Saturday, November 19, 2011.
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, – Relater.

This is the final installment of the Goddess Chronicles, (the 39th, 40th, 41st, 42nd, 43rd, and 44th Chronicles) and the last of the “Free World” Chronicles. Grace came to me and told me that she wanted to go on a trip to the worlds most famous art galleries and show me the Goddess in action. Grace and I went on a round the world adventure and visited many locations wherein Grace showed me the power of the Goddess over time immemorial. All of these images may can be found on the web, or your local library, if you search in a diligent fashion. Use your Free Will, and take your own trip around the world, to learn about the power of the Goddess.

The first stop was the museo nazionale, in ravenna, italy. It is here that Grace showed me apollo and Daphne in carved ivory. Grace pointed out that apollo is show as a minstrel entertaining Daphne who is above apollo in a tree, symbolizing growth and life.

The next stop on the tour was the horniman museum in london, england. Grace stated that the wood carving we were looking at was called the Mother of the Gods. Grace stated the carving was done in nigeria and showed the Goddess Odudua having given birth to the war god ogun, who is depicted as a baby on the Goddesses knee. The obvious implication is that male gods are descended from the female Goddess and are nothing more than babes on the knee of woman.

We made another stop in London at a private collection wherein Grace showed me a drawing of Isis the egyptian Goddess giving bread and water to the Soul. This is the supreme act of the Goddess giving sustenance to the soul prior to the soul leaving the infinites raceway for decent to earth and re-birth.

The next stop was rome, the museo delle terme, to see the carved marble panel of the Goddess Rising. Grace said that this was the back panel of a large throne, now known as the ludovski throne, showing the Goddess of the infinite rising above all, with the assistance of two hand maidens.

The next stop was museo archeologico, in palermo, sicily. Grace showed me  a marble carving of the Goddess Diana and actaeon the hunter warrior. It appears that actaeon had come upon the Goddess Diana bathing naked in a pond and she was not pleased. She turned actaeon into an animal and his hunting dogs picked up the scent and ate him alive while the Goddess Diana looked on.

Grace took us from sicily to paris, where we stopped in at the muse’e national du moyen age et des thermes de cluny. Here we saw a magnificent wooden sculpture, that when the front was opened revealed man as god, christ on the cross, the saints on their knees and kings and COG’s both praying to Grace. The carving is called the Vierge Ourrante (Opening Virgin) a depiction that Grace stated was of herself as the Goddess Grace, appearing in the form of the virgin mary that showed Grace holding the world in her hand. The power of woman to rule the world and the universe. Deus Vult.

Grace took me to a building the location of which she did not reveal and showed me a paper drawing from a private collection called the Ka’li’ Astride Shiva. Ka’li’ was a hindu Goddess who had married Shiva (the destroyer) and the picture shows the power of Ka’li’ over Shiva.

Grace then took me to a large room and showed me three images. One was The Cosmic Lion Goddess, Holding the Sun. Another was The Cosmic Woman of the Jains, both beautiful, drawings on what appeared to be cloth and coming from india in the eighteenth century. The third was a reproduction of what i assume was a papyri drawing taken from an egyptian coffin, called The Separation of the Sky and Earth, which showed the egyptian Goddess Nut encompassing the entire earth in a bent position, with other lesser gods beneath her. Grace smiled and said that the egyptians had a total understanding of the power of woman.

Grace then took us far back to aztec, mexico and showed me what she called a carved aplite from the fifteenth century, depicting the Goddess Tlazolteotl delivering a COG. Grace also showed me what she called The Coatlicue of the Serpent-woven Skirt, Earth Mother, made of carved stone

Thereafter Grace took me to egypt in the first century before christ. We stood and watched as a group of men worked on a stone carving depicting the Goddess Nut, giving birth to the sun; it’s rays fall on Hathor on the horizon, whereupon at the end of the day Nut takes the sun back into her, and gives birth to the sun anew the next day.

Lastly we returned to New York City, and went to the american museum of natural history, where Grace showed me an ink drawing on tree bark paper called the World-End: Rain Serpent and Tiger Claw Goddess. Grace said this was a copy of a mayan artwork from central america  created around 1200 a.d.

Grace told me that if any COG would only take the time to study these visual depictions of the rule of the Goddess over the earth and the infinite (universe) they would see how organized religion has fooled them and led them to become sheep.

Grace stated that once the COG opens its eyes and exercises Free Will that will be the time we no longer split COG’s along the lines of haves and have nots. There will no longer be 99 percenters and 1 percenters. There will truly be equality through Free Will and Deus Vult.

Grace and i then went for a walk in central park. Grace told me this was my last day of freedom and that tomorrow my true path to redemption would begin. I began to feel great sadness and worry.

Grace gave me her signature smile, and then hugged me. It was the first time ever that Grace touched me.

Grace held me in a warm embrace, i felt like a small child in the arms of his mother. Then Grace made a statement i shall never forget.

Fear not frederick, for behold, thou art with Grace.

So sayeth Grace.

Grace be with you.


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