Friday, November 18, 2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater

The next six Chronicles, 39 through 44 are the “Goddess” Chronicles. All 6 Goddess Chronicles, refer to the controlling influence of the foundational Goddess from time immemorial, prior to the forced implementation of the organized male chauvinistic religions of judaism, and christianity, later adopted in islam.

Chronicle 39 was the result of a meeting between Grace and i on March 11, 2009; Chronicle 40, occurred on March 12, 2009; Chronicle 41, occurred on March 13, 2009; Chronicle 42, occurred on March 14, 2009; Chronicle 43 occurred on March 15, 2009; and the last Goddess Chronicle, number 44, occurred on March 16, 2009. The next day i was arrested which resulted in my current incarceration which continues to this day. The Chronicle’s thereafter pick up at Chronicle 45, which occurred on March 17, 2009, at the Nassau County Jail.

Grace stated that since time immemorial there have been systems of worship where the mother Goddess was the source of all creation. The mother Goddess was the foundational source, until male dominated organized religions conquered the true believers of Goddess based free will. Goddess based COG’s believed they were delivered of the mother, with the father being a negligible contributor of biological material. Grace stated that a review of the christ story, shows the reader that no contribution whatsoever, was made by a COG male, to the conception of jesus christ.

Grace spoke at length about the Mother image. Mother earth. The Mother heavens of egypt. The Goddess Nut of egypt, who represented the universe as a whole. The need for a Man (male COG) became secondary as the idea was that COG’s were born and delivered of their mother, (keep in mind you are born at conception nine months later is the delivery see: Chronicle 34 for Grace’s detailed explanation on this issue) and in the nomadic beginning of recorded history, your father could be unknown to you as he was off hunting and gathering, or at war. In many cases the father was dead before the child was delivered.

Grace said that in many cases of recorded history COG children would address the mother to find out who their father was. One primary example is found in the odyssey. Odysseus son telemachus is a tiny babe when odysseus goes off to the trojan war. Athena tells telemachus, on his twentieth birthday that he must go find his father.

Prior to the ascension of the christ myth, forced upon COG’s by male dominated christianity, the agricultural societies of the world primarily worshipped the Goddess. The COG female was thought of as magical based upon the power to deliver a child COG. The same historic context of motherhood is given to the magic of Mother earth which brings forth animals, flowers, trees and plants.

Grace teaches that the proof of the Goddess as a foundation of life and free will lies in the fact that hundreds of european neolithic figurines of Goddesses appear all through history. The Goddess is seem as creator. The egyptian Goddess Nut is seen as being identical with the universe, and her body is said to represent the universe. When COG’s view the egyptian Goddess Nut in any egyptian temple, they are looking at a representation of the universe, and the creation of life and free will.

Grace teaches that the intervention of the lingam (phallus) and yoni (vagina) idea (a.k.a. yin-yang) and other duality theories were created by male dominated religious ideas that are based upon the sexual mysteries brought forth after the myth of the fall, in the garden of eden. Grace teaches that history shows the Goddess was responsible for the birth of what COG’s call western civilization. Goddess worship was plainly evident in the great river valleys like the nile, the tigris-euphrates, the indus and the ganges. At this point in history the world was ruled by the Goddess, a fact Grace points out is self evident as the river ganges is named after the Goddess Gang’a.

Grace said that starting in the fourth millennium B.C. there came a period of great invasions led by the precursors of the male dominated organized religions of judaism and christianity. Invaders came from the north and south and destroyed cities such as shechem. Semite invaders made up of herders, along with european cattlemen wiped out cities overnight in an effort to install male dominated religious beliefs. The best know story is that of the overthrow of the Goddess Tiamet, also known as the Mother Goddess.

Grace told the story of Tiamet as the great All-Mother Goddess. The new male dominated gods held a meeting in the sky and appointed a new male god called marduk.  Tiamet arrives, in the symbolic body to meet marduk and when Tiamet opens her mouth, marduk blows wind into Tiamet’s mouth and she inflates and explodes. Marduk dismembers Tiamet and uses the body parts of the great Goddess to form the universe.

Grace said, that to this very day, even the catholic’s celebrate the tradition of the Goddess in their churches and schools which are named notre dame, (Our Lady). Grace pointed out that the catholic church has a virtual army of female saint’s. Grace stated the history of organized religion, especially christianity, first denies then out of logical need, points to the importance of the Goddess. In the old testament we see a god who allegedly created the world without a Goddess. Then suddenly the reader comes upon proverbs, where we see the need of inserting Sophia the Goddess of Wisdom. Sophia says that when the world was created she was present. Why include the Goddess Sophia?  The answer is simple, try explaining to any enlightened soul how life begins without a mother figure.

Grace stated that if one looks closely the female Goddess is historically portrayed in revealing poses, simi-nude or in some cases nude in paintings. Once the male dominated organized religions evolved, women, who represent the Goddess are forced to cover themselves in garments and head coverings ranging from ankle length dresses and scarves all the way up to burka’s. Man so feared woman, that man created a male organized religious dominance, which demanded the covering of the woman out of fear of the power of the Goddess. Grace states that if female COG’s do not address these matters in the near term, a return to female suppression worldwide from christian, jewish and muslim religious elements will relegate the female COG to a slave like state. The only power to stop this enslavement is Deus Vult, Free Will.

The Goddess Chronicles are complex and cover thousands of years of history before the man made creation of the christ myth. I have hundreds of pages of notes regarding the Goddess Chronicles and will expand the Goddess Chronicles in depth, in the future, upon my release. It is the historic foundation of the Goddess that is the heart and soul of Deus Vult.
The teachings of Grace and the foundational tenets of the Goddess, will be the foundation of future Bliss fellowship seminars, devoted to the exercise of Free Will and Deus Vult.

Grace be with you.


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