Wednesday, November 9, 2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater.

Note: This chronicle involved a great amount of time travel and meetings with many people. I need to set the stage in order for COG’s to understand what happened during this particular meeting and travel session with Grace. I have explained in the 1ST and 2ND CHRONICLES that i abridge these events in my prison writings, as i am limited to three page emails at this time. Later, upon release i will expand all the Chronicle’s. This particular interaction with Grace resulted in almost 100 pages of handwritten notes. There will be an expansion of the 35TH CHRONICLE’S subject in future CHRONICLES.

I was sitting in a starbuck’s at penn station, sipping an iced coffee waiting for the babylon train, which would take me to oakdale, long island. There was a blind man standing at the top of the entrance ramp leading down into the starbuck’s, folding his white cane with the red tip. People were everywhere, and no one would help the guy who appeared to me as if he was wondering about how to navigate the ramp. I went up to him as asked if i could help him. He thanked me and i took his wrist and placed his hand on my elbow. He smiled and asked if i had family without sight. I explained that i had a childhood friend who was sightless and that was where i learned the courtesy gesture of offering an elbow, instead of what most people do wherein the harmlessly grab the sightless person and start pushing them, in the direction they desire to go, not knowing any better.

The man sat down with me at my little round table which was about 18 inches in diameter. We started to chat about barrack obama. At this point Grace popped in. Grace pops in all the time, no matter where i am. I can be in my office all alone, i can be in a cab, on a subway, in a train, walking down the street, anywhere she so desires, she pops in. On all of the occasions Grace has appeared no one in the crowd has ever reacted to Graces presence. No one sees Grace. Just me. No one hears Grace as she and i communicate via thought.

On this occasion the earth moved, as upon Grace’s arrival the blind man smiled and said, hello thank you for joining us? I was dumbfounded. Grace mentally communicated a return hello, and it was obvious to me that both the sightless man and i had heard Grace. I shrugged my shoulders in a gesture to Grace which indicated the question, how does he know your here? Grace said mentally, which both of us could obviously hear, frederick, you probably wonder how dale knows i arrived? (Dale? She knew who he was? Then again, why would’nt she know, she’s God) It is extrasensory compensation based upon dale being sightless, dales other senses become more acute. Grace tilted her head in a coquettish fashion and said that dale knows she is present, and is able to communicate with her, but dale did not know who she was, (i got the drift). The man was able to sense Grace’s presence, but had no idea sighted people could not see her or that she was God.

Grace introduced herself to dale simply as Grace, and we all chatted for about 15 minutes until my train came. Later on the train, i learned from Grace for the first time, that should Grace so choose she is perfectly capable of utilizing all of the known spoken languages, verbally or by mental communication which Grace called ‘mind speak’, as well as many languages no living person has ever heard. Grace is also capable of manifesting full materialization, in any form she so desires. I should have guessed that from day one, it just never occurred to me. When my train was announced Grace and i, bid dale farewell, and walked together to the gate, boarded the train and off Grace and i went, heading for babylon.

On the train i asked Grace how did dale do that? Grace said that it is called remote viewing. Grace explained that the russian and american governments have been able to spy on each other for decades using remote viewing. A person who is a sensitive, sighted or unsighted sits in a room and projects themselves into the infinite and is able to go wherever they wish and see whatever they desire, be it two feet or two thousand miles away. Grace told me that over her timeless interaction in the infinite, she has encountered many sensitive’s that could sense her presence.

Grace then began to inquire about the blind childhood friend i had mentioned to dale at penn station, (the lady hears everything). As we discussed my childhood friend, Grace took us on a time machine adventure back to buffalo, new york. I estimate i was about ten years old at the arrival point, so it had to be around 1958.

(Please note: These events took place in early March, 2009. As i write this Chronicle i am in a federal prison in brooklyn, new york, and it is november 9, 2011. Recently, the french, via their prestigious cirn physics lab have been able to show that neutrinos travel faster than the speed of light. This proves that time travel is a reality, and not limited to the provenance of God).

Grace and i were walking down what i think was elk street. On the front porch of a small house sat a boy of about ten years of age, in a wheel chair. The wheel chair was the old fashioned wicker kind with the high back like you see in old movies. The boy in the chair had sightless, albino white eyes. The eyes were wet and appeared to be draining some sort of mucus. As Grace and i approached the boy said hi freddie. I answered hi ‘d’, (The boys name is intentionally omitted herein and i have limited his name to his initials “dvr” to protect his privacy, as i have no idea where he is today or if he is still alive, and i have not received his permission to use his name). He had been blind from birth. He was also afflicted with other birth defects, but his mind was sharp as a boning knife.

Grace took me through a series of conversations i had engaged in with ‘d’. They were rapid fire and went fairly quickly until we came to an incident wherein three boys were sitting across the street from ‘d”s house. I was on the porch with ‘d’ and the other boys, across the street started shouting the ‘n’ word at two young black kids who were passing by.

‘D’ asked, what the ‘n’ word meant? I said it was a racist term, much like the racist terms dago for italians, kike for jews, spic for latino’s and chinks for chinese. Wrong thing to say to ‘d’. All that did was bring more questions. What’s a dago? What’s a jew? What’s a latino? What’s a chinese? What’s a racist?

I told ‘d’ that the ‘n’ word, as well as the other pejorative terms, were racist terms, used by ignorant people who disliked black people and other ethnicities. ‘D’ scrunched up his face and said to me, black people? At this point i realized ‘d’ had no concept of black or white. I told ‘d’, that i figured that he could see nothing at all, so that would be a good example of black. At that point i was lost, i could not figure out how to explain white, or any other color for that matter.

I then went on to explain over the next hour, and for many days thereafter, whenever ‘d’ and i would meet, that racist terms were used by ignorant people to try to differentiate differences that people saw in each other, in order to elevate the ignorant persons own status and enhance their own ego. When all was said and done ‘d’ concluded that racism made no sense. I concluded that there was great wisdom in being blind. No prejudice can arise without eyes!

Grace asked me how i would explain ‘d”s questions to any one asking them in today’s world? I realized Grace was interviewing me to see what i would say in her name to the world. I explained, that in my opinion america is a melting pot. It is a country that is very young, with a mixture of so many diverse people that it lacks a cohesive ethnic culture. I told Grace the melting pot experiment that is america, is a wonderful experiment, with huge flaws. The experiment that is america has resulted in many small countries, (ethnic communities) being contained within one large overall nation. Other than native american’s, there are no actual ‘american’s”. Everyone is either an immigrant or the offspring of immigrants, no matter if they were born here or not. Look around you and you see china town, korea town, japan town, parades celebrating countries of origin, etc, etc.

National pride and the ethnic divisions thereof, mean that a cohesive american culture will never evolve. There will never be an ‘american civilization’. America is a collection of varied backgrounds, all in a cluster, in huge cities that would devolve into ethnic chaos, if it were not for the law. Lawyers, police and judges utilizing law hold the nation together, there is no ethos. De tocqueville upon his arrival in america, called this great experimental melting pot, a ‘tumult of anarchy’.

Grace and i discussed the fact that america is based on centuries of racism and segregation. American’s raped, robbed and murdered the indian natives, we committed genocide against the chinese we imported as slaves to build our railroads, and then we focused on african slavery. The proud melting pot experiment resulted in signs saying for whites only.

America had more signs that relegated people of color to sub-standard restaurants, lodging, bathrooms, water fountains and back seats on public transportation. I told Grace that as long as i live i will never understand why we are proud of the civil rights act. America is so ignorant that we waive the civil rights act around like a banner. The rest of the world laughs at us as they never needed a law saying people of color were equal. The rest of the world knew this from the first day the sun shined.

Grace and i returned to our seats on the train as it sped toward babylon. She said to me i have watched you over the years frederick and i have been impressed with your sensitivity to issues of race, poverty and law. I have watched as you operated law firms. Grace said that the fact i had operated those unlicensed law firms was admirable as my devotion to the practice of law, was not based upon personal financial gain, Grace knew i worked hard as i had been there and knew that the poor needed help. Grace said that was the reason why she chose me to be one of her relater’s to the world.

I told Grace that what i learned in my government agent career was the fact that claims of truth and honesty were nothing more than the appearance of truth and honesty. Politicians, prosecutors and judges are all ‘morally corrupt’. Politicians, judges and prosecutors start out promising the voter they will apply the law evenly across the board, hiding behind the myth that justice is blind. Once elected, upon taking office they use the power of their office to make exceptions for the rich, powerful, or influential. They grant freedom to informants who imprison others, with lies and half truths. When these so-called authorities turn a blind eye to justice, then they themselves are morally bankrupt and are lower than those they judge.

Grace told me that the ‘d’ conversations had impressed upon her that i saw no difference in any person. Grace told me she was pleased by the fact that i had had fought vigorously for all of the people i represented in my law firms. Grace stated that my devotion was the sign of a true believer.

Grace told me that she had watched little COG’s over the millennia who play together in the sand box. All little COG’s of every ethnicity and skin color get along just fine, until someone teaches them otherwise. Racism is a learned behavior, it is not inbred by the infinite. Grace told me that skin color racism is almost totally unique to america. Keep in mind the infinite only recognizes one race, the human race. Skin color is an ethnic trait. There is only the human race.

Grace went on to say that in other countries various races are subject to ethnic cleansing and genocide but that type of racist behavior is class based, religion based or economically based and not solely predicated on skin color. Grace stated that skin color racism is unique to america.

Grace told me her goal was to grow her army of relaters, like myself would will engage in the task of instilling civilization and equality in america, and left me.

I then asked myself this question. Why is it that only the blind can see? No prejudice can arise without eyes. Perhaps the seeing are the handicapped, not the blind.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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