Friday, December  2, 2011.
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, – Relater.
God is a Woman Chronicles.


Grace arrived late in the evening of march 25, 2009. Without any preamble whatsoever Grace launched into her topic of interest, Naomi Goldstein. I respectfully request the reader take note that this Chronicle is unique as it is broken into two parts, which i call a “Continuing Chronicle”. The first part of the Chronicle is the original meeting and conversation i had with Grace, wherein Grace sets out what is on her mind. The second part of this Chronicle is a condensed compilation of various recent  meetings with Grace on the subjects continuation.

The recent events took place over a period encompassing the last 12 months and directly relate to what grace and i discussed during the original meeting. The second part of this Chronicle is a collection of various conversations between Grace and I, [and in some cases third parties and other information sources, which support our conclusions] which occurred between the original Chronicle date [which appears above in the first paragraph] and the date appearing at the top of this Chronicle which represents the date this Chronicle was transcribed.

When a Continuing  Chronicle is posted i will alert you to this fact. Continuing Chronicles are designed to save you time in re-reading material or hunting for updates on subjects of interest to you.


Grace said that she was shocked to see that naomi goldstein was a major player in the governments conspiracy to cover-up the government run rainmaker intelligence operation. Grace said that she understood the governments motive. Obviously the u.s. government did not wish to tell the citizens of the united states, that george bush, colin powell, condoleezza rice, the jttf (with the aid of the cia and department of state) and other republican puppeteers were operating an intelligence operation, to reap huge oil profits, wherein the united states of america is managing a terrorist organization called M.E.K. [See: 48TH CHRONICLE FOR M.E.K. DETAILS].

Grace said that she was shocked that a woman who was employed as an “ethics” investigator for the new york state supreme Court, would be the person utilized to lie for the united states, under oath, on the record, in open court. Naomi goldstein is a senior ethics investigator for the first department, interdepartmental disciplinary committee, of the supreme court of the state of new york, in new york city. Naomi is charged with the task of leading investigations which result in the disbarring of lawyers who lie, cheat and steal.  Naomi goldstein’s investigatory efforts are selective as reported infra. Apparently, like congressman who are immune from insider trading, naomi is immune when she herself lies, cheats, steals or rigs the game for the benefit of her former colleagues or on orders from federal authorities.

Grace was extremely dismayed that naomi goldstein, a jew, would support terrorism. Grace started by asking me if i thought that naomi goldstein knew what m.e.k. and it  various terrorism units were all about. [See: 48TH CHRONICLE – GRACE ON USA CONTROLLED TERRORISTS for full description of M.E.K.] I told Grace that i was sure she knew as she was a trained investigator with decades of experience, and had been briefed by the feds in the operation rainmaker case.

I told Grace that daniel furman had explained to me before he was murdered why naomi goldstein was working with the feds. Daniel told me about a lunch meeting between naomi, himself (daniel) and two jttf agents. The meeting was held at a restaurant called the tomato on 21st  street and sixth avenue in new york city. Daniel told me that he and the two agents had informed naomi that he was in charge of the rainmaker intelligence gathering operation and that the two men with him at the luncheon were with the jttf. The meeting was about problems naomi had with a Freedom Forum [operation rainmaker cover law firm] female attorney named sara goldman,[a drunk, drug addict and mental patient] as well as myself (fred celani) acting under the alias sid levine.

According to daniel furman, naomi goldstein told her luncheon pals that she was going to shut down the freedom forum, disbar sara goldman and have me arrested for practicing law without a license. The federal agents told naomi that  they would not allow her to do that in the interest of national security. Daniel told me the feds told naomi they knew about favors she had done for the feds and the new york city police in the past.

Daniel smiled and told me that the feds had also gently told naomi that they knew she had accepted money from various high powered lawyers to look the other way in various investigations. The feds told naomi that they would appreciate her playing ball regarding the freedom forum.  According to daniel furman the meeting ended with all the luncheon pals agreeing that daniel furman would assume management of the day to day operations of the freedom forum law firm, and further that sara goldman would be suspended from practicing law, to allow sara to dry out and detoxify from her cocaine and alcohol addiction and that sid levine would be left alone, to continue as the firms founding member.

Grace told me that she was aware that naomi had come to the freedom forum offices and confront me, a few days later, at a place called sunshine suites. Grace said she knew i had access to security tapes of the meeting. I told Grace the tapes showed naomi goldstein entering the freedom forum offices, and introducing herself to sid levine (that’s me the relater, in my lawyer alias). Naomi then asked if there was somewhere she and i could speak privately. I told her yes and we went down a two floors to another bullpen suite the freedom forum had in the building. There naomi laid it all out for me that she was going to let the freedom forum run at the request of the feds, and that i was to continue in my role with the firm, and that daniel furman would run the firm as chief licensed counsel. I told her that worked for me.

At this point Grace appearing to be satisfied and the conversation ended. The following are recent events closely related to this Chronicle.


Over a period of the last 12 months, december 2010 to december 2011, the following new events have taken place.

In december of 2010, alireza dilmaghani (See: 46th Chronicle for details) was finally suspended from the practice of law. Anyone may read the proceeding by looking up in re: alireza dilmaghani on the new york state court website or on google. Please note that naomi goldstein made sure that none of the dozens of reasons utilized to suspend dilmaghani are in any way connected to the rainmaker intelligence operation. In fact naomi goldstein lied under oath in the n.y.s. supreme court and stated that my assertions, regarding the fact that dilmaghani had been found culpable for millions of dollars in fraud in the operation rainmaker, california civil case, were false. All you have to do is look up s.e.c. v. rainmaker on pacer for the u.s. district court los angeles and you will see the judgment entered against alireza dilmaghani.

Naomi goldstein claims in her briefs in the alireza dilmaghani case that she thinks i am essentially irrational and implies she never met me and knows nothing about me. How she will get past the video of her meeting with me on 21st street remains to be seen. That should be a real shocker for her. How she will get past all her lies to the n.y.s. supreme court will be an equally amazing show to watch.

The following is a paraphrased excerpt of testimony from a federal case in 2009.  Jonathan lovett, an attorney for christine anderson in his opening statement said: “the case you are about to hear is very straightforward. It involves corruption. It involves whitewashing”.

The key figure in the case was naomi goldstein. It was shown that naomi goldstein was guilty of conspiring with u.s. attorneys, district attorneys, assistant district attorneys, favored law firms and lawyers who had previously practiced with naomi at the first department, of cleaning up cases against bad attorneys that naomi favored. Naomi goldstein was identified as a cleaner, [cover-up person] involved in at least nine (9) cases before the disciplinary committee. If you wish to read the whole story simply google, naomi goldstien/christine anderson.

Naomi goldstein will end her career based upon all of her lies in the operation rainmaker case, that i am sure of.

It will then be naomi goldstein’s turn to hear the words, “you are disbarred”.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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