Tuesday, November 22, 2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, – Relater
God is a Woman Chronicles.

The last time Grace had come to see me was march 17, 2011. At the time i was in the old building at the nassau county jail. Today is march 24, 2011, and i am now in the newer building of the nassau county jail complex. The time was shortly after 10:00 p.m., and the jail guards had just finished their count, when Grace visited. I was on the second tier of the cell block, standing at the door looking out. The cell block is shaped like a horseshoe, or perhaps the letter ‘v’. If you stand at the door you can see about half the cell block. Nassau county jail houses almost all of the newer building prisoners in single cells, for the most part. There are no bars on the doors. The doors are two inch think steel, with thick bullet proof glass panels in the door. As i stood looking out i noticed Grace standing on the lower tier looking into a cell. I wandered what she was looking at.

Grace turned and looked at me, and then walked up the stairs and right through the closed cell door. She sat on the bunk and smiled her signature smile, while shaking her head in a rueful manner. Grace asked me why the man in the cell downstairs was being left like that? I said what do you mean? Grace said, he is throwing up all over himself, defecating on himself, urinating on himself and having trouble breathing. I told her he was a detox prisoner, and that he was being dried out. I explained the man was a very seriously ill alcoholic, who had been arrested for drunk driving. I told her the guards said it was his fifth time at the jail.

Grace continued to shake her head. Grace said it was cruel to leave a COG in that condition. It was my turn to smile, as i told Grace that was par for the course at the nassau county jail. I told Grace that nassau county jail had a reputation for poor medical care, and if you tried to complain you were beaten senseless. The jail had been the subject of a federal investigation and injunction because an inmate had been beaten to death by the guards.

The solution was that the guards now instructed gang banger prisoners to beat people, and the guards would look the other way. Then the gang bang thugs would get special privileges, such as cigarettes, pizza and sandwiches from the outside as a reward for doing the guards dirty work. Grace, who i assumed already knew the answer, appeared not to be amazed.

Grace the asked me, what do you know about alireza dilmaghani? I told her that he had been brought in to work at the law firm i ran by a man named daniel furman. I told Grace that to the best of my knowledge dilmaghani had been born in iran, then as a young boy moved to canada, with his father and mother. I said that according to what i was told by  dilmaghani, his father was a high ranking member of the government of the shah of iran, involved in a tobacco, ministry, and that his father was a spy for something called savak.

I told Grace that while dilmaghani ran the day to day operations he took all his orders from his father and feared his father would kill him, as his father objected to dilmaghani’s molesting children. (Note: The meeting i am relating herein took place in march of 2009 between Grace and myself, but as i relate this chronicle it is november 2011. Currently jerry sandusky of penn state had been outed as a long standing perv, think of dilmaghani as the fbi’s jerry sandusky)

Grace told me that she knew i hated dilmaghani, for what he had done to little boys and girls. Grace then took me for a trip into the past. We went back to a meeting i had attended at a restaurant called the tomato on sixth avenue and 21st street. At the meeting as daniel furman and a man daniel had identified as ‘jim’ who worked for the joint terrorism task force, (jttf). The meeting was a discussion about dilmaghani.

I was telling daniel and jim that dilmaghani had hired a man named greg delorenzo, who was a porn film producer, to run his ‘i.t.’ (information technology) unit. They laughed. I told them it was not funny. DeLorenzo was making kidde porn films, and supplying young boys to dilmaghani. I told them that i did not want to work with a known child molester. “Jim” said i had no choice. Jim said i would do as i was told or the next person in the porn film would be my daughter. Jim said he and “his people” were well aware of dilmaghani’s sexual issues, but child porn was irrelevant to the fbi as the operation was the primary focus. Jim said it would all work out in time. He did not explain what the meaning of that statement.

Daniel, (furman) was concerned and after the meeting ended, Grace and i watched as daniel confronted dilmaghani and told dilmaghani to stop what he was doing with the little boys. Dilmaghani told daniel to go fuck himself, and said to daniel that his (dilmaghani’s) father was more influential in the jttf/state department/fbi run rainmaker operation than daniel and there was nothing daniel could do about it. What was especially interesting was a statement that dilmaghani made to daniel, wherein dilmaghani said, “you had better be careful you jew piece of shit, as my father will put you to the blade. My family suffer jews by half”. (Note: You figure out what that means, i am only telling you what i heard dilmaghani say).

Grace then fast forwarded the scene to about a week later. The law office front for the jttf/state department/ fbi intelligence operation was located on the second floor of a building on west 21st street, in manhattan. There was a plumbing supply shop on the first floor called ace pump, and the law firm had the whole second floor. There was a very steep staircase that was the only way up to the second floor office. The scene Grace was showing me was dilmaghani and daniel climbing the stairs. Dilmaghani was in the lead, and daniel was about three steps below.

Dilmaghani and daniel were arguing about one of the office workers who had complained to daniel that dilmaghani was not paying her for the use of her little boy. Dilmaghani told daniel it was none of his business. Daniel told dilmaghani that he wanted the perversion to stop. As the two men neared the top of the stairs, dilmaghani suddenly turned and said fuck you, you jew bastard, and pushed daniel down the stairs.

Daniel tumbled about halfway down the steep staircase. The people from the ace pump shop below came running out to see what had happened. Everyone helped daniel to his feet and we took him upstairs into the office to lie down, on the couch. At least a dozen people were witnesses to this event. What no one knew at that moment was that daniel would die, in a few short weeks, based upon the orders of dilmaghani.

Grace revealed that dilmaghani was involved in a series of deviate sexual issues while in college and law school. Dilmaghani had been involved in financial criminal activities in toronto, prior to coming to the united states, to set up his rainmaker scam. Grace told me that dilmaghani’s family had essentially disowned him based upon his perverted life style.

Grace took me to another point in time wherein dilmaghani and i were leaving a restaurant on 23rd street in new york city. There was a well dressed black man on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant and dilmaghani bumped into the man while walking past. Dilmaghani told the man, “N’s”, (plural usage of the N-Word) “if they lived in my country would know their place, in my country you would have your stupid ass beaten or i my father would order that you be put to the blade”. (Keep in mind dilmaghani is about 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around 150 pounds. The black man was at least 6 foot four and 250 pounds of solid muscle).

The man slapped dilmaghani in the face and lifted him off his feet tossing him on the ground. This took place in front of dozens of people on the sidewalk. Dilmaghani started crying. I laughed. (My laughter caused Grace to look at me with her signature “you are such a retard look”)  I know it was not nice to laugh but i could not help myself. Finally, someone had put this racist baby raping asshole in his place.

Grace said to me, you really hated that man. I admitted she was correct. She wanted me to explain my feelings, so i did. I told Grace that i had been running the freedom forum for years and was making ten thousand dollars a week doing nothing but criminal cases and immigration work with russian criminals. It was a great gig, and i ran the whole show. No one figured out i did not have a law license. I kept a very low profile. I never engaged in any stock or securities offerings, all i did was run a small, highly profitable law firm. Then one day daniel furman shows up with his federal pals and my great little gig turns into a federally run, joint agency, intelligence operation.

I further explained that it progressed to  the point that the power struggle between furman and dilmaghani was wearing on me. I hated taking orders from a little child molesting prick like dilmaghani. I stopped and said, i was sorry for swearing. Grace smiled her “your a retard smile” and said, frederick, never forget free will, you cannot say anything i have not heard for millions of years, be yourself, and tell me what you feel.

I stopped at that point and thought to myself why explain it, if you are God and you already know it. After all you know everything. Again, Grace gave her signature “retard” smile and told me that she knows my thoughts, and thoughts only reveal motivation, not emotions. When a COG verbalizes his or her thoughts, in addition to the motivation, the COG’s true emotions come out, and emotions cannot be foretold until the moment they reveal themselves. That was why she asked questions. She knew the motive, she was looking for the emotion behind the motive.

Grace took me to another scene where i was in an old jeep wagoneer riding down the west side highway sitting next to a woman named pamela checo. Pamela was the sister of a woman named loanna checo, a major co-conspirator in the law firms criminal activities, who was a craig’s list prostitute known as “Sasha the Dominican” and supplied young children to dilmaghani for his consumption. Pamela and i were having a conversation about pamela agreeing to marry dilmaghani. Pamela was asking me what was in it for her. I told her that the feds were offering a new ford suv truck, $25,000.00 in cash and immunity for her and her sister loanna. Pamela said she wanted all the goodies plus $50,000.00. We finally agreed on all the goodies, $35,000.00, in cash, the truck and the immunity.

Grace took me to another scene. Loanna checo was in a room at the fieldstone extended care facility on kappock street in the bronx. daniel furman was lying naked on the bed. The ceiling pull curtain was drawn for privacy as loanna had told the floor nurse she was giving daniel a full body massage. What loanna was actually doing was giving daniel oral sex. Blowjobs were loanna’s $300 specialty. After swallowing daniel’s essence, loanna then took out a tube of a jelly like substance and rubbed the jelly on daniel’s catheter. She inserted the catheter into daniel’s penis and left. Once back in her black suv, loanna called dilmaghani and reported that the job was done.

In a matter of 48 hours daniel was in a hospital with a raging septicemia infection that in a couple of days took his life. Dilmaghani has successfully eliminated daniel. The autopsy report claims daniel died of a heart attack. Nice story except, when you read the report the entire report is all about septicemia.

Dilmaghani paid loanna checo a cash bonus of $5000.00 for her role in the murder of daniel furman. Dilmaghani was now in total control of the freedom forum of new york city and the furman law firm. Dilmaghani was the boss. The story includes a strange twist as a woman named Naomi Goldstein has been in the picture all along. Naomi Goldstein is so integral to the story, that all of the 47TH Chronicle is devoted to naomi goldstein.

NOTE: Recent events in december, 2010 which took place after this meeting of Grace and i in march 2009, revealed that the N.Y. Supreme Court decided to suspend dilmaghani from the practice of law for gross lying and what  behaving in a manner that indicated he was mentally ill, including threats to other lawyers about retaliation by his father. This is all contained in Chronicle 47.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.

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