Sunday, October 23, 2011:

Grace has informed me throughout the hundreds of conversations we have had that she is concerned that COG’s worldwide are missing the importance of the lessons they could learn from history, because the current worldwide trend of outcome based education and concerted efforts at revisionist history, are producing billions of ignorant COG’s. Not ignorant as in lack of intelligence, ignorant as in lacking the true facts of actual history.

Grace told me that the american education system is the most pervasive in utilizing outcome based education to create factually ignorant COG’s. Grace started by telling me the horror’s she witnessed when viewing the actions of christopher columbus.

In 1492, columbus sailed the ocean blue. Nice song, but, it is the same as singing in 1942, hitler reached out to make friends with the jews. Columbus like hitler practiced genocide. Columbus was not some warm fuzzy explorer out to help the poor islanders.

Columbus, contrary to historical implication, did not discover america. It may be factual that he accidently crashed into the america’s, meaning the bahama islands and hispaniola. When columbus came ashore the arawak indians ran to greet him. The arawaks had no arms of any kind. Columbus took over at the end of a sword.

The arawaks brought gifts for columbus and his men and welcomed them. In return columbus enslaved the arawaks, and killed them. Columbus had originally started out from spain on a gold hunting foray to asia. The  king and queen of spain had promised columbus 10% of all the booty he recovered.  They also promised columbus would be governor of any new territory he discovered and would hence forth be known as the admiral of the ocean sea.

The problem was columbus could not find asia, and would have never located asia, because asia was many thousands of miles further than columbus had calculated. So columbus decided the arawak indians were good enough.  The first thing columbus did was take the arawaks on board his ship to keep them prisoner until they revealed where they kept their gold. He sailed from the bahama’s to cuba and eventually to hispaniola (now haiti and the dominican republic) and upon seeing some gold flakes in the rivers and having been presented a gold mask by  by a local indian chief, columbus figured he had hit the mother lode.

Columbus set up shop on hispaniola, tore apart the ship we know as the santa maria, and used the timbers from the ship to build a fort. Grace was livid that he gave his murderous fort the name navidad, meaning christmas, (the implication being the fort was somehow tied to the spanish christian religion and thus a religious structure). In two years, on the island we now called haiti, almost 250,000 arawaks died at the hands of columbus and his crew.  In total during all of the columbus forays around the caribbean between 1494 and 1508, three million people died at the hands of columbus and his crew.

What columbus did to the arawaks, cort’es did to the aztecs of mexico, pizzaro did to the incas of peru and the english did to the powhatans and pequots of the american mainland. Captain john mason attacked a pequot indian village on the mystic river, near long island sound. Mason set fire to the village, burned 600 indians to death and upon leaving only 21 pequots were still alive.

Grace state that COG’s everywhere have to ask one question of themselves. Did they know these facts before reading them in these Chronicles? Was the actions of columbus, cort’es, pizzaro and mason necessary for the human race to progress from savagery to civilization? Was stalin right in killing millions of peasants, to advance industrial progress in the soviet union? Was churchill right in ordering the bombings of dresden and hamburg? Was truman right in ordering the atomic bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki?

The world watches as american COG’s bestow hero status upon columbus, cort’es,pizzaro, mason, churchill and truman. We vilify stalin and hitler, while at the same time it was the american war machine, american military industrial complex, and american oil companies, that supported the efforts of stalin and hitler. Just whom do we think we are kidding?

The quiet acceptance of conquest and murder to advance national interest continues to this day. When history is told from the viewpoint of governments, conquerors, diplomats and leaders, it lacks veracity and is at best described as being couched in disingenuous factual reporting, if not outright criminal mendacity.

We grant hero status to washington, jackson, jefferson, lincoln, wilson, truman, roosevelt and kennedy, and ignore the millions of deaths these men caused to young men and women of this great nation. We know that congress is one of the most corrupt organizations on earth. We know that the supreme court is nothing more than an arbitration service, for major global corporations. We know that there is little if any difference between democrats and republicans. We know that our schools are making our children into robots of socialism. We know that it will soon be to late to save the bill of rights and the constitution. The sad part is we actually know what is happening, no one is trying to pull the wool over our eyes and yet we do nothing.

The media is now owned essentially by six corporate powerhouses. All that is left is the internet. The current push for net neutrality will soon take the internet away. Then we will all put on out arab robes and burqa’s and chant five times a day to allah. The COG’s on earth at this point in history are doomed to repeat past history, because they do not know what past history could demonstrate, as the real stories and lessons of history have been revised.

So say Grace. There is still time left and nothing can take away free will. Deus Vult.

There will be numerous Chronicles on revisionist history in the future.

Grace be with you.


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