Sunday, December 4, 2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, – Relater
God is a Woman Chronicles.

Grace came again on march 28, 2011. Grace asked me how does a person cope with sitting in a tiny jail cell day after day, week after week, year after year. My answer was to described what i had read in a book written by victor frankl. The book was called man’s search for meaning. Frankl was a jewish psychiatrist, who had been brutalized in nazi concentration camps. Based upon frankl’s experiences he created a treatment process called logo therapy. Logo therapy is an existentialist type of treatment wherein the patient does not relive the past, and instead uses a future based focus. Logo therapy is the essence of Deus Vult, Free Will.

Essentially what frankl would do is project himself into the future. He would take away the pain of the concentration camp by focusing on the future. He would visualize himself standing in a lecture hall, addressing his students and telling them about the horrors of the nazi’s. Frankl was able to survive by limiting the nazi’s to holding only his body in prison, while refusing to let the nazi’s confine his spirit.

In writing his book, man’s search for meaning, frankl declared that the four walls of the concentration camp were a new way to experience freedom. Spiritual freedom. Frankl wrote an extraordinary testament to Free Will, Deus Vult, a unique spiritual autobiography of a man forced into confinement, who refused to allow the nazi’s to immerse his soul into the nazi torture machine. The Nazi’s like the U.S. state and federal prison systems practice the same type of psychological torture. The way to beat the system is to refuse to fall for the trap. One who refuses to allow the capture of ones spirit, is not totally confined, they are detained in body only.

Grace asked, how does one follow frankl’s theory. I told her i did it in many ways. An example would be that i go back to the past and mentally relive the joy of places i have visited. I described my two favorite places on earth. The south of france and tibet. Grace asked me to describe what a spiritual memory trip to france was like.

I started by telling Grace that once i went to england on a government assignment wherein we were following a diamond transfer of illegal assets at the diamond exchange in london. After my partner and i completed the investigation, my partner went to australia and i decided to go to france. I left england and landed at  calais. After landing at calais, i made my way to paris. In paris i had the pleasure of visiting montparnesse, rue des saints peres, and gare de’orleans, as well as enjoying the trees, the art, the eiffel tower, the churches, the food and the people.

I then decided to head south on a train adventure. I visited midi, loire and raced over the long bridge at orleans. I saw chateaudun and limoges and all the tunnels that made you think you were on your way to hell. I told Grace about the towns that would suddenly appear on the sides of hills looking like they were suspended in mid-air. I visited the old provinces of quercy and rouergue, and drank from fountains that were built in the middle ages.

I stayed in brive-la-gaillarde, and visited montauban. I told Grace that when i switched trains at montauban, it was like stepping from the modern era into the ancient past. Even the train seemed like some antique come to life out of thomas the tank engine. The train and it’s rickety old cars entered the aveyron valley near rouergue. The train rode along shear cliffs that gave one great pause thinking about what would happen if the train derailed.  At penne i saw an old castle sitting way up on a hill. I saw people leading cattle down the street and dirt roads and other people with carts pulled by oxen. The valley from penne became very narrow and it seemed as if we were in a tunnel. When the valley finally widened we came to the town of cazals, which seemed to be hung at the foot of a hill, on the bank of the river.

I visited st. antonin. This town is of great historical import as it steeped in history from the roman days. The town is named after the martyred saint antoninus. The saint had brought christianity to the roman colonies in this valley, prior to being martyred in a little town, just up the road, called prades.

Grace asked me to tell her about rocamadour. I wondered how she knew i had been there. Then again, as we all know, Grace knows everything. I told Grace that rocamadour is a venerated place as it contains the cave-chapel on a cliff, where an image of the Mother of God is found. The cave of our Lady is located right next to a monastery.

She asked me to tell her about the two old lady from new zealand. I looked at her in amazement and she just gave me her signature smile. While at rocamadour i had met an older woman from new zealand, who told me she was a retired school teacher. The lady had told me she was 89 years old. The lady was one of the most gentle souls i had ever encountered in my life.

The lady told me how much she loved Our Lady and the shrine. She told me how she revered Our Lady, [which was obvious to me by the look on her face and the love in her eyes] and of Our Lady’s immense power, goodness and mercy. The lady told me to never forget the power of the “Mother God”. [she omitted the word ‘of’]  The lady told me never to be blinded by the foolishness of this world. When the lady had left i could not help but wonder why she had said the ‘Mother God’, instead of the Mother of God. Suddenly, it was beginning to make sense to me after so many years.

Grace gave me her signature ‘ your a retard smile ‘ and said, that was the first time you and i ever spoke to one another frederick. Needless to say i was stunned. Grace went on to tell me that she had been following and communicating with me, in many ways, for many years. Grace stated that over the millennia she had constantly watched over all her COG’s while at the same time looking for those who may be spiritually inclined to face criticism, as one of Grace’s relaters. Grace stated that she noticed, that since the age of twenty (20) i had been looking for answers, and in doing so was following my Free Will, and engaging in the prime directive regarding the meaning of life, which is to give birth to yourself. Grace stated that was the reason I had such a deep interest in religion.

Grace told me she had been watching me from the age of 5 and described in great detail the torture of my childhood. Grace told me she had watched the years of torture and abuse that i had suffered. Grace described in detail my attendance at canisius college in buffalo, new york, and the fact that i had taken courses in, as well as audited, many religion courses.
Grace told me she watched me audit classes at the university of buffalo, law school. Grace described my trips to the holy see [the vatican and st. peter’s] in rome, and the many weeks i spent taking my own guided tours, dressed as a monsignor, [Grace shook her head and smiled as she described my monsignor activities, and told me that i never ceased to stop amazing her]. Grace told me about my trips to mazatlan and peru in search of answers, and how she enjoyed the expressions of my Free Will – Deus Vult, as i sought to put the pieces together in my quest for self birth. Grace stated that my quest for the answer was the reason for my deep love of france and tibet.

Grace told me that the human body is directly connected to the infinite (universe) by the infinite’s energy source. Grace discussed a COG’s named bruce lipton, who left his medical career and suffered great recrimination for espousing his belief of the infinite many years before. Grace stated that lipton had written that “your perceptions have the power to change your genetic makeup… your beliefs can and do control your biology”.

Grace spoke about another of her favorite relater COG’s, jean-paul sartre.  Sartre in his one act play, entitled no exit, stated that “a man is what he wills himself to be”. Grace spoke about another of her favorite relater COG’s named ralph waldo emerson, who said, “man is a stream whose source is hidden. Our being is descending into us from we know not wence”. Grace spoke at great length about one of her relater COG’s named benedict de spinoza, whom Grace stated had best defined Free Will – Deus Vult, when he said, “the human mind is part of the ‘infinite’…intellect of God”. [Emphasis on the word ‘infinite’ is Grace’s.]

Grace went on to say that what everyone desires is already here on earth. They have yet to connect to it. No one can take your desires away from you once you align your thoughts via Free Will – Deus Vult to the thoughts of God [Grace]. To connect to God [Grace] all you need to do is recite one affirmation everyday.

“I am more powerful today, as i give birth to myself, than all of the old programs and limiting thoughts from my past”.

Grace said that the first step to rebirth and maturity lies in the willingness of the individual COG to let go of everything and give yourself over to Deus Vult. To get to this level of maturity you must be willing to give up and release all of the false images that have been forced into you since you were a child. The past is nothing more than an excuse to limit yourself. Get over it and move forward by Deus Vult.

There is no failure, the are only errors, which you can correct and move forward from. Passion in all you do results in Bliss. Grace urged me, to urge you to consider that thoughts are things. Passionate thinking leads to success.

Grace then spoke of what she called the three, three’s, [ ‘3/3s’] or simply- stated as the 3’s. The  3’s consist of eight habit shifts [See: 20th Chronicle on Shifting & Paradigms] all COG’s must undertake. (The rule of 8’s) These shifts are [1] Awareness; [2] Alignment; [3] Aggressive Action, [4] Self Worth, [5] Smart’s, [6] Savvy, [7] Accomplishment and [8] Achievement.

The first set of shifts is inclusion of the three daily “Prime Positive” affirmations which you say to yourself: [1] I am aware of the power of my mind to achieve anything i desire. [2] I am aware that once i align myself with Grace, through Deus Vult i will succeed. [3] I will be passionate about everything and everyone now in my life or which enters my life in the future.

The second set of shifts is elimination of the three “prime Negatives” you currently suffer from. [1] I will erase all images from my past that imply i will never amount to anything; [2] that i am worthless or [3] that imply i am not smart enough to be a success.

The third set of shifts consists of the three “Prime Directive Affirmations”. [1] I can accomplish anything i choose. [2] I will work hard to attain my goals. [3] I will increase my knowledge daily by open source education. Open source education is anything you come across. Newspapers, books, radio and television shows, movies, the world wide web, anything that allows you to learn facts that you did not know, prior to encountering the open source.

This simple program of eight steps will lead you to exercising your own Free Will, Deus Vult, in a manner that will guarantee you happiness and success. The only thing stopping any COG from being what the COG seeks to be, is yourself.

Grace says to all COG’s the way to achieve is Free Will – Deus Vult.

Remember: “There is no sense in dying on a small cross”.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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