Wednesday, November 9, 2011.
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater.

The date was March 9, 2009. I was sitting in my condo on east 47th street, it was a cold, nasty day outside. It was around two (2:00) in the afternoon. I was watching a dvd called the power of myth, a series of interviews between joseph campbell, one of the worlds most celebrated professors on myth, and cbs/pbs reporter bill moyers.

I had become familiar with joseph campbell in 1981 while living in los angeles, california. A lady who i was dating was really into the fledgling southern california, new age movement, and she asked me to read one of campbell’s books. I feel in love with campbell. I then started following campbell’s career and attending lectures he gave at sarah Lawrence college. I audited without permission, something i used to do a lot, i call it free auditing. Free open source education. I highly suggest you find a copy of the dvd and watch it, instead of free auditing.

I was enjoying the dvd when Grace popped in. Grace sat on the couch and pointed at the t.v. and the sound went mute. Nice trick remote control fingers. Grace gave me her signature smile and said, I see you sent the email. I told her yes. Grace said there is no turning back now. I told her i knew that. Grace said, they will come for your frederick, they will be very angry. I looked at Grace and said, you told me all would turn out well and you will make sure nothing would happen to my daughter or son. I believe you. The email proves i am keeping my word, (see note below for the explantion of the email).

NOTE: Grace had asked that i prove myself redeemable by withdrawing from the government intelligence operation called Rainmaker-IPE. I was a contractor operating under the duress of threats upon my children. I fronted a law firm for the federal government by operating a financial funneling and money laundering operation for the jttf/un/state department. The operation transmitted over one hundred million dollars to an iranian terrorist group called M.E.K. its public relations arm the national council for resistence in iran (N.C.R.I.) and their political recruiting arm, the iranian parliament in exile, (I.P.E.).
SPECIAL NOTE; “READ CAREFULLY” : This terrorist organization is owned and operated by the united states department of state. You can google fred celani and find all of the facts of the case, in a story headlined, “Is Fox News a U.S. Intelligence Operation”. Grace told me that in order to prove i was redeemable i had to send out an email to all parties involved telling them i was shutting the operation down. I had sent the email a few days prior to this meeting.

Grace told me now that i had taken the first step, that the powers behind the operation would arrest me shortly. Grace said that it was important for me to understand what my task as a relater was all about, and to know the distinguished company i was in. Grace explained to me that through the millennia she had utilized thousands of relaters. Grace told me that one of them was joseph campbell, whose silent visage was on my television screen.

Grace told me that over the course of the coming years, for the rest of my life in her service, that she would take me on trips to see joseph campbell, victor frankl, eric hoffer, jesus christ and hundreds of other relaters in their natural states, in person, during their lives on earth, as they did their relating for Grace.

Grace told me that i was similar to joseph campbell. She stated that was why i had such a deep interest in campbell’s work. She told me that campbell while at university was told by an advisor that he must limit the breath and depth of his phd research. Campbell told the advisor ‘to hell with it’ and left school, giving up the pursuit of his doctorate and moved into the woods to read his books and pursue his interests. Grace stated that i was the same way. My way or the highway. Lady knows me well.

Grace began by stating she had been watching me prior to popping in this day and said that she saw i was smiling and happy, and nodding along with campbell as he spoke to moyers. Grace wanted to know what had been so pleasing to me, that i could smile, while my non-conscious was well aware of the trouble that awaited me in a few days.

I told Grace that campbell quoted goethe who while speaking in faust, indicated that no technology was going to save humans. Our computers, tools and machines will not be enough. We need to rely on our intuition, the free will that makes up our true being. Grace understood the irony of my humor.

Grace gave her signature smile and said, lets go and visit with joseph campbell on one of his adventures in 1955. Instantly we were traveling back in time, (Grace calls time travel infinite curve time or “ICT”) joseph campbell who had been dead since 1987 (twenty two years as this was taking place in 2009) was instantly resurrected and looking fine.

We met joseph campbell on a klm superconstellation airplane, Grace greeted campbell in a warm fashion and campbell seemed thrilled to see Grace. When campbell glanced over at me, Grace explained to campbell that she had brought along a novice relater and introduced me to campbell. Campbell greeted me warmly. The date was wednesday, march 9, 1955. There were very few passengers on the airplane, and only five (5) passengers sat in the tourist class section, where we and campbell were seated, (i assumed based upon everyone’s lack of reaction to our sudden appearance, that one could see or hear Grace or i except for campbell).

Campbell spent time telling us (Grace and i) that he loved taking photos through the airplane window. Campbell chatted with us (in mind speak) and at the same time using verbal language, chatted with two young japanese boys and a few germans, as the entire group happily took photographs through the superconstellations windows of a rapidly disappearing ceylon, and the subsequent appearance of malaya. Grace told me we were headed for bangkok, thailand.

We landed in bangkok at 2:30 p.m. local time, (2:30 in the morning new york time as bangkok, is halfway across the globe). At one end of the huge airport was what they called the american sphere, it was packed with american military aircraft. Upon entering the airport campbell was served the local special brew. Hot pepsi cola. I was happy Grace and i could not be seen, as the last thing i needed was hot pepsi cola.

After clearing custom’s we boarded a bus and started a long noisy ride to the hotel. The bus was packed with american tourists, widows and old men who said to campbell that they were from burlington, vermont. We passed scores of water buffalos with huge horns, standing in front of what appeared to me to be relatively modern wooden homes. Campbell told us that the wooden homes were a recent addition as most of the homes were made of clay. Campbell pointed out to us all of the people wearing chinese hats, and chinese style clothing. The people appeared to be poor but were clean, proud, well fed and appeared happy.

We finally reached the metropole hotel, a chinese managed property, which was a little distance from the center of the city. The price of the air conditioned room was 250 ticals, (about $12.50 in 1955 american dollars) without meals. Campbell looked displeased. Campbell voiced his displeasure and was given a room without air conditioning that cost 130 ticals, (about $6.50 in 1955 american dollars) this brought a smile to campbell’s face.

Campbell took a shower and discovered that the cheaper room came without hot water. After that discovery campbell dressed and the three of us walked along what i felt was a relatively new looking street and found a hotel called the trocodero. Campbell stop at that hotel and made reservations for the next week. After that campbell, with us in tow, stopped at a placed the sign identified as world travel service, and campbell sent a request to his wife jean for $750.00.

I have been in bangkok many times working for the government on both the rainmaker/g2peg and the kayport/mena operations, and the 1955 bangkok i was now in looked more like a cheap version of san francisco’s china town, than the modern bustling bangkok of today. The city had an air of fun and prosperity. Everybody seemed to be enjoying their lives. Campbell had a quick chinese meal and then returned to the metropole where he turned in for the night. Along the way campbell had spoken at length with Grace about his research, and upcoming book and lecture projects which were designed to aid campbell in his delivery of the message of free will, based upon mythology and Deus Vult. Little was said to me, and i liked it that way.

In the blink of an eye it was seven (7:00 a.m.) in the morning, march 10,1955. Grace explained that she intentionally fast forwards the time, so we do not waste infinite curve time waiting while COG’s sleep or dilly dally, (That was the first time i ever heard someone say dilly dally). I asked grace if we were seeing these events by conventional time. She said no, we are on curve time which is faster than the speed of light. Even though we had been in thailand for seventeen conventional hours, in new york city where my body was actually still sitting, only about 45 earth seconds had elapsed.

The new day was fun as we went on a boat trip on the waterway, navigating canals and small streams. I was very happy to experience this wonderful world of people in boats of all shapes and sizes, as well as people on boat-restaurants, boat-buses, boat-houses, boat-shopping centers, boat-warehouses, and boat-workshops.

Navigating through the teeming mass of humanity was like driving one of the bumper cars, i used to ride at the erie county fair, in hamburg, new york.  I had a sense of a mass of happy, well fed people, and this was supported by the abundance of boats offering rice and fruits for sale.

During the trip we made two stops. The first stop was at a great huge shed, in the shed were ten long canoe barges. One was at least 150 feet long. Biggest canoe i had ever laid eyes on. There were also royal barges with much luxury including golden prows that were decorated with dragons and garuda figureheads, with holes in the figureheads where canons stuck out, and war barges which were kind of like battle ships.

The second stop was for lunch, and after lunch we went on a tour of the royal palace and the adjacent temples where we looked at an emerald buddha. Campbell became irritated when he ran out of color film for his camera. The best part was when we met a really cool guy, who said he was from california and was in thailand celebrating his seventieth birthday.

After a full day of sight seeing with campbell we all returned to the metropole. Grace told campbell that we were going to leave and would return in the future. He wished Grace and i a warm farewell and campbell turned in for the night. In the blink of an eye i was back in my living room on 47th and third avenue, in new york city. Grace said less than 14 minutes had elapsed since we had left my living room.

I told Grace i loved the trip, but had no idea what campbell was doing. Grace told me that the purpose of the trips campbell took, which were many, was to look at the myths underlying the religions of the world. Campbell would then return to the united states and write prolifically on the subject of myth. Grace told me that in the future, she and i would go on many trips with campbell, as well as hundreds of other famous COG’s from history who had been relaters during at least one and in some cases many of their existences on earth.

This 36TH Chronicle is the start of what the Deus Vult Chronicle’s are all about. The Chronicle’s are the continuation of the work of many of Grace’s relater COG’s throughout history. There are hundreds of Chronicles to come, the Chronicles will never end.

The message in the Chronicles is designed to influence the free will choices of COG’s worldwide. The more you read, the more you will learn. There are relater COG’s who you shall meet that were famous actors, writers, sports legends, business people and political figures.

I am having the time of my life. As you will see in the future i get to leave my prison any time i wish. They can hold my body, but they can never hold my mind or spirit thanks to free will.

Grace be with you.


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