Friday, November 11, 2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater.

I was sitting in the pods department store in oakdale, long island, early in the morning, the employee’s had yet to arrive. It was early march, 2009. Grace came walking down the center carpeted isle. Grace smiled and shook her head and said to me that it was sad the united states government would set up a store this huge, with all this beautiful warm clothing, just to act as a front for the jttf/un/state department cover for a terrorist organization like mek, (See: 36TH CHRONICLE – GRACE ON RELATERS THROUGH TIME).

Grace was of the opinion that the warm clothing should have been given to the poor and homeless who were freezing, not being used as props in a government run department store that was actually a intelligence agency front that needed no customers, as a government run money laundering operation. I told Grace that i did what i was told and had no control over the operation. Grace said that in a few days this government run sham would come to an end and not matter to me any more.

Grace asked me if i was ready to began my task as a relater. I paused and said, i thought i had already begun. Grace gave me her signature smile and said, until now frederick you have been participating in an extended interview process. Now that you have made your commitment by sending the email, it is time to start your on the job training, (ojt from God) so you will know those past relaters, in who’s steps you follow.

Grace told me that our recent trip to visit joseph campbell had been a peak at what was to come. Grace told me that she had watched me when i was a student at canisius college, in buffalo, new york. Grace told me all about the religion and philosophy courses i had taken and audited. Grace was pleased by the fact that i had a deep devotion to understanding the God force.

Grace said that we would start with a select group of previous COG relaters that she and i would begin visiting. Grace wanted me to understand that just saying there is a God is not enough. I had to be well versed in the history of the planet, it’s philosohy, and all of the numerous COG religions, in order to argue her case with other COG’s.

Grace outlined the fact that in the beginning she and i would start by concentrating on previous COG’s in history, who had acted as relaters. Immanuel kant, joseph campbell, victor frankl, eric hoffer, chief seattle, socrates, plato, aristotle, isaac newton, john locke, robert boyle, soren kierkegaard, and henri bergson, to name just a few.

I told Grace that i thought a rehash or religion and philosophy would put people to sleep.  Grace gave me the – you are really retarded smile – and said, frederick, i have no intention of your being engaged in an effort to rehash previous relaters arguments on religion and philosophy. What i intend is for you to use your mind to interpret what these COG’s were saying and deliver my message in a modern format.

Grace and i spoke about robert boyle, and his writings on human understanding, soren kierkegaard, and his writings on the individual and the universe, and henri bergson, and his writings on the metaphysical. I thought to myself wow, these are big footsteps to follow in, i wondered if i was the man to try to fill the shoes of giants such as these.

Grace gave me the signature – boy are you a moron smile – and said, frederick, you are not going to fill anyone’s shoes, you are going to stand on their shoulders, and seek your own place in history. (How cool, will i ever learn not to argue with this lady?)

Grace told me we were going back to the early 1960’s and she and i would pay a visit to joseph campbell. In the blink of an eye we were in a lecture hall somewhere. I have no idea where we were, the date or the year, other than Grace had said it was the early 1960’s. It was a warm sunny day and the huge multi-paned windows were wide open. The student COG’s wore flip flops, t-shirts and shorts.(NOTE: I have said previously that unless Grace volunteers information about where we are or what we are doing, my asking is usually fruitless).

Campbell was holding court in the lecture hall. I thought the hall was small for the huge number of people present. Standing room only. It appeared to me that campbell was in mid lecture. Here is what i heard, the paraphrasing is mine.

Campbell was telling the audience that human beings needed hero’s. That the hero symbolizes our ability to control the irrational savage within us. Campbell said that people fail to admit to themselves that humans are animals with carnivorous and lecherous desires. Campbell smiled and said, not to worry that it was endemic to human nature and that morality should be able to control most urges, in most people.

Campbell said the hero’s actions were not courageous acts, but we really acts of a moral and intelligent being who is living a life of self discovery. (Grace using mind speak stated that this is what she wanted me to hear and that i must understand that no amount or ridicule or disbelief from anyone should deter me, as my mission to redeem myself in the eyes of God was one of self discovery).

Campbell went on speaking about the fact that hero’s, like police, firemen, soldiers, doctors, and nuns seek no reward, they just are what they are, hero’s. Whereas on the contrary we praise celebrities for giving to charity or helping feed poor children, which is fine, but that we should carefully consider the undeniable fact that the celebrity is carry out a staged act, as a celebrity lives only for themselves, while a hero lives to redeem society. (Grace mind-spoke to me, now do you understand frederick? It’s part of your redemption, to help other COG’s recognize free will, Deus Vult, in order to help them, help themselves).

Campbell went on to say that, teachers, professors, journalists, preachers, lawyer and authors enjoy a unique license to be educated in public, they are lucky to be allowed to spend their days in a continuing course of life long, open source, adult education. These people campbell said, are like the old roman philosophers dictum that says, “the fates lead him who will, him who won’t they drag”.

Campbell said that caution must be used when people have the power to influence the thoughts of others. The speaker cannot try to talk someone into belief. The speaker must reveal his or her own discovery and the radiance and joy evident in the speaker’s presence will lead others to follow him. (Grace mind-spoke, that this was the primary message. I was to do what i truly believed, no matter what, those who see my radiance will follow, those who do not follow have only themselves to blame. If someone thinks my message is true they will benefit, if on the other hand someone disbelieves the relater or the relaters motive, so be it.).

In the blink of an eye the room grew cold, the windows were shut, the snow outside was quite deep. Obviously Grace had changed channels. There stood campbell, lecturing in the same lecturing hall, same huge standing room only audience, except the student COG’s had heavy coats hanging on the backs of the chairs and wore heavy sweaters.

Campbell in mid-lecture was saying that he liked the insight of hindu scripture wherein God is described by many names, and that all of the human names for God are masks, which signify that the ultimate reality of God transcends definition by language or art.

Campbell said that recent discoveries in science are rejoining us to ancient traditions, which enable us to recognize the whole universe, (Grace calls it the infinite whereas the new age discoveries being referred to by campbell call the infinite, the universe) campbell went on to say that the new scientific discoveries enable us to recognize the whole universe as a reflection of our own inward nature. We are learning that we are the eyes, ears, thinking and speech of the universe. In theological terms we are Gods eyes, Gods ears, and Gods thinking as we are in fact God.

Campbell told the assembled throng that “GOD” is an ambiguous word in our language because it appears to refer to something which is known. Campbell said it was a false impression as the transcendent is unknowable and can never be known. God is beyond names and forms. Campbell stated humans must leave the understanding of God to God, as to think other wise means that the individual being God themselves fails to understand that it is their own free will controlling their life and instead look to some mythical entity to control their existence for them. Campbell then quoted  kant, and said that “the thing itself is no thing, it transcends thingness, it goes past anything that could be thought, the best things cannot be understood as they transcend thought”.

A student asked campbell that based upon these ideas then God was a man and a women. Campbell said not really. In order to understand the role of men and women we must go back to the myth of the garden of eden. It is in the garden of eden that man suffers “the fall” and is said to have been led by women to sin.

The facts are different than the myth. First for thousands of years before the garden of eden story, there are numerous religions which tell the same story in there own terms, (More on this in future Chronicles) but when all is said and done man cannot enter life, except for the act of a woman, so the evidence is crystal clear that woman brings all into the world. It is woman who is the God or as the people of canaan referred God, a Goddess.

When the hebrews came to canaan and subjugated the canaanites to hebrew rule, the Goddess and the snake which were the symbols of life to the people of canaan, were rejected by the male dominated hebrews. Prior to that the garden of eden story cast the woman in the role of Goddess. Once we move beyond the mythological story of the garden of eden we see that the earth itself was considered “paradise” where there was no “time” (the infinite) and women and men were unaware of any differences in themselves.

Campbell asked, why was the knowledge of good and evil forbidden to adam and eve? If we did not have that knowledge then we would all be ignorant babes, living in paradise. A kind of theological walden. We would never be able to participate in life as we would have no “free will”. It is woman who brings life into the world. Eve is the mother of free will in the temporal world, the proof that the God force is a woman.

Prior to eve there was no birth, no death, no life, or no time. Once eve appears and the snake sheds its skin, the act of shedding the skin is the abandonment of that timeless, lifeless paradise, and the coming together of time and eternity. The human experience begins.

This is found in sumerian seals we have discovered that are more than 5000 years old, predating christ, showing the serpent, the tree and the “God Force” an obviously “female Goddess”, (Grace looked over at me with her signature smile and said now you see what joseph said, and how he said it. In today’s world we are now a half century older and much more advanced. If joseph could affect the thinking of millions when it took months and years to get his message out, using books and the printed word, imagine the impact you will have frederick, as you live in the electronic age, when what you type on a keyboard is on the other side of the globe in one second).

In the blink of an eye we were back in oakdale. Grace told me to be calm, what was about to happen to me was days away, and then the adventure of Deus Vult would begin. Do not be afraid frederick, you have utilized your free will to stand on the shoulders of the giants who have preceded you. Stand tall my child.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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