Saturday, November 5, 2011.
[c] (See: 2nd Chronicle)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater.

Grace and I have had conversations on just about every form of organized religion on the planet. What continues to amaze me is the vehemence with which Grace addresses organized religious opulence. I have no doubt that when Grace addresses an issue related to religious opulence, i am witnessing the pure wrath of God.

Grace shakes her head in utter disbelief as she addresses what organized religion has done in her (God’s) name. Grace does not waste a lot of time on individual religious dogma, she feels the dogma of organized religion is fine as long as it promotes God. Grace states that it is the free will of each and every COG to decide what they choose to believe.

What Grace focuses on is the damage being done by organized religion, to the hearts, minds, and bodies of all her COG’s, that has been done in her (God’s) name, throughout history, while at the same time, fortunes have been amassed by each of the major organized religions in her (God’s) name.

This Chronicle addresses some of those issues as applied to organized religious opulence. Every major organized religion is discussed in an individual fashion repeatedly throughout the Chronicles. Future Chronicle’s will address the dogma and opulence of various individual religions which will be displayed in that particular Chronicle’s headline.

Grace stated that organized religion is designed to act in her name (God) when dealing with the COG’s of the world. Grace stated that she has no problem with this allied affiliation as it brings the message of God to the masses, even if the message is clouded in the dogma of what Grace calls damnation theology. Grace feels that free will allows COG’s to sort through the dogma and find the real message of God therein.

Grace is unhappy about is the use of her name to enrich organized religion. Grace told me that like any action taken by COG’s, even actions in her name, because the actions are free will she does not interfere with the actions, although she does not agree with all demonstrations of free will, by the elite’s in the top echelons of organized religion.

Grace stated that the catholic church has over 50,000 priests in the U.S. alone, housed in 34 archdioceses and 153 dioceses with thousands of tax exempt churches, schools, office buildings, seminaries, and housing buildings. The priests take a vow of poverty, while those in power at the vatican travel in private jets and helicopters. Priests in every parish urge the COG’s in the congregations to give until it hurts. Many older COG’s eat cat and dog food, as they give the bulk of their retirement incomes and social security checks to the church.

While these older COG’s dine on cat and dog food, the pope and his minions dine on steak, caviar and fine wines. Most parishioners have a cheap pallet knife painting from sears or kmart, hanging over the couch, and in rome only the finest of the masters originals, from the past two thousand years, grace the walls of the vatican and papal palaces.

Grace wonders if COG’s will ever ask themselves, what’s wrong with this picture?

Grace believes that if church and state are to be truly separate then there should be no tax exemptions for any organized religion.

Grace took aim at much more than rome. Grace discussed salt lake city, and the mormons; the various jewish temples worldwide; the opulence of islamic mosques around the globe, and the vast assets and cash stores held by all of the other organized religious organizations that wallow in endowments, real estate, art and weekly tithes.

Grace, in her infinite fairness, expressed joy in programs designed by the COG’s controlling organized religions educational, philanthropic and charitable works. Grace expressed great love for the sacrifices of the dominican, carmelite, benedictine, augustinian and jesuit orders, mormon missionaries, lutheran and protestant missionaries, and jewish charities worldwide. Grace stated that these are fine works of giving, yet are a small percentage of the annual largess taken in by organized religion.

Grace stated that the only organized religious organization on earth that she personally feels is one of her points of light is the salvation army. Grace has nothing but praise for the salvation army and it’s programs.

Grace expressed dismay with the fact that nuns and priests are made to be celibate, and engage in antiquated poverty, chastity and obedience rituals. Grace stated that if anything is to be classed as one of the mysterious sins preached by the damnation theologists, as part of their dogma, it should be forcing COG’s to avoid Gods natural edict to procreate and live in happiness, with a COG of their choosing. Organized churches, like the catholic church, which call for celibate behavior are essentially supporting a lifestyle that encourages child sexual abuse.

Grace stated that the purpose of organized religion should be to encourage all COG’s to utilize free will. Grace opined that as new age beliefs take hold, in the near future COG’s will come to understand that they should give food to food banks, not to papal larders, cash to poor families in their neighborhoods, not cash to support the private jets of the religious hierarchy, and worship God where the need arises, not in buildings costing many millions of hard earned COG dollars that in addition to there cost, deprive the local community of taxation from the acres of land needed to support the essentially useless religious structure.

Grace reminds all COG’s there is no need for a church. Fellowship can be had at anyone’s home, the town hall or the park. The need to pray to Grace can be fulfilled anywhere. On the street, in your home, on your bike, in a car, on a bus, or standing on your head in the park. God does not hang out only in churches, God is everywhere, anywhere a thinking COG desires to exercise their free will.

Grace believes that free will, Deus Vult is coming of age now. Grace believes that COG’s worldwide will abandon organized religious dogma, if those in control of the major religions do not cease in the unbridled waste of donated money and constant damnation refrains. COG’s are becoming more and more aware of free will. Deus Vult.

When all is said and done Grace will not interfere with the free will of those operating organized thievery in her name, and at the same time those in control of organized religion, will not be able to stop Grace from showing her COG’s through these Chronicle’s, how to help themselves by the exercise of their own free will. Deus Vult.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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