Monday, November 7, 2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater.

Grace came to see me and started a dialog about how bad whites are. Not white people, she was addressing  white flour. That’s correct all purpose white baking flour, (the provocative headline is my doing) worked, didn’t it?

Grace wanted to know why all of her COG’s are intentionally killing themselves by using all purpose white baking flour. I told her i had no idea. Grace then began a dialog that left me speechless, (i know it’s hard to believe i could ever be speechless, but i am being serious). I had no idea just how dangerous all purpose white baking flour is.

Grace told me how she watched over a beautiful crop of golden brown wheat growing in a field in kansas. Once the farmer harvested the wheat he took it to a grain elevator to have it stored, pending sale to a grain milling company. Grace stated that while the wheat was in the grain elevator a fungus called fusarium graminearum infected the wheat. This bacteria is dangerous to animals as well as people.

After that the wheat was sold to a grain milling company, that stripped off the bran and germ layers of the wheat (the healthy part) and ground the grain into brown flour. Once that was done the golden brown color of the flour needed to be changed to white, because nobody likes brown flour. In order to change the color to white, the brown wheat flour was treated with chlorine gas. Chlorine gas once it interacts with the wheat flour turns it white, and at the same time creates another chemical substance called alloxan.

When wheat flour is treated with chlorine gas, it is also treated with a substance that is called benzoyl peroxide. Your kids use that chemical on their zits. The chlorine gas, benzoyl peroxide and alloxan are never disclosed on any package label as they are naturally occurring substances, not an additive to the flour. In fact, some processed foods have up to 150 different naturally occurring chemicals, yum, yum, which are very dangerous and in large doses, can be fatal. None of the “naturally occurring” potentially fatal substances, are listed on the package label.

Alloxan is a substance that destroys the pancreas. In fact, scientists use alloxan in the laboratory to destroy the pancreas of test rats, so they can test diabetes drugs, ( a non-functioning pancreas stops insulin production and instantly induces diabetes). The more all purpose flour you consume the more alloxan you take in. The more alloxan you eat the faster you get type two diabetes.

In the united states the milling companies produce about 150 million pounds of flour a day. Chloride bleaching is an industry standard. Alloxan is a potent beta-cell toxin, and the FDA says nothing about it because it is not an additive, it is a naturally occurring substance.

White bread, donuts, rolls, bagels, and anything else made with white, all purpose flour is deadly from the standpoint that it indices diabetes and one dangerous side effect of diabetes is death. Not to mention diabetic coma, amputation, blindness, kidney failure, nerve pain, and loss of erection.

Grace further amazed me by telling me about type three (3) diabetes. Grace said COG scientists have now proven that in addition to the pancreas, the brain also manufactures insulin for it’s use. The alloxan in all purpose flour has led to reduction of, and in many cases a cessation of, the brains insulin production.

The result is type three (3) diabetes. Never heard of it you say? That’s because type (3) diabetes in commonly referred to as alzheimers disease.

The next time you reach for that white flour product, be it bread, bagel, donut or whatever baked good is the poison of your choice, keep in mind Grace is watching you, and shaking her head, after all it’s your free will leading you to kill yourself one bite at a time.

Note: The up side is that you won’t remember you killed yourself one bite of the time, as alzheimers takes away your memory. (This small bit of humor is mine, not Grace’s, i am sure she would not approve of my gallows humor, but after absorbing all these nutritious factoids, i could not resist a little poke in your pancreas).

Grace teaches in Chronicles, 21 & 30, that veggies, fruit, spring water, and red wine (resveratrol) are the way to go.

Grace be with you.


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