Tuesday, November 8, 2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater.

Grace popped into the cold stone creamery on 42nd street. I had gone there to get a cup of my favorite cotton candy ice cream, with m&m’s, heath bar crunch, coconut flakes and reese’s pieces. Grace gave me her signature smile and i figured i was in for a lecture on my poor eating habits, i was right. The conversation went far beyond my bad habits, based upon a bunch of small COG’s, waiting in line for their ice cream treats.

Grace asked me if the big container i was holding was a cup or more of ice cream? I said probably. Grace then said, are you aware you are eating seventy five (75) million pus cells? I paused as i lifted the spoon to my mouth. What cells, i asked? Pus cells, Grace said.

Grace stated that she was amazed that celebrities are seen on billboards wearing a milk mustache. In the famous “got milk” ad’s, that began running in 1995, a plethora of famous people are seen wearing their pus encrusted, white mustaches. A liter of milk, (about 4 cups) contains 750 million pus cells per liter. Additionally, in the one year period from 2002 to 2003, the pus content in milk increased by more than 11 million more pus cells.

Grace told me that historic records regarding the testing of milk show that in addition to pus there is blood, mucus, feces and other dangerous microorganisms. Yummy. Giving a baby cow’s milk is intentionally feeding your child a deadly slow acting poison. There have been 11 scientific studies, proving that  whole milk is the leading cause of type 1 diabetes in children. Grace said that scientific studies have shown that in countries where COG’s drink milk, little COG’s have higher rates of type 1 diabetes. In china where milk consumption is lowest, the rate is less that 1 baby COG in 100,000, with type 1 diabetes. In finland where milk consumption is at it’s highest, the statistic is 37 baby COG’s in 100,000.

Grace was livid that the young COG’s we were watching in the ice cream store were, gulping down on so-called real ice cream. Grace said that it’s not limited to baby or young COG’s. Grace posed this question to me. Have you seen the claim that milk is great for women, who are calcium deficient and may be suffering from osteoporosis? I shook my head yes.

Grace said that it was a false claim. Grace said that milk has to be pasteurized to destroy the salmonella, listeria and feces germs in whole milk. The pasteurization process heats the milk to about 150 degrees for 30 minutes. Pasteurization destroys all of the vitamin c in the milk, and renders all of the calcium in the milk, insoluble. Insoluble means the lady COG’s drinking the milk, are unable to absorb the calcium.

Grace is the earth’s most powerful supporter of women’s rights, the reason should be obvious to you. Grace is not happy that billions of woemn are being intentionally misled by the dairy council. Grace told me that after reading this Chronicle, she hopes the message will be out. Grace hopes that COG’s will intelligently exercise their free will and reject all dairy products worldwide.

When the dairy council tells lady COG’s that milk is a  “source” of calcium they are not lying. The lie comes when they forget to tell all the lady COG’s that once the “source” of the calcium is pasteurized, the calcium becomes insoluble and does you no good. There are additional serious problems with casein and lactose, but Grace told me she would not bother going into the casein and lactose issues any further, because she was of the opinion that casein and lactose would not be a problem, if COG’s would just exercise their own intelligent free will and stop drinking milk.

Since that day i have not ingested any milk or milk product. That’s how i exercise my own free will. What you do is up to you. All i ask is one thing. When you give your baby milk or milk products or you decide to eat the yogurt, drink the milk, enjoy the ice cream, munch the cheese, or eat your cereal, think about that pus?

Grace be with you.


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