Thursday, November 3, 2011.
(c) [Copyright Information in 2nd Chronicle]
Frederick G. Celani – Relater.

Grace began this Chronicle with an unusual  question. Tell me what is troubling you frederick? I asked Grace what she meant. She told me she could read in my thoughts that I was having a difficult time explaining who she was and what she was to the many people writing to me from the various web sites worldwide. I explained that there has never been an explanation of God. All of the organized religions keep God a mystery to avoid the doubts of COG’s who adhere to the dogma of a particular religion. I explained that COG’s worldwide are paying attention to the Chronicles and because many believe i have God’s ear, so to speak, want to know details about God. Grace gave me her signature smile and stated the following.

On earth I have communicated who God is to my COG’s via the hearts and minds of many COG’s to whom I have directly and indirectly communicated with over thousands of years. There are many COG’s, much like yourself frederick, to whom I appear and have exchanges with. There are also vast numbers of COG’s that demonstrate by everyday actions that they believe in my intention regarding creation of a wonderful existence for themselves and other COG’s by free will, Deus Vult.

God alone in her infinite wisdom controls the universe, and all within the universe. It is the wonders of my creation that lead all of my COG’s to create their own existence, based upon their own free will. Most of my COG’s choose to do good deeds and of those I am delighted. Some of my COG’s choose wrong and while I am disappointed in their poor choices, never the less, their choices are the result of each individual COG’s free will. All things in life are copyrighted by God. Each and every COG may espouse an idea, but the ability to create the idea arises from Deus Vult, and only Deus Vult. As many female COG children say in today’s reality, girls rule.

My COG’s all exercise free will, by having doubt. Atheists as well as believers have doubt. That’s what free will is all about. I am constantly proud of my COG’s who have entered the argument about God by their positive actions in this existence. Some have returned over and over again in multiple existences, to continue the discussion, either in support of God or against the existence of God. That’s the purpose of free will.


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