Monday, November 21, 2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, – Relater.
God is a Woman Chronicles.

I was arrested on march 17, 2009. A fbi agent was in the pods store late in the day on march 16, 2009. He pretended he was a customer and asked the store manager where michael farrantino was. This guy was on the store surveillance system and Grace pointed him out to me. Grace told me this was my last day of freedom.

I spent most of the day on march 17, 2009, in the federal court in central islip, new york. Grace came to the courthouse and sat with me in the holding cell. Grace told me there was religious significance to the day. I looked at her and asked, how could my being arrested be a religious event? Grace gave me her signature smile and said, no frederick, it is the day which is of religious significance, not the arrest. I asked why?  Grace said, it’s st. patrick’s day.

Grace stayed with me about twenty minutes, then left saying she would talk to me later. Late in the afternoon i was ordered held in custody and sent to the nassau county jail. I spent a few hours at the jail being strip searched, being examined rectally, forced to take injections and shuffled from one place to another. Finally, the jail guards took my group of prisoners up to a cell block. I have seen a lot of jails in my life and times, and had never seen anything like this place. It looked like something from movies depicting the dungeons of old spain.

The jail has two large complex buildings, each is a self contained prison with medical, religious, law library, food service and visiting facilities. One is very old, one is relatively new. All prisoners start out in the old building, in a holding area called the dungeon. The dungeon is a cell block with about 12 cells on a tier. Each cell has two bunk beds and a toilet. The paint is pealing, rats are running around, and the toilets stink because they are never cleaned. There is no working shower. If you get lucky the bed will have a 2 inch rubber covered mattress. No pillows. Sometimes you get a blanket.

By the time i made it to the dungeon, it was about ten o’clock in the evening. I just sat on the bunk and thought about the day. Time passed and i realized they were conducting the midnight count. They do this by automatically slamming the doors open and shut, in a repetitive fashion. The idea is to wake you up and disturb your sleep pattern. This makes you sleep later and keeps you from fighting and killing one another.

I would imagine that about two hours went by making it around two in the morning when Grace showed up. She stood in the cell looking around, and finally locked eyes with me. Grace said, these places have not changed much since the middle ages, (God’s sense of humor). I smiled.

Grace told me that she had spent the afternoon going over my entire life. Grace began talking about Free Will. Grace asked me if i had every had an opportunity to watch a movie called the devils advocate? I said i had seen it once. Grace asked me if i could recall what al pacino said about Free Will in the movie. I said no i did not. At that point Grace and i left the jail and went somewhere, i am not exactly sure where. There were hundreds of people running around with ladders, lights, cables, clip boards, and big camera’s in various positions. We were on a set that was huge, it looked like some sort of gothic living room. There was a lovely young blonde female, along with al pacino (playing satan) and Keanu Reeves (playing a defense lawyer). A bell rang and someone said quiet.

The blonde walked off the set and pacino moved to the side. Then reeves entered the set alone talking to an unseen pacino, who was off camera. After some dialog pacino suddenly enters the scene. As the dialog continued pacino reached a point wherein reeves suddenly shoots pacino, multiple times. It did no good, pacino laughs at reeves. It is around this time that Grace slowed down all the action, and the entire scene went gray except for pacino who was highlighted in bright light, as pacino said that ‘Free Will-was like a butterfly, once loose it could not be caged’ (paraphrased), thereafter the scene returned to normal lighting and the acting continued, then once again Grace froze the scene in grey and highlighted pacino once again, this time pacino’s character says, ‘vanity-is my favorite sin”, and includes the tag line, ‘you can’t win them all’.

I wondered what Grace was up to. Thus far i had met with Grace 44 times. Grace was never one to draw parables. If Grace has something to say she says it. I waited for the other shoe to drop. Suddenly, we left the movie set and were sitting in an outdoor baseball park. I looked around and did not recognize the area. Grace said, those buildings across the street, are the jail you are in. I have no desire to return you to that atmosphere as it distracts your thought process, so lets sit here for a while and talk. Sitting in a park with Grace versus sitting in the cell across the street worked for me. I sat silently and waited for the other shoe to drop.

Grace gave me her signature smile and shook her head, she said, frederick, no other shoe will drop, stop thinking about footwear. I keep forgetting there is no hiding any thought from Grace. I think at that moment i realized that she and i had reached a point wherein i knew i could trust her, that she was real. I had this feeling that Grace thinks i am like an old hound dog you see at the spca.

You know what i am talking about. He’s the old hound dog that everyone wants to put to sleep, he has fleas, he is missing a leg, his ear has been bit off, he stinks, and needs a bath, but he gives you that goofy smile and his tail is wagging a mile a minute, so you do the unthinkable and adopt him, leaving all the pretty young puppies behind.

I had the epiphany that i was Grace’s old hound dog. I cannot explain it, i just knew instantly that she could have chosen a much better relater than i, certainly i am not the brightest bulb on the tree, and i have enough warts on my old soul to turn anyone off, but for some reason the lady was going to gamble on the old hound dog. So, i waited for Grace to explain the devils advocate to me, i figured it had something to do with a scoundrel who runs law firms without a license. I was wrong.

Grace and i  went back to a meeting in springfield, illinois. The year was 1981. At that meeting were a federal judge, a man named buddy hunter and a man named albert myers. The discussion centered around using airplanes belonging to a company i owned to import heroin and cocaine on behalf of the united states government. The heroin would come from laos, cambodia and thailand, commonly referred to as the golden triangle, and be flown to mena, arkansas. The cocaine would come from various south american countries. Both of these operation were cia controlled with oversight from a congressional committee.

Grace then fast forwarded the scene to meeting at a prison in el reno, oklahoma. In this scene i am in a room with a man named justin simon. Simon wants me to work for the same congressional committee again, with the promise of immediate freedom, if i keep quiet on the mena connection. I agree. In a mater of a few months i am foot loose and fancy free.

Grace fast forwards to los angeles, california and shows me the scene at florence and normandy, where a team i was assigned to was handing out weapons to young blacks to start a riot. A riot that we would the control in the court’s, as it was i would defended the star defendant, who hit reginald denny in the head with a piece of concrete.

Grace then fast forwarded to little rock, arkansas, and showed two deputy attorney generals waiting for me to be brought into the courtroom. The mena connection had brought out the big guns from washington, dc, and everyone was afraid. The deputy attorney general stands up and lies to the judge, ‘ your honor, there is no document form a congressional committee’.

I looked at Grace and asked what’s the point? Grace smiled her signature smile and said, frederick, if you think about what satan said in the movie, you will see he is correct. Free Will, once unleashed, is like a genie, it cannot be put back in the bottle, and vanity is a very serious sin.

You see frederick, the united states has been engaged in mendacity from the inception of this country. This government has lied to the native americans, beaten, robbed, tricked, raped and murdered those peoples and stole their lands. The united states lied to the chinese and worked those immigrants to death building the railroads. The united states lied to, murdered and enslaved the african immigrants and continues to lie to the black COG’s of this country. There is no equality, there is no freedom.

Grace pointed out that in the building across the street, almost all of the faces were black. Grace said  how can 12 percent of the population commit 80 percent of the crime. It is statistically impossible. The united states engages in lies constantly. The world has come to realize that the litmus test for determining if a united states representative is lying, is to check and see if their lips are moving. That is the reason the united states is laughed at.

Grace said the point of the story was that the united states made a mistake when they decided to move against me. Grace explained to me that had it not been for a man named barry minkow, i would not be sitting in jail. The original raid on the law office would not to have taken place.

The jttf in new york did not want operation rainmaker destroyed. The jttf shut down the planned raid. The problem came in the fact that minkow was aware that a man named alireza dilmaghani was a killer, and had killed daniel furman. The jttf thought it had put a lid on minkow, but then dilmaghani transmitted threats to minkow, which were published in the new york post, and minkow told his handlers in los angeles that if they did not stop dilmaghani, that minkow would stop his efforts in controlling vitamin companies in the united states. At the same moment dilmaghani had come under the scrutiny of the authorities in new york city and new jersey for raping a five year old boy. Dilmaghani had bitten the young boys genitals requiring the child seek treatment. The feds had no choice but to move everything to washington, dc, and take the younger dilmaghani out of the picture.

Grace said that was the reasoning for the cessation of the new york city operation. Grace said any reasonable reviewer of fact would put the pieces together easily. The problem was finding a good defense team. Finding a defense team that saw through to roadblocks erected by the jttf and fbi. Grace stated that the dots were there waiting to be connected, and all it would take was an inspired defense team to connect those dots. Grace said that in the future she would direct the right people to me.

Grace talked about the vanity of the government, the prosecution and the fbi. Grace addressed the fact that minkow was the same as me, same criminal history, same type of government run operation,  running a scam wherein the fbi allowed minkow to engage in illegal short sales of stock. Grace spoke at length about the fbi agent in central islip assigned to the case, and how corrupt this man was. Grace said the agent used inside information to make big money with his friend barry minkow. Minkow was so powerful that the fbi had a federal judge go on camera on sixty minutes to build a cover.

Grace spoke about the fact that the case would have been a simple s.e.c. civil matter in california, had dilmaghani not made threats to minkow. Minkow and his fbi handlers in los angeles knew that their informant tama davis had lied when she said the so-called victims had been defrauded. Minkow’s investigation showed the so-called threshold victims were not defrauded and had been given back all their money.

Grace said she would make sure i found the legal dream team i needed. Grace told me that the name of the game was patience. Grace said that no competent attorney would want to explain how he lost such an obvious case of government entrapment. Grace said that she had no doubt that any lawyer would see the correlation between minkow and myself and that alone proves, without a doubt, what i would claim about the government running the law firm operation.

Grace said an “inspired defense” would win.

Grace be with you.


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