Grace told me that John F. Kennedy had been a strong voice for abolition of the federal reserve. Kennedy in an effort to control the national debt had ordered the u.s. treasury to begin printing debt free united states notes. The united states constitution allows the printing of such currency. There is no constitutional provision for a central bank, like the federal reserve, and kennedy wanted to abolish the federal reserve, which was created by congressional  slight of hand in 1913.

Grace told me that while kennedy was working hard to abolish the federal reserve he was tricked into the bay of pigs invasion by c.i.a. director allen dulles. After the bay of pigs disaster kennedy told dulles that he (kennedy) would abolish the c.i.a. Kennedy then fired dulles, and three of dulles’s henchman at the c.i.a. A short time latter kennedy was scheduled to go to Dallas.

On november 12, 1963, just ten days before the fatal dallas trip, kennedy said these words in a speech he gave at columbia university in new york city. ” The high office of the president of the united states has been used to foment a plot against the american people, before i leave office, i must inform the citizen of his plight”.

Grace said that unknown to kennedy, one of the dulles henchman kennedy had fired at the c.i.a., was a man named general, charles p. cabell. Cabell’s brother was earle cabell, and he just happened to be the mayor of dallas, texas. The morning of the kennedy trip to dallas, mayor cabell, after conferring with the dallas police and secret service, ordered a change in the route of the motorcade carrying the president for safety reaons.

The motorcade was re-scheduled to pass by the texas school book depository building, where it would make a very slow 100 degree turn into dealy plaza. This slow turn in the open top motorcade, made john f. kennedy a sitting duck. Three shots later john f. kennedy was dead.

Grace said that to add insult to injury, lyndon johnson then appointed allen dulles to the warren commission to find out who killed john f. kennedy. Grace told me all allen dulles had to do was call earle cabell to get the answer to that question. Grace asked me if i had seen the zapruder film of the shooting. I said i had. Grace wanted to know what i thought about it. I told her it was inconclusive as far as i could tell, but the magic bullet theory in my opinion was pure bologna. Grace then made an amazing offer. Grace asked me if i could like to go watch the murder of kennedy in person. I said yes.

In the blink of an eye we traveled to dealy plaza, it was november 22, 1963. We were standing on a bridge that acted as an overpass. Below us was the street and off in the background we could see the motorcade making the turn into the plaza. Kennedy and jackie were waving. Governor connelly and his wife were sitting in front of the kennedy’s and were also waving at the crowds.

Suddenly to my left at the end of the overpass a man in uniform popped up and took aim with a rifle, i saw two shots, then Grace slowed everything down to a crawl and i saw something that made my heart skip beats. As the limousine carrying kennedy came closer to the bridge the car slowed down, and appeared to stop. The driver of kennedy’s limousine, a secret service agent named william greer, hit the breaks. This was odd, as i know secret service agents are trained to step on the gas and get POTUS (the president of the united states) out of harms way, they are “NOT” trained to hit the brakes as greer did. Holding a pistol in his left hand, aiming over his right shoulder, greer shot kennedy from the front, then he hit the gas and sped away. In the blink of an eye we were back in the nassau county jail. Grace smiled in a rueful manner and said to me, lyndon johnson cancelled all of kennedy’s plans to print new currency as soon as he got back to washington, dc. Then Grace took her leave. And the beat goes on!

Remember: It makes no sense to die on a small cross.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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