Monday, December 5, 2011.
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, – Relater.
God is a Woman Chronicles.

Grace came on April 1, 2009. Grace asked, do you know what today is? April 1st, i replied. What doe that mean to you she asked? April fools day, i said? Grace gave me a shake of the head and her signature, why do i waste my time with this moron smile, and said, no, not april fools day, it is our 50TH meeting.

Grace told me to create a blueprint to help COG’s find their Bliss. Grace said the Bliss instructions were to be as simple and complete as possible, With source citations included from notable COG’s Grace has influenced in the past.

Grace stated that the visualization, affirmation and intention teachings of repetitive statements where COG’s tell themselves to think positively are not enough. Positive thinking will change your conscious mind set for a few minutes as you read about it. Positive thinking “will not” change your non-conscious programming which controls your behavior.

Grace is the cheerleader for open source education. Grace feels that outcome based education is destroying the minds of billions of COG’s worldwide. Outcome based education has resulted in mass ignorance, and billions of children being rewarded for trying, instead of achieving. The world is no longer a group of nations, COG’s are now caught up in the corporate idea of a global society. COG’s in the new global society are forced into political correctness, and are afraid to voice their own opinions. COG’s are emotionally shaped by the corporate media, instead of being informed by the media. In a world where every kid gets a trophy, win, lose or draw the result is billions of disillusioned COG’s. COG’s who upon entering the work force, wonder why there is no free trophy. These politically correct COG’s have no idea how to compete, and in fact cannot compete. These ignorant COG’s expect everything for free. Instead of earning their way the ignorant COG’s expect free housing, food and transportation. What do they get? Projects, food stamps and free bus cards. Welcome to the new world of outcome based losers.

COG’s, are initially programmed like a low cost computer, loaded with poor programming. Grace pointed out that in the 13TH CHRONICLE – THE INFINITE AND THE RULE OF EIGHTS, she has detailed for your edification the eight stages of life. [1] birth, [2] childhood, [3] teenage, [4] young adult, [5] adulthood, [6] maturity, [7] seniority, and [8] transit. Grace stated that the first two stages, [birth and childhood] set the life pattern of the COG, which can only be altered by working on overcoming the faulty initial programming.

In childhood any situation that caused fear, such as the shock of birth, pain, impact, threat to consciousness, loss of a mother, father or sibling, situations that cause psychological pain such as doctors, dentists, school, needles, shots, vaccines, dark colors, sexual abuse, spankings, emotional abuse or any of the myriad issues a child may be subjected to. These events are imprinted on the non-conscious of the child, for life and must be addressed before the COG is able to find Bliss.

Grace talked about the fact that each and every COG is introduced to earth by the shocking experience of birth. Some COG’s come onto earth in a gentle fashion [water birth] while others are dragged in kicking and screaming. Imagine that you are in a room, floating in a warm pool, soft quiet sounds, darkness and comfort. You feel safe and secure. Then suddenly, you are tossed around, someone is pushing on you, you are under great pressure, you are forced into a tight constricted tunnel, you feel like your being crushed, you have problems breathing, some large steel clamp is trying to grab you and seize you, your being dragged against your will, and suddenly you are thrust into a huge cold room, bright glaring lights, strange beings handling you, smothering you with cloth, and passing you from hand to hand. It’s called birth. Welcome to earth.

From the moment you arrive life is shockingly tough.  All of the issues a child encounters are recorded in the non-conscious as events which effect life. Like a cheap computer, a child’s hard drive (non-conscious) records all these event effects and the child, being uneducated, has no idea how to process the fact that most of these events are actually meaningless. By the time the child grows to stage [4], young adulthood and is able to start processing the fact that most of the event effects are meaningless, its far to late to overcome the trauma of the first 18 years.

The only way to find Bliss is to shift out of the old programming and start living your life. [See: 20TH CHRONICLE – SHIFTING AND PARADIGMS] COG’s must shift out of being effected by previous life experiences which are currently creating the COG’s false reality, and give birth to themselves through Bliss. Bliss is the process wherein the COG becomes aware of reality and puts aside the past. Like they say in brooklyn, fugeddaboudit. [if your a non-new yorker this is a famous brooklyn slang saying, meaning forget-about-it]. The Bliss blueprint teaches you a shifting process that is simple.

The worlds greatest Bliss Master is muhammad ali. Seven weeks before muhammad ali, met heavy weight champion george foreman, for their rumble in the jungle, in 1974 in kinshasa, ali started a mental fight with foreman. Ali did not just visualize the he won the fight. Ali did not stop at the mental image of seeing himself with his arm raised in the air, while someone handed him the belt.

Ali knew that visualization was a process wherein a COG see’s what the end result will be, what the COG desires it to be. Ali knew there was a second step to finding his Bliss that most people are not aware of called mental rehearsal. Mental rehearsal is not simply “seeing” the desired result. Mental rehearsal is “feeling” the desired result by rehearsing the methods the COG will employ to achieve the result. Mental rehearsal never fails.

Ali was a master of mental rehearsal. He developed a set of mental skills that altered his performance, as if he was taking mental steroids. Ali used every self-motivation technique available. Affirmation, visualization, mental rehearsal, self-confirmation, and personal power epigrams, one of which became a household saying, “I am the greatest”. Ali was so bold as to make his intentions public using rhyming poems so innocuous as to appear funny, while actually masking the fact they were highly specific statements of intention in disguise.

Example: Archie moore, is sure, to hug the floor, by the end of four. Now clay swings with a right, what a beautiful swing, and the punch knocks the bear, right out of the ring. Ali repeated these rhymes in public like a mantra, until he accepted them as fact. Keep in mind, when ali met forman in kinshasa, forman was seven years younger than ali, and had just finished nearly killing ken norton, after two rounds, where foreman hit norton in the head five times.

When confronted with the facts of the foreman-norton fight ali laughed and said, “foreman got a hard push-punch but he can’t hit. Foreman just pushes people down. You think that bothers me. This is gonna be the greatest fight upset in history”.

Ali made masterful use of intention and mental preparation in the joe frazier fight. Prior to the fight ali carried in his top pocket, a rubber gorilla voodoo doll he called ken. Ali would take the doll out of his pocket and swing at it and laugh. Ali said the famous line each time he hit the doll, “its gonna be a thrilla, and a chilla, and a killa, when i get the gorilla, in manilla”. Ali reduced frazier in fraziers own mind to being something less than human. The ali-frazier fight was the most brutal and stunning display of boxing of all time. That’s what mental rehearsal brings you, the ability to win.

Ali said he mentally rehearsed the feeling of deep fatigue in the twelfth round, the impact of the blows, the sweat in his eyes, the soreness in his legs, the pain of the punches to his body and head, the flash of the photographers camera’s, the screams of the crowd, and the final moment when the referee lifted his arm to declare ali the winner over frazier. In essence ali fought the fight over and over hundreds of times in his mind, so that when he stepped into the ring, he knew he would win.

Visualization is seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes. It’s like watching a mental video. Visualization is positive thinking. Mental rehearsal is totally different. Mental rehearsal involves living the event in your mind. Feeling the blows. Breaking down the event into tiny components. How to stay in control. How to deal with pulled muscles. How to block out any image of doubt. You must use vivid, highly detailed, internal images of what you are going to do. You must run through the performance over and over again. You must even rehearse your feelings and how you will express them when you are declared the winner. Mental rehearsal is not just seeing it, it is also hearing it, feeling it, smelling it, tasting it, and living it.

Grace said that recently a COG scientist has proven the fact that mental rehearsal works. Research into brain responses done by electromyography (EMG) have proven that people who mentally rehearse activities light up the same areas of the brain, that are lit when the person is actually doing the activity. Grace said the research is found in “Imagery rehearsal applications to performance enhancement, an article by r. suinn, published in The Behavior Therapist in 1985].

Grace said research done in the area of electroencephalography (EEG) shows that  electrical activity in the brain is the same no matter if we are thinking of doing something or actually doing it. It is proven that rehearsing the activity mentally actually programs the brain. Just the thought is enough to produce the neural instructions to carry out the physical act. Grace said the research may be found in “influence on the sporting result of the concentration of attention process and time taken in the case of weight lifter, by l. baroga, in the proceedings of the 3rd world congress of the international society of sports psychology, vol 3, 1973”.

[Please note: I am in prison as you are already aware. I have not had an opportunity to find or read these publications. If you wish to validate what Grace says, feel free to google the citations.]

Essentially what these researchers are proving is the fact that there is very little difference between mental and physical practice. In fact with physical practice you become fatigued if you practice too much. With mental practice there is no fatigue. Think about it. You lay down neuro patterns that cannot be erased. Essentially you tape over all your early hurt and bad memories with new memories of being a winner.

Bio-feedback research has proven that the brain cannot distinguish between a thought and an action. If you send your body a mental intention to do something, it listens to you and carries out the instruction. Grace said this research is found in “learning of visceral and glandular responses”, by n. miller, in science magazine, 1969, volume 163, page 434″.

Grace said that  extreme instances of intention and expectation can also be manifested physically. The stigmata phenomenon bleeding and wounds which mirror the wounds of christ on the cross are a form of intention. Grace said this research can be found in “a  case of stigmata” by l. early, archives of general psychiatry, 1974, volume 30, pages  197-200″.

Grace ended the session by saying that COG’s should think of a magnifying glass. Hold it in direct contact with a ray of sunlight and it will set any substance on fire. That simple act is a focus of energy we all understand. Imagine if you focus your mental energy on the desires and goals you wish to achieve.

In future Chronicles, i will detail the science of mental rehearsal in much more detail. I suggest you read each and every Chronicle from the 1ST Chronicle forward, in order to understand my writing style, and the message Grace is imparting in these Chronicles.

The only thing stopping you for achieving all that you desire, is YOU!

Free Will – Deus Vult.

Remember: There is no sense, dying on a small cross.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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