Friday, November 4, 2011
(c) [Copyright see 2nd Chronicle]
Frederick G. Celani, Relater

Grace began this Chronicle with a question. What is the origin of God?  Like any question posed by Grace, this is a question intentionally designed to enlighten, a teachable moment that opens a door through which COG’s may pass, to understand the concept of God. The origin of God is millennia’s old and has been a primary point of contention amongst COG’s for all of eternity. The infinite (universe as defined by COG’s) as Grace has previously described in earlier Chronicles is eternal. Grace has made it crystal clear that the infinite is just that, Infinite. The infinite had no beginning. The infinite has no end. The soul repeats over and over again, and increases at exponential rates now approaching seven (7) billion.

Grace began by saying if you listen to a small COG child you will hear the COG child continually ask one repetitive question. Why?

Why are there birds? Why is there thunder? Why is there lightening? Why is there darkness? Why are puppies fun? It is the inquisitiveness of COG’s from birth that demanded an explanation for the wonders of the infinite. God is the explanation created by the free will of primitive COG’s. The answer to the origin of God is the first question of any COG child. Why? Why did primitive COG’s need to invent God?

Grace said that in reality God does not exist in the conventional form COG’s have been coerced into believing as part of the dogma of organized religion. Grace stated that God is the total collective consciousness of the infinite. God was created by COG’s, as COG’s needed God or they would have been unable to cope with existence in the early ages of the earth.

The God force is simply a way of explaining what early COG’s could not understand. Today, COG’s are aware of the infinite based upon scientific advances, referring to this enlightened understanding as new age, the secret, the source, or the answer. Hundreds of years ago those believing in this new age thinking would have been beheaded or burned at the stake. In reality frederick you are communicating with a God that in essence does not exist, has never existed, will never exist, and yet, at the same time exists in the collective infinite for all time. Think of it as the riddle of the prime directive.

Grace gave me her signature smile, which seemed to linger on my eyes a little longer than usual, and then asked me the following questions, which i think are the most interesting questions of my entire life. How can you be listening to something – or for conversations sake – someone, that does not exist? How can God be a woman? Two complex, interesting questions.

The answer is the infinite. What and/or whom you are communicating with, is the infinite speaking to you in a form you, as a COG, are able to visualize and understand. You are able to understand who and what I am, and I am able to communicate with you, based upon the information being processed in your brain, with sensory input supplied by your eyes.

In essence who I am and what I am is thought information from the infinite. Think of it this way. Many people assume they see with there eyes. COG’s now know that is an erroneous conclusion. COG’s do not see with their eyes. COG’s see with their brains. The only role played by the eye is sensory, the final assembly of the sensory information is done in the brain once the brain receives the sensory data. Thoughts are things. That is how all COG’s are able to communicate with God.

Once COG’s come to understand what the infinite is, then it is a logical extension that it is the infinite that contains all the material giving birth to all ideas, by becoming what is essentially a universal storage point or data collection center for all thought. The infinite in it’s foundational role as the place where all thought generated by COG’s worldwide gestates, is “matriarchal and feminine” in it’s role as a collection, distribution and birthing point of all COG creativity in eternity. That’s why all COG’s start as females.

Grace stated that God is in essence the infinite, and in that role controls everything. The difficult part to understand is the fact that God is the perpetual, eternal, interactive collective consciousness of all COG’s. There would be no COG without the God force, and there would be no God force without the COG. Think about it. Once all COG’s understand free will, Deus Vult, the role of organized religion will change from its present dogmatic threats of damnation by God as the key to salvation, to the truth of the infinite, where salvation/happiness comes by free will.

Grace proceeded with an in depth discussion of the brain. Grace smiled her famous smile and stated that COG’s have been on earth for millions of years. Grace said that it is only in the last ten years that COG’s have learned ninety eight percent (98%) of what COG’s know about the brain. Grace stated that in the last decade COG’s learned that eighty percent (80%) of what they thought they knew of the brain was false.

Grace said that COG’s now understand that the brain has 100,000 (one hundred thousand) miles of blood vessels and 100,000,000,000 (one hundred billion) neurons. The brain is capable of ten quadrillion operations per second. Every second ten million cells die and ten million new cells take the place of the dead cells. In the time it takes you to read this paragraph over 100 million cells have died and been replaced in your brain.

The COG brain is one percent of the COG’s body weight, yet that brain requires 20% of all air intake, 25% of total blood flow, 30% of all water consumed, and 40% of all nutrients. There are actually three brains. Reptilian, mammalian and neo-cortex. The brain has advanced over time from a basic reptile brain to a complex computer like brain with a prefrontal cortex, (conscious thought) frontal lobe, motor cortex, (physical movement) parietal lobe, (spatial sense) occipital lobe,(visual) cerebellum, (posture, balance, autopilot activities like walking, riding a bike, etc) gatekeeper (amygdala, hippocampus, and caudate nucleus – sections which relay information to other processing points in the brain) and the temporal lobe.

Your brain determines your individual free will, while storing and managing your memory, perception, reasoning, intuition, imagination, and desire to learn. It is said in COG society, that all men are created equal. That is where equality stops. The beginning of equality is at creation/conception, the end of equality is at the point of birth.

Once the COG is born, those who conspire to control the masses at birth, immediately commence utilization of organized religion, predicated upon dogmatic claims of damnation theology, which turns the masses into slaves, as opposed to free will which would enlighten the masses and point all COG’s in the direction of bliss through free will, Deus Vult.

Grace is of the opinion there is nothing wrong with fellowship and organized religion. The problem arises with the approach organized religion utilizes to control the masses. Grace has repeatedly stated that the current decline of organized religion on earth is due to the fact that the masses no longer buy into the fire and brimstone, damnation theology. Grace states that once the dogma of damnation is replaced with the new tenet of free will, Deus Vult, organized religion will experience a new awakening, reversing the current trend of the masses abandoning organized religion, resulting in fellowship numbers increasing to levels never before seen in history.

The first issue is one of conscious versus unconscious. We consistently hear that COG’s have an unconscious mind. There is no such thing as an unconscious mind, unless the COG is seriously ill, in a coma or has been severely injured. The two states of being are conscious and non-conscious. The conscious brain is where imagination happens. The conscious is where visions and dreams are born. Decisions to take new paths, new risks and new initiative are explored in the conscious state. The conscious is the place wherein imagination leads to adventure. The problem with the conscious is that COG’s lose focus after only ten seconds.

This is important to remember based upon the simple fact that if the conscious was really running the show, who or what would remind you to breath after ten seconds. Who or what would tell your heart to keep beating after ten seconds. The good news is that the non-conscious brain keeps track of everything, 24 hours a day, everyday, for your entire life span. Your conscious brain may lose focus after only ten seconds, the non-conscious brain never loses focus.

Your conscious brain is only 17% of your brain mass. Your non-conscious makes up the other 83%. Your conscious brain operates at about 150 miles per hour. Your non-conscious operates at over 100 thousand miles per hour. Your conscious processes 2000 bits per second. Your non-conscious processes 400 billion bits per second. Your conscious controls 4% of your behavior, your non-conscious controls 96%. Your conscious minds remembers for about twenty seconds at best. Your non-conscious remembers forever.

The glory of the conscious mind is that using the power of free will and imagination, COG’s are able to pluck any idea out of the sea of possibilities available in the infinite. COG’s decide what to think. The problem comes when we start to believe that just thinking something means doing it. In order to accomplish an idea it is the non-conscious brain that controls the game.

COG’s set the pattern in the non-conscious brain by learning. This brings us back to my earlier statement regarding free will and being born equal. If we allow those who wish to control COG’s by  forcing the COG population to utilize outcome based education which dumb’s down every participant in public education, then we end up with sub-classes of COG’s who are subject to the will of the self described elite COG’s who control the educational programs.

Once upon a time the need for organized education was obvious due to long distances, different languages and scarce resources. That time has come and gone. If every school on earth was to close its doors, COG’s would receive much better educational information, via open source learning now available to COG’s, via the world wide web, in the most remote corners of the earth, in the blink of an eye.

The difference between being created equal and a life of equal opportunity is for each COG to educate themselves via open source educational methods. Those in power who brought the word the inquisition, the world wars, poverty, racism and class hatred fear open source educational alternatives. The word “elite” stands for control of “every last individual through education”. Each and every COG is currently controlled by an outcome based education system designed to dumb down children and foster a society dependent on the government.

COG’s from the time they first crawled from the primordial slime have been hard wired with curiosity. Curiosity created the need for creation of a God to answer the pressing questions of existence in the infinite and the role to be played by each COG. The need for answers to the ever present pressing question of the meaning of life, created the need for a God. The origin of God is in the mind, the non-conscious brain and free will of each and every COG. Now that COG’s have come into the age of “electronic enlightenment” an realize that they themselves are God, those charlatans who have attempted to control all COG’s with damnation theology, fear and sin are desperate to find a way to keep control. I am here to tell all my COG’s that those who create fear will fail. Free will, Deus Vult, is the key to success and freedom.

You are God. Grace (God) is the manifestation of all thought placed in the infinite by all COG’s. Live your existence in the infinite via the free will that the infinite has delivered to you. You are now awakened. The only impediment denying any COG happiness, is the individual actions of each COG, in limiting the individual COG’s free will. Deus Vult.

You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars you have a right to be here.

The meaning of life, is to give birth to yourself, by free will.

Grace be with you.


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