Friday, November 4, 2011
[c] (See: 2nd Chronicle)
Frederick G. Celani, Relater.

Grace began this Chronicle with a statement regarding my love of the black baptist church. I am aware frederick that you have a profound respect for the black baptist church. I have looked into your heart and soul and I realize the  motivation that brought you to the high level of respect you have for black baptists.

Grace then went into a detailed description of what happened while i was serving time in attica state prison in the 1970’s. Grace told me that i had met a man named LAM. (I utilize his initials here as LAM has not granted me permission to use his name and my deep respect for him, his wife and his family preclude me from referring to LAM’s full name without LAM’s permission) Grace told me she was aware that LAM had come to attica as part of a college program called the consortium of the niagara frontier. The consortium was made up of canisius college, niagara university and rosary hill college, (later renamed damen college). The consortium offered college courses at attica with the promise that successful completion of courses while in prison, would lead to matriculation at one of the three colleges upon the inmates release from prison.

I became very close to LAM. It was the first time in my life that i had met a person i totally believed in. LAM never once let me down. Everything he said came to pass, without exception. In 63 years of living i have met only three people i have high regard for. LAM, my best friend spanky (nickname used intentionally for security reasons) and my lawyer James Neville. These three men have always been there when i needed them, the mark of true friendship. These three guys and myself may have differences of opinion at times, as strong willed people do, that said, when push comes to shove they are there. What more can you ask for in life?

When i was released from attica, LAM took me into his home because i had no where to live and was broke. Flat broke. I did not have enough money to buy a henry’s hamburger that sold for 15 cents. LAM and his wife welcomed me. I was afforded the privilege of watching there infant son. I was fed like a king. I was also offered fellowship in the black baptist church where LAM worshipped, and was working on his own divinity aspirations. Later LAM became the pastor and founding member of his own church in DeKalb, Illinois.

I was blessed to attend the services at one church in buffalo, new york, and enthralled by the privilege of being able to listen to the choir sing in a manner that caused the spirit to move me. My true love of the black baptist church was one of the main reasons Grace chose me as a relater. Grace told me she saw i was pure of heart and soul, as she watched me in that buffalo, new york, church and saw that i could be redeemed.

Grace told me that what i loved was the fact that in the black baptist church, i became acquainted with what is termed today “black liberation theology” a.k.a. “BLT”. Grace told me that BLT is what saved black COG’s from they tyranny of the founding fathers and the racist elites in the united states.

Grace told me the first black baptist church in america was organized at silver bluff near agusta, georgia in 1773. Grace told me that the first african baptist church in savannah, georgia was organized by a black minister named jesse peter and a white minister named abraham marshal. She showed me a holographic view of that time period, and what life was like for black souls at that time.

Grace told me the black baptist church has grown to include the national baptist convention of the u.s.a. with about  seven (7) million members, the national baptist convention of america with about three (3) million members, and a new progressive national baptist convention inc, organized in 1961, which currently has a half million members, all of whom in total comprise about 85% of black christians, in the united states. The conventions run large missionary projects worldwide, colleges, a theological seminary and churches, nationwide.

The devotion and fellowship found in the black baptist churches makes it one of the finest organized religious institutions on earth. Grace told me that in her opinion, black baptist churches, through the church’s doctrine which encourages the congregations free will, deus vult, and the teachings of BLT, make the black baptist church, the only church, Grace feels is entitled to call itself a true church of Grace – God.

Grace told me a rather curious aside. Grace said that the elite COG’s who control organized religion feared that rev. dr. martin luther king, jr, was starting to reach out to poor white COG’s, in addition to black COG’s, based upon his speech regarding viet nam. Grace said this is what led to rev. dr. king, jr, losing his existence at that time. The elite white COG’s in power at the time, knew that a combination of black COG’s and poor white COG’s would have given rev. dr. king, jr, immeasurable power. Had rev. dr. king, jr, not exited based upon the sinister murderous conspiracy of elite white COG’s, he would have become the president of the united states. Since that time, rev. king, jr, has re-entered, and is again preaching in texas.

Grace told me that the black baptist church is her favored church. Grace stated that she watches over the black baptist churches with special intentional devotional care, as Grace feels that the black baptist churches offer the purest form of free will encouragement on earth. Grace is of the opinion that if all organized religions, centered themselves around the doctrines of the black baptist church, the earth would be a much better place.

Grace expresses love for all organized religions. Grace feels that any religion which brings God into a COG’s life is valuable to a COG’s personal growth, in the exercise of free will, Deus Vult. Dogma preached by any organized religion regarding jesus christ, the trinity or being chosen in some manner by God, is immaterial to the fact that the foundational message of the religion, is belief in God. Grace desires that all organized religion focus on teaching of a doctrine that emphasizes building a good existence, via free will, Deus Vult.

Grace has expressed her views on religions hundreds of times in her conversations with this relater, and as future Chronicles are posted you will be able to read what Grace said about your particular religion.

Grace be with you.


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