Saturday, November 19, 2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, – Relater.

Grace teaches that egyptian civilization grew from a collection of local groups who lived along the nile river valley. Around 3000 b.c. these groups were united from combining upper and lower egypt under what was called the old kingdom. The mere fact that these diverse groups were united, did not stop the growth of legends based upon the beliefs of each individual culture. In a sense the old kingdom was similar to the united states, in that it united a diverse set of cultures, who were under one ruler, but at the same time clung to their own ethnicities and beliefs.

Graces teaches that despite all of the internal differences the basic idea behind egyptian religion was life, death, renewal and afterlife, and that the sun played a controlling role in egyptian legend. Two principle cities played a controlling role in egyptian history. Heliopolis and hermopolis.

The major Goddesses of egypt were:

Bastet, known as the cat Goddess.

Hathor, the Goddess of fertility.

Isis, the Goddess of love.

Ma’at, the Goddess of truth and justice.

Mut, known as the vulture Goddess. All mummies wear a Mut amulet.

Sekhmet, the Goddess of war and vengeance. This Goddess is always depicted as a lioness.

Grace teaches that in order for COG’s to fully understand Free Will (Deus Vult) they must exercise a desire to bring themselves into awareness. Each COG must decide if they are truly ready to hear the truth and recognize that they themselves are the Gods of their life. This is accomplished by researching and studying the Chronicles, with particular emphasis on the 39TH through 44TH Chronicle. Individual study will lead to enlightenment. Additional enlightenment comes from adherence to the teaching of Grace and Deus Vult, and attending future BFS Conventions.

The best in life comes to you from Free Will. The only thing stopping you from happiness and success is your own refusal to exercise your individual Free Will. Deus Vult.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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