Saturday, November 19, 2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, – Relater.

Grace teaches that Norse legends are paramount as they pre-date christianity. These legends are found in the stories told by the scandinavian COG’s of norway, sweden, denmark and iceland. The main research point to look for the legends of these COG’s are the icelandic eddas, (sagas), which were written down from verbal recitation around the mid-13th century, based upon stories that had been told for more than a thousand years.

Grace points out that one must consider that these legends were created and circulated “after” the birth of christ, and christianity, and were controlling until the male dominated christian movement finally went far enough north to invade the religions of these COG’s, and force these COG’s to think in the male God oriented manner.

The norse creation legends, involve the same basic elements of the greco-roman and mesopotamian legends. The primary Goddess rulers of norse legend are as follows:

Freyja, Goddess of love, fertility and children.

Frigg, also reported as Frigga and Fricka, the Goddess of Motherhood and sensuality.

Hel, also reported as Hella and Holle, who is the Goddess of the underworld.

Idun, Goddess of eternal youth. Idun is the keeper of the golden apples of youth, that all Goddesses must eat when they feel they are aging. Without the fruit from the Goddess Idun all of the other Goddesses would grow old. Grace pointed out that various descriptions of Goddesses may in fact be Grace herself in the primary role, or relaters who Grace has chosen to act on her behalf.

Grace teaches that each COG should take time to study all of the various legends including the norse legends as they have great application and impact upon life in current times. The norse legends like all of the previous legends discussed in the 39TH, 40TH, 41ST, and 42ND Chronicles will be expanded in the future and will be discussed in many BFS Conventions in the future.

Grace teaches that the study of the Goddess will reveal to all COG’s, that the rule of the infinite (universe) is better left in the capable hands of a woman. Grace teaches that all of the war, misery, death, destruction, starvation and poverty we see today, are the direct irrefutable result of the mindset brought by male dominated organized religion and it’s companion theology of damnation and suffering.

Grace teaches that damnation theology leads to the have and have not world we live in today. Grace says that less than one percent (the one percenters) control the world, while the majority (the ninety-nine percenters) suffer. Grace says it is time for that to change. The change can only come from the capable hands of a woman.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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