Saturday, November 5, 2011
[c] (See: 2nd Chronicle)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater

Many of you have written and asked if Grace has a sense of humor. I responded to all that the Chronicles at times are very humorous. I relate the Chronicles as I received them in sequential order from the first to the last. This is the first Chronicle in the series that i consider humorous.

Grace was in the frame of mind to allow me to ask a question. As you well know, if you have read the Chronicles, Grace does not always respond to my questions. In this meeting Grace allowed one question, so i asked a question that had been on my mind since Grace and i first communicated. Do you ever find humor and/or enjoyment in what COG’s do with their free will?

Grace gave me her signature smile, and said of course. COG’s are very humorous and many of the things COG’s do with their free will is extremely enjoyable. Grace began by describing music, and ventured on to art and humor. She spoke of music through out the ages, Indian chants, gregorian chants, egyptian music from the early era of egypt, mozart, and all of the other major old masters, right on up to frank sinatra, carol king, alicia keyes and beyonce.

Grace stated that sinatra, king, keyes and beyonce were special points of light that Grace had directed to earth to inspire COG’s with the free will displayed by these masters of music. Grace told me she loved hip hop. Grace stated that hip hop was the most important message music COG’s had ever created. grace stated that Hip hop is the truest example of free will. Grace stated that hip hop has done more for the self esteem of young COG’s than all of organized religion combined.

Grace sang three tunes. One went like this. They killed jfk in 63, what the hell you think, there gonna do to me, i’m o.g. and i bust em back, bang bang, i bust a cap. Another went like this. I’m in my new five wagon, with the old bb’s, i’m old school, so i listen to cd’s. Another went like this. Ain’t nothin but a g thang baby, two loc’ed out g’s that’s crazy, death row is the label that payz me. Keep in mind i write these phonetically as i take hand written notes, if i am a little off on the lyric’s blame me, not Grace.

Grace told me about the grand masters of art and writing on numerous occasions. All of the various great artists throughout history. Grace calls these people her special points of light. All of the stories are fascinating, and reveal information not known in general history accounts. As the narratives are quite lengthy, i relate each in separate Chronicles, as i am limited in these prison writings to only three pages. Grace spoke at length about musicians, writers, artists and comedians and the value of these people to society. As time goes on i will relate all of these conversations.

This meeting ended with Grace telling me a religious joke. I liked the joke so much i have sent it to all my friends, and now share it with you. A psychiatrist walks into the asylum and says to the head nurse, what’s new? The nurse says, there’s a new guy in room 6 who thinks he is jesus christ. The doctor says ok, i will handle it. The doctor goes into room 6 and ask’s they guy, what’s your name? The guy says, i am jesus christ my son. The doctor says ok jesus, stay here, i’ll be right back. A few minutes later the doctor returns with a tape measure and tells the nut to stand up and stick out both his arms to each side. The doctor measures the nut from finger tip to finger tip, then from head to toe. The doctor  says to the nut, wait here, i’ll be back in 30 minutes. A little while later the doctor comes back into room 6 with two big boards, a hammer and some big spike nails. The doctor lays out the boards on the floor in the shape of a cross and starts pounding away. The nut is watching and says to the doctor, what are you doing doctor? The doctor smiles and looks at the nut and says, what is your name? The nut says, why, i am jesus christ my son. The doctor says in that case jesus, you should know what i am doing.

So say Grace. (with a smile ;>)

Grace be with you.


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