Sunday, October 30, 2011:

NOTE: I have received a few emails from my australian friends wondering why i have been slowing down on the posting of Chronicle’s. If you search the site you will find the 5th Chronicle, which is a special Chronicle. In the 5th Chronicle i detail for you the fact that on October 14, 2011, I had a stroke. I was in the hospital for five (5) days. One main result of the stroke is that I have lost about half of my long term memory. I am having difficulty with written and spoken language. I forget things in the middle of a sentence. I am having problems controlling the right side of my body.

These stroke related problems mean, that I must carefully read all my hand written notes on the Grace conversations. My long term recall is no longer very good, as to any subject prior to the day of the stroke, so I must go to my notes and carefully decipher each set of handwritten scribbles. Since ninety percent of the conversations happened in the nassau county jail or here at the federal prison, i have ready access to my notes. The first forty of so conversations happened between February 14, 2009 and March 17, 2009, the day I was arrested. Those notes are held by a friend of mine on the other side of the world. My friend is transcribing the notes and sending them to me two or three at a time. That’s why there is a delay in posting. The good news is my farmer pal, whom i shall call mr. green jeans, has just verified that my long distance friend, across the world, has started posting the Chronicle’s on http://www.fredcelani.wordpress.com, as well as the australian blog. I hope you will forgive me for any delays.

Grace has expressed on numerous occasions her concern for the health and welfare of her COG’s. As time unfolds and you continue to read the Chronicle’s you will see Grace’s concern. In this Chronicle Grace answers on of my questions, regarding nutrition. As I have told you in the past Grace addresses my questions, only when she so desires. Of the hundreds of conversations we have had, Grace has answered my direct questions about ten percent of the time. My question during this conversation was what are COG’s, herbivore’s or carnivore’s?

Grace answered thusly. Frederick, have you ever seen a pizza tree? A taco tree? A fried chicken bush? A candy tree? A soda bush? The answer is no. In nature you find fruits, vegetables and roots. In fact, the bible refers to eve taking from the apple tree. Eve did not partake of the steak tree, or the bacon bush. COG’s are herbivores. The butchering of animals and the invention of fast foods and empty carbohydrates are man’s doing, not nature’s.

Grace stated that a simple review of nature will show that the biggest and most powerful animals are herbivores. Gorilla’s, elephants, rhinoceroses, giraffes, and many more animals eat only water rich foods. Fruit is the most perfect food on earth. Fruit takes the least amount of energy to digest, and gives your body the most in return. Fruit is mostly fructose which converts easily into glucose, the fuel needed by your brain.

Fruit should always be eaten on an empty stomach. Combining fruit with other fruit is fine. Combining fruit with vegetables is not fine. These two types of foods should be eaten separately, about two hours apart. When you awaken in the morning you should eat about three hundred calories of fruit. That’s it. Nothing else. A snack of fruit, nuts, seeds or vegetables in the midmorning. A wonderful vegetarian lunch. Another fruit or vegetable snack mid-afternoon. A wonderful fruit or vegetable dinner. Grace referred to this as the “Eden” dieta. Not diet, dieta.

Grace went on to say that meat is extremely bad for COG’s. Not just because of the cholesterol and fat issue. Grace showed me a holographic type of movie of  putrefactive bacteria in dead meat. Not very pretty.  Dead meat has very high levels of uric acid. Uric acid comes form the blood that builds up in the tissues of the animal, when it is slaughtered. This is the main reason that orthodox jews keep kosher, draining the blood from the animal. Uric acid, gives the meat it’s flavor.

When an animal is alive the osmotic process in the colon keeps putrefied bacteria from getting into the animal. When the animal dies the osmotic process stops and bacteria infiltrate the animals meat. Putrefied bacteria are necessary to make the meat tender. The bacteria is the same bacteria found in the animals manure. Essentially, when you eat meat, as well as foul, you are eating dead animal carcass coated in microscopic excrement. Yum, yum.

Grace went on to say that the current practice of eating meat, foul, milk and cheese from fish and animals that are injected with growth hormones and anti-biotics is the cause of many of the prevailing illnesses in COG’s, especially the obesity we see in children. Young boys as well as girls growing breasts at six years old. How much more do you need to know. If it flies or swims, has a face or feet, pet it and forget it.

COG’s are killing themselves by poor dieta choices. A vegetarian dieta means health and happiness. Corporate nutrition, growth hormones, and genetically engineered animals, fish and crops means early death. The choice is yours. Free will. Deus Vult.

There will be many Chronicle’s on nutrition in the future. Each will have the word nutrition in the headline.

Grace be with you.


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