Tuesday, December 13, 2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, – Relater.
God is a Woman Chronicles.

Grace came on April 2, 2009, to the Nassau County Jail. The topic was islam and allah. Grace had an opportunity to watch various inmates at the jail praying to allah. Grace told me that she was amazed that all of these inmates were of the opinion that ‘allah’ was a “male” term for God.

Grace told me that allah is actually a female, clearly identified in the qur’an as Miriam. The qur’an erroneously identifies Miriam as “Mary – the Mother of God” when in fact Miriam is “God – the Mother of All”. Grace told me that the main issue when it comes to understanding the Qur’an, allah and muhammad is the fact that few people are able to interpret the ancient writing of the qur’an, in it’s original arabic text.

Take for instance islam the word. The word islam means peace. That’s all it means. If you read the revisionist, muslim brotherhood propaganda, being forced on the world today, you will see that the word islam is said to mean, ‘peace – submission and obedience’. There is no truth to the claim that the word islam has anything to do with ‘submission and obedience’.

A factual interpretation of the qur’an shows that the word ‘imam’ which means ‘faith’, is directed at the believing of God’s Will, Deus Vult. Grace went so far as to instruct her relater, muhammad, to include the prime directive of Deus Vult as the name for every teacher of the islamic tradition.

The divine oneness of God [Grace] is known as tawheed (one with allah – [Grace]) stated as ‘la ilaha illallah’, meaning, ‘there is no God except for Grace’ –  [allah].

The islamic faith appears chauvinistic in doctrine, when in fact it is a faith based in female leadership, and founded in female martyrs. The following Women of strength and power are identified in the qur’an and islamic doctrine as having led muhammad. Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid; Sumayya Bint Khayyat; Aisha, (the woman muhammad himself claims he ‘loved’ the most) and Khadijah, muhammad’s wife (his earthly wife – as opposed to Aisha, the woman ‘of heaven – Grace’, muhammad ‘loved’ the most).

Muhammad’s family itself was based upon the Deus Vult rule of eights and was female dominant. Muhammad’s family consisted of his wife, Khadijah, his four daughters, Fatima, Zainab, Ruqiyya and Umm Kul Thum, and three sons. Muhammad’s family of eight was based upon pure Deus Vult doctrine and the prime directives of Grace.

Grace told me the qur’an clearly tells the truth of the female dominated, islamic beginnings, as the 25 ‘men’ identified as prophet’s in fact were females clearly identified as wearing ‘perfume’.  Muhammad was actually a lesser merchant from of low class, who was never allowed to lay eyes upon Grace, (allah).

It is for this reason that muhammad dictated, that two female prophets, Nuh’s and Lut be described in islamic doctrine as having been sent to hell. Muhammad decreed from that point on the women suffer the indignity of being lesser beings under islamic doctrine, so that muhammad would not appear to reveal the fact that all islamic males were subservient to females. Grace stated that the foundational islamic verses of the qur’an, in the original arabic, prove islam is ruled by females and guided by the doctrine of Deus Vult – Free Will, as set forth by Grace.

Grace stated that a pure reading of the Qur’an, in it’s original arabic, shows that ‘heaven’ is described as “Bliss”, the foundational doctrine of Free Will – Deus Vult.

As all readers are aware, at this time i am writing these abridged Chronicles from federal prison. I do not have access to arabic characters on this keyboard, and i am unable to cut and past original arabic text. When i am released i will greatly expand this Chronicle to include all of the various documents Grace pointed out.

Remember: There is no sense dying on a small cross.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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