Sunday, November 6, 2011
[c] (See: 2ND CHRONICLE)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater.

Grace has a habit of showing up whenever the spirit moves her. Reminds me of the old television show bewitched. If I am at home, in the office, walking down the street, in a building somewhere or nowadays in my jail dormitory, Grace just shows up. In this Chronicle i was at the met (metropolitan museum of art) walking around by myself looking at the art. Suddenly i had company, and this is how the encounter unfolded.

Grace asked, who is your favorite artist? I answered that I was a huge jackson pollock fan. Grace gave me her signature smile and told me she was aware that i had been working on drop paintings for years. Grace said she had watched me many times as i worked in my makeshift studio and told me she could see i was enjoying myself.

Grace said i handle drop art much different than pollock did. She told me exactly how i did my version of pollock. I would mount a canvass on the wall and use a paint ball device, sometimes i would dip a brush and just swing the paint, other times i would use a spoon or stick and dip it in the paint and let fly. A few times i placed the canvass on the floor and stood on a balcony or ladder and just dropped paint. My works of art differed from the genius of pollock, and in there own way were extremely unusual. What amazed me is the fact that Grace knew i had left dozens of paintings, on the walls of a condominium in peoria, illinois. That was a very true fact, and it impressed me that Grace is always watching, no matter if she makes herself known to you or not.

Grace and i discussed abstract impressionism, or what is commonly referred to as the new york school.  New york had become the center of avant-gardism when european artists moved to new york to escape world war II. These european artists developed new styles of abstractionism involving the non-conscious that became central to surrealists. The best of these new surrealists was jackson pollock. Grace stated the second best was william dekooning, whose wild and impulsive brush stroke style, was similar in it’s off the wall feeling, to what pollock was creating.

Grace stated that pollock, who had become best known for his drip paintings, in which he poured or flung splashes of paint onto a canvas creating dynamic patterns, came to be known as jack the dripper. Grace said that many people have attempted to copy pollock over the years, but none had been able to capture pollock’s ability and genius.

Grace was amused by the fact that many people have said pollock paintings look like something done by a toddler who smears paint on a canvas or perhaps resemble a painters drop cloth. Grace gave me the signature smile and said so far nobody had yet to sell a baby’s smear or a painters drop cloth for the multi-million dollar prices that a genuine pollock brings.

Grace stated that my job as relater was similar to pollock’s job as an artist. Pollock painted and kept on painting no matter what people thought or said about his efforts. He never let the nay sayers stop him. Grace said that i have the same task in front of me. I must relate what Grace says, no matter what the nay sayers may think.

Grace stated that in the near future, i will paint again and that the pollock inspired “celani’s” will become very popular. I have no idea what Grace is implying, but it works for me. I love art and look forward to mounting a “Celani”, on a gallery wall, somewhere in new york city. Grace says that i will live on a farm, and at the farm there will be a large room, with abundant natural light in the barn, where the paintings will take shape.

In the words of the old spiritual, i said to Grace, “we shall see, what we shall see”.

Grace be with you.


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