Tuesday, November 8, 2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater.

I was walking in central park, it was a clear cool day in early march of 2009. It was just two days after the events at the 47th street ymca, wherein Grace had told me about the decision i had to make regarding serving her or leaving, (see: 31ST CHRONICLE). I was walking down the path heading for the ice skating rink. There waiting on the bench sat Grace. I sat down next to her and said hello. She smiled her signature smile.

Grace began the conversation by stating she was pleased that i was giving thought to the ultimatum she had given me two days before. I was thinking that we would launch into an in depth conversation about the choices i was facing, but that was not to be, and was confident that my decision regarding the withdrawal email, was a sign of moving in the right direction. Grace pointed at some young COG’s happily running around the park, and smiled in the manner of a doting grandmother. At that point a young COG couple walked by pushing a stroller, i saw a smile on Graces face that was pure Bliss. It was clearly obvious to me that God loves all her COG’s and especially dotes on her baby COG’s.

The little girl in the stroller was about 12 or 14 months old, dressed in a thick pink cable knit sweater and a matching knit hat, with a big multi-colored yarn snowball on top. Blonde hair, big blue eyes and the huge ear to ear all encompassing grin, that only a baby can beam at you. I looked at the baby and instantly forgot all my problems. That’s what Grace calls shifting your paradigm, (see: 20TH CHRONICLE – SHIFTING PARADIGMS AND FREE WILL). Grace watched the baby COG as her parents pushed the strolled beyond us and then turned to me and asked this question. Do you know why  COG females intentionally choose to abort babies?

Talk about paradigm shifting. I was walking along feeling sorry for myself, Grace pops in, i shift into a happy frame of thought by looking at the little doll in the stroller, and the all of a sudden, here we go, off to see the wizard, talking about abortion of all subjects. I said to Grace, I have never given it any thought. The only babies i ever had any part in were both born, and are doing well. Grace gave me her signature smile and said she was well aware of my daughter and son.

Grace told me that abortion is one of the most serious errors of choice that COG females make in the exercise of their individual free will. Each baby at conception is a human being. The moment the sperm wiggles into the egg, a COG is born, and if the baby survives to term, (term survival or birth defects have nothing to do with Grace, survival issues are based upon what Grace calls the infinite’s (see: 13TH CHRONICLE) random selection chaos theory, and all fetus growth and delivery defects are biological or due to environmental and food additive factors) in nine months a COG will be delivered into existence. The choice of words here was interesting. I thought a question and Grace immediately responded.

That’s correct frederick, the moment to sperm hits the egg, birth occurs. At that moment a soul comes off of the infinite’s raceway, and the soul of the COG child enters the fetus. It is at that point the COG is born, it takes nine months from the baby COG’s birth at conception to be delivered into it’s existence, (see: 5TH CHRONICLE – SPECIAL – OFF TO THE RACES). When a baby COG is delivered it is actually nine months old, and the baby COG’s first birthday is actually three (3) months later.

Grace stated that when a COG female decides to abort it creates a serious issue regarding the free will morality of the mother COG and the mothers place in the infinite. Grace will never interfere with free will choices of any COG. Grace never the less is deeply disappointed by any female COG who murders a baby COG, via abortion. Taking the life of a baby COG is totally contrary to the moral philosophy of the infinites prime directive as applied to free will. Taking the life of a baby COG shows that adult COG’s at this stage of evolution, have yet to reach a point of moral maturity.

Moral maturity is required, if COG’s are ever to reach a point where the cessation of violence of every kind, including war, hate and racism is to come about. If a female COG’s cannot make simple conscious decisions to engage in birth control or use of condoms, then it is obvious the female COG has given little, if any thought to the meaning of life and the moral implications of intercourse. Abortion is murder, there is no other argument as far as Grace is concerned.

Grace stated that if we randomly rip babies from the womb, because we blame the baby for the burden the baby brings with it’s unwanted conception, then how can we object to crime, war, rape, violence, poverty and ignorance. Grace feels they go hand in hand.

I sat there on the bench listening and wondered what Grace would say to someone who had been impregnated by rape, incest or some other form of coercion. I wondered if a female COG aborted a defective fetus, what Grace would think.
Grace, as always is monitoring all channels. Grace looked at me and said frederick, the fact that a female COG is forced in any manner to become pregnant be it by rape, or incest abortion is murder. This also applies to the new foolishness of designer babies, wherein females COG’s abort unwanted children who lack the sex, eye or hair coloring desired by the parent COG, in these cases abortion is murder. When a fetus is in a test tube and destroyed it is murder. Grace stated that the only time abortion is morally correct is when delivery to term would, “without any doubt”, (emphasis on the words ‘any doubt’)  take the mothers life. This type of life saving procedure is not abortion, it is self preservation, which Grace has repeatedly stated is the first law of what Grace describes as the infinites prime directive of self preservation via free will.

Grace stated that she understood a female COG had no desire to become pregnant as a result of being forced to engage in intercourse in any manner. The morality issue comes from the free will of the female and male COG’s who are the aggressor and victim, that determines the ultimate result of the pregnancy. Once the free will of the male in attacking the female is completed, the free will of the male and female COG’s involved, ceases to control the matter.

At the point the sperm enters the egg, “only” (emphasis added) the free will of the baby COG is in control, this is the rule of self preservation, that abortion directly contradicts. If the female COG decides to abort, then the female COG engages in murder, by overriding the free will of the baby COG. Simple as that. Grace states that delivery is the key, and that after the delivery, the morality issue of either raising the baby COG or placing the baby COG for adoption is the next free will decision the female COG is morally correct in making regarding the unwanted pregnancy. This is a prime directive of the infinite. Free will, Deus Vult applies to all COG’s, for a female COG to usurp the free will of the baby COG is an act wherein the female COG, places herself in acting out the role of God.

Grace stated that natural selection termination is the only morally acceptable way for termination of a baby COG’s existence. If it is the free will of the infinite, then so be it. The female COG needs to realize that there is only one God, her name is Grace, and Grace is of the opinion that abortion is murder.

Grace stated that females COG’s need to realize that at the point of conception, when the sperm enters the egg, a soul now occupies the COG fetus.  What the female COG needs to grasp and morally understand is the fact that someone they love may have died, somewhere in the world at the point of conception.

The infinite would place that related soul on the infinite’s raceway and send it to a family member for re-existence, if a family member is available, (otherwise the soul goes elsewhere in the infinite via random chaos theory). Not only is the abortion a murder, there is the additional fact  to consider that the abortion could be that of someone the female COG may already have loved.(Note: The infinite seeks to place all re-emerging souls, coming off the raceway, with their own previous genetic line if possible, even if it is a far removed genetic relative somewhere else on earth, thousands of miles away. The family tree gets first preference. Thereafter the soul is re-emerged where ever it is needed).

Existence is complicated. Life is wonderful. Free will, Deus Vult, controls all actions in the infinite and on this planet. Grace will never interfere with the free will of a COG, but Grace will always make her feelings known. The choice, as always is left to the individual COG.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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