Monday, November 7, 2011
Frederick G. Celani, Relater.

Grace came to see me, in early march, 2009, while i was at the 47th street ymca. I would go there to walk on the tread mill when it was cold outside, otherwise, i would walk up and down the bike paths by the east river. I have always enjoyed my solitary walking as it gave me time to meditate in a pedestrian manner. Grace appeared next to the treadmill and asked me this question. Are you familiar with honor’e de balzac? I said i knew he was a french novelist, and that he was quoted in the opening pages of the mario puzo book, the godfather.

Grace gave me her signature smile, with a bit of a frown in it. That’s what Grace does when she is internally thinking i am retarded. Grace stated, i am not talking about the balzac quote, “a lawyer with his briefcase is more dangerous than a thousand men with guns”, (apparently Grace read’s puzo, as she knew the quote i was referring to). I am talking about the thinking behind his writing in general. I told her she had already lost me. Again, the smile with the small frown. Retarded or not i did not follow what she was trying to impart.

Grace said, balzac was of the opinion that behind every great fortune, the lies a crime. Do you agree? It was my turn to smile with a bit of a frown, (Grace just looked at me, ignoring my facial sarcasm and waited for a cogent response). I told her i was of the opinion that everyone of the great family fortunes, prior to 1975 were based on outright larceny, and after 1975 were based on government sponsored larceny. She seemed pleased with this answer. I then asked, why do you ask?

She smiled her signature smile, and told me she knew that i was thinking about my favorite subject. What if people knew that the world is run by a group of COG’s who in total would not fill a city bus? Would anyone believe that as we approach seven billion COG’s on this planet, the number of people in control are less than fifty,(50)? What if people knew that the majority of what the media calls terrorist events are actually staged and sponsored by government agencies? What if the COG’s in america knew that the u.s. governemnt operated a worldwide terrorist organization known as MEK and ran it out of the u.s. state department under the name the iranian parliament in exile? Would the courts and department of justice cover it up? After all it was easy to prove, if someone would just follow the money?

Grace and I discussed the most powerful man ever to walk the earth, mayer amschel bauer. Even after his death, bauer’s family continues to rule the world. The bauer dynasty was advanced by mayers five sons, jacob, kalman, alphonse, nathan and solomon. Grace asked me if i thought most people knew of the bauer family? I told her most people probably had no idea who the bauer family was, but everyone had more than likely heard of the bauer’s by their alias, rothschild.

Grace gave me a beaming smile. I guess i had moved up on the evolutionary scale in her eyes from retarded status to moron status, not much, but still an improvement. Grace took me into the time machine and gave me a tour of the bauer facilities. I was shown the sign with the red shield and the eagle that hung over a bauer facility. I witnessed workmen changing the sign by replacing it with an identical visage, with the exception that the eagle in the visage was now holding five golden arrows in it’s talons, representing mayer bauer’s five sons.

Grace thankfully did not bother to explain what i already knew. The red shield which the workman were replacing, when written in german reads “roth-schild”, (red-shield), thus the name rothschild.

This interaction with Grace was out of the ordinary as we stayed in the time machine for the whole conversation. Grace also utilized a question and answer format, something she has seldom done in prior communications. Occasionally in the past, Grace will ask me an occasional question, but never before did she actually hold a give and take full blown exchange like this.

Grace wanted me to explain my actions. We took a time machine trip to buffalo, new york. It was 1970. I was in my office, at the ripe old age of 21. The office was in the marine midland bank building. The company i ran was called global, sa. Graced showed me headlines about a waterfront development, and more headlines about one hundred million dollars changing hands. Then the money disappeared. The bank ends up being sold to hong kong shanghai banking corporation, (HSBC) and Grace asked how did i become involved in this type of high drama and international intrigue while still a kid.

I told Grace that i had been approached by a group of people controlled by a man named joseph fino, and some of his italian pals from lewiston, new york and they asked me to front the operation. The main guy behind it was a man named carl strauch. I met these men through ronald fino, a school pal, who was joe fino’s son.

Grace asked me if they were fine upstanding citizens. I answered that the were italian mafia criminals. Grace asked me why i never told the authorities and took the prison time for the crime. I answered that you either did the time or they would stuff you in a fifty five gallon drum, pour in cement and toss you in lake erie. Grace nodded her head, like she knew that. Remember, the lady reads minds, and knows everything.

Grace went on to describe what i was already aware of that governments do not run the world. Corporations run the world. Grace stated that she was well aware that six obscure corporations were in control of almost every financial transaction on earth. The reason is simple, these six firms control the hard assets, as well as the fiat currencies, but it’s the hard assets that give these six corporations the real power.

Hard assets are gold, diamonds, oil, minerals and rare earths. If you control the big five in hard assets, you control the world. These hard assets are the reason we are still fighting the arab’s and muslim’s sixteen hundred years later. The arab’s and muslim’s think we are imperialist aggressors. To the u.s. it’s just business in the name of national security.

Grace asked me to name the six hard assets corporations. I told her [1] broken hill proprietary, [2] debeers and its main trading arm the diamond trading company, (dtc), [3] diamdel nv, in antwerp, belgium [4] hindustan company in bombay, india, [5] diamond corporation of west africa and its doppelganger called trans-hex group, and [6] the bank for international settlements,(bis) and it’s cover front the international monetary fund, (imf). Grace nodded her head and looked at me with pride. In that instant i was elevated from retard to genius, or at least i felt that way.

Grace and i discussed the bauer’s (we use their real name) the oppenheimer family, cecil rhodes, barney barnato, the circus prizefighter and tokyo sexwale. Sexwale is the not just a token black. Sexwale was the guy who spent decades in robbin island prison, in a cell across the hall from nelson mandela. Sexwale was able to elevate black power to a whole new level in just a couple years, by forcing the bauer’s and oppenheimers to give up a big piece of the hard assets pie in south africa, that the bauers and oppenheimers had spent over a century assembling.

Grace took me in the time machine to charterhouse street in london. Grace and i stood in front of number 2 charterhouse street and looked across at number 17 charterhouse street. Grace showed me scenes of myself and a man we shall call spanky, entering and exiting these two addresses on numerous occasions. Grace asked what goes on in there frederick. I told her the two buildings at number 2 and 17 where the debeers/dtc, where eighty (80%) percent of all the diamonds on earth were sorted and distributed. A major money laundering point.

Grace and i discussed the fact that there are other front companies that drill for oil, (exxon, shell, bp, etc) and front companies like banks, stock brokers and manufacturing firms worldwide, but in the end, it is these six hard asset holders, who control the world.

Grace stated she was amazed that the average COG had no idea that all the so called millionaires and billionaires were rich only in an electronic sense. All currency being fiat currency is backed by nothing. Six major families in the blink of an eye could have bill gates and warren buffet standing on a soup line. Fractional money is a joke that even the so-called super rich believe in. The truly rich are this small collection of six families who control the hard assets. Money is what these six families determine it to be. Why do you think everyone buys gold during an inflation?

Grace spoke about the fact that every government on earth is in debt up to it’s ears to the bis and imf. These two entities control all the central banks worldwide. Grace told me that by 2025 there would be one global currency, issued by the imf, and controlled by the bis. The six corporations will have total rule.

Grace stated that she knows for a fact that most COG’s have no idea that the bis is like the vatican. The bis headquartered in geneva, switzerland, is a city state, like the vatican in rome. The bis is it’s own country. The bis answers to no one. All bis personnel have diplomatic immunity. The bis city state itself is diplomatically immune. No one on earth can demand information from the bis, or audit the bis. The bis controls the world and six corporations control the bis.

Grace said she is troubled that politicians bow down to the bis and imf. The super rich and the politically favored of the moment take their orders at bis run meetings in social organizations COG’s have come to know as the council on foreign relations (cfr) bilderburger conference’s, united nations, (un), the club of rome, and the fabian society of great britain.

Grace expressed concern that COG’s worldwide, and especially in the united states are led to believe that terrorism is the result of muslim extremists. Grace stated in fact the muslim brotherhood receives the majority of its weaponry and funding from the united states. The united states points to nuclear ambitions in iran, while keeping it a secret that the united states and un were instrumental in providing the shah of iran with nuclear weapons long before the theocracy came to power. The iranian’s have had nukes for years, what they needed was a delivery system.

Grace told me that she is well aware that the american government operates one of the largest and most powerful terrorist organizations on earth called MEK. This terrorist group includes the national counsel for resistance in iran and the iranian parliament in exile. These terrorist groups are cia/state department fronts, run out of washington, dc.

Grace stated she knew of the contract operations i engaged in for the united states government. Grace spent considerable time discussing operation lasso, which was responsible for the los angeles riots in the 1990’s and was operated by the congressional committee on energy and commerce, led by john dingell [d] michigan. Grace is of the opinion that my upcoming trial, regarding operation rainmaker, will lead to revelations of u.s. government sponsored terrorism, that will shock the nation. Grace stated that the only unknown in this case is the ability of the defense counsel to ferret out the hidden facts, being suppressed by the federal government.

Grace took me on a time machine tour that included a visit to a state department safe house in falls church, virginia. Grace showed me the meetings i attended with state department agents. Grace showed me the dar el hijar mosque meetings i attended. Grace then gave me the bad news in the form of a choice. Frederick, you must leave now or return to prison. In a few days you will be arrested. If you stay i will stand with you. In the end you will go free. Once free you will serve me for the rest of your life. The choice is yours to make.

Grace ended that visit with those last chilling words. I stood still on the rails of the treadmill, while the track sped beneath my feet. It was decision time. I could disappear or i could do as Grace requested and face my personal crucifixion and eventual resurrection in the service of Grace. The decision i made that day is obvious. Here i sit in a federal prison in service of my God.

Grace be with you.


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