Sunday, October 30, 2011:

Grace began this Chronicle by asking me one of her simple questions. If you were guaranteed not to fail, what three goals would you desire to realize in your lifetime?  My answer was long life, stop wars, and exit happy. Grace gave me her signature smile, and told me that would be wonderfully altruistic, but she knew I was telling her, what I thought she wanted to hear.

Grace stated that the way to guarantee you will reach all of the goals in your life is to take notice of them and live them each and every day. Achieving your goals starts as soon as you realize that what society, family and friends expect of you is totally irrelevant and immaterial. The important part of your existence is free will. Deus Vult.

Grace stated that in recent years an incredible amount of research in the field of quantum physics, has shown that our beliefs actually create our reality. Grace spoke about what she called the 100 monkey theory. Scientists have proven that monkeys on a remote island, who found a new food source, had no idea how to harvest and clean the food source. After trial and error one of the monkeys figured out how to harvest and clean the food source.

The monkey who successfully completed the task, then taught the cleaning and harvesting process to all the other monkeys in the group. At the same time moneys across the island, who have no contact whatsoever with the original group of monkeys, also suddenly knew how to complete the task of cleaning and harvesting.

Grace stated that this holds true for scientific, music, and almost every other human endeavor. There have been studies that identical twins separated by thousands of miles can transmit pain. If one twin is climbing a mountain in peru, and falls and breaks a leg, the other twin, across the earth, living in england, feels severe pain in his leg at the same bone location, at the same time. These phenomena are called the process of universal transmission, which are part of the same process know as universal intention.

Similar situations have developed regarding those suffering from disease and finding a cure through worldwide collective prayer. Is it the religious dogma of the prayer that COG’s respond to, or is it the intention of those COG’s collectively sending their thoughts of love and wishes for a cure to the disease which the intended COG is suffering, that creates the powerful miraculous response?

Grace stated that the word disease itself in a completely misunderstood word. Disease, is actually a two-part word. dis-ease. Dis-ease means that the COG who is suffering is not at ease with his or her existence due to the lack of properly directed free will. Dis-ease, is relatively simple to overcome when the COG realigns with the individual COG’s free will, and interacts with the collective universe of all COG’s (souls) via purposeful intention.

Grace stated that when a COG relinquishes his or her feelings of helplessness and grasps the meaning of intention, the COG suddenly starts to lead the existence the COG unconsciously desires to lead. COG’s would do well to state their intentions to themselves daily.

This can be done by writing in a journal, creating a screen saver, making a poster, printing a sign to attach to the refrigerator door, or writing the three goals on their shifting scapular, and saying them when you desire to shift your paradigm, (See: 20TH CHRONICLE – SHIFTING PARADIGMS AND FREE WILL). Free will, desire and intention, is all it takes.

If you think it, it will be so. If you think you can, you will. If you think you cannot, you will not.  Free will controls all things in your existence. Look at the three specific intentions you desire everyday, as many times a day as possible. Repeat the three intentions out loud if possible, or silently to yourself. The more you repeat your three intentions, the faster your positive thought process of intentional free will, will speed you on your way to your achieving your goals.

Free will is all that is required. Wisdom is knowing, just how little we know.

Belief in Grace and what Grace takes the time to teach you in the Chronicles is priceless, and by the Grace of God given to you, for your immediate use. Deus Vult.

Grace be with you.


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