Sunday, October 23, 2011:

Grace was in a warm and happy frame of thought as she discussed this issue. Grace began by saying that the problem with organized religion is that it offers little hope to any COG that does not pray to God to help them. Grace has already informed everyone through these Chronicles, that the success or failure of the existence of any COG, has nothing to do with praying to a benevolent deity. Everything is based upon free will.

Grace stated that she has influenced the work of new age prophets, directly or indirectly, for hundreds of years. In fact what we currently refer to as new age, is actually many thousands of years old. Grace began with the story of immanuel kant, and worked her way through charles hannel, norman vincent peale, napoleon hill, rhonda byrne, anthony robbins, stephen covey, esther and jerry hicks, joseph murphy, john demartini, sandra anne taylor, sharon klinger, robert holden and frederic and mary ann brusatt, just to name a few.

Grace stated that she is enthused that finally a movement is starting the encourages COG’s worldwide to depend upon themselves, and use their own free will. Grace is also very pleased with the work of ministers joel osteen and t.d. jakes,and other mega and minor congregation ministers who based upon the space constraints i am under here, i will reveal later, who Grace opines are doing tremendous good by encouraging their congregations to depend upon themselves.

Grace spoke at length about the fact that free will is being marketed as the secret. Grace said that no matter how the message is marketed, the important point is that what many are now referring to as the secret, is actually a buzz word for free will. Grace is pleased about the work being done in the new age arena. Grace expressed the view that these new age practitioners of free will, may actually have an impact far greater that the total impact of organized religions.

Grace stated that outcome based education, which is prevalent in the united states and is now spreading around the world is destroying the minds of our children, and ripping apart society, by creating brainwashed COG’s who lack any free will at all.  Grace said that when you couple outcome based education with revisionist history you have a society that has no idea what the real truth is.(see: 19th Chronicle – Grace on Revisionist History)

Grace stated that the new age message of positive thinking, positive statements, affirmations and good thoughts attracting good results are all aspects of free will. What these new age prophets are telling the world via their books, the internet and their seminars is the most important series of messages  and events regarding personal human growth in the last two thousand years.

If people would only learn the simple truth of holding your head up, throwing your shoulders back and breathing deeply, they would be able to create their own positive results and experiences in a manner much more advantageous than any pill or psychiatrist/psychologist visit. The sad fact that we now drug large portions of our child COG populations, to suppress free will, is proof positive that COG’s are heading in the wrong direction.

COG’s must learn that resistance phases such as no, but and however, should be removed from the language. The word impossible should be removed from dictionary’s. If COG’s would learn how to listen in a empathic fashion, and respond to others in a positive fashion, the world would change overnight.

Socialistic programs of giving everyone what they need have never worked. Programs that teach COG’s how to provide for themselves are more productive. Keep in mind the old saying about giving a man a fish, versus teaching the man how to fish.

Prozac and it’s like medications are much less effective that learning how to shift paradigms. Depression is simply a lack of free will. In order to be depressed, you must act depressed. If a COG needs to overcome depression, all that is required is the simple exercise of their own free will to cancel the bad feeling.

Any COG can shift their personal paradigm by thinking of something wonderful, as simple as carrying a picture of a beautiful sunrise or sunset, or a lovely baby playing with a puppy, or of a funny face, anything that shifts your paradigm will instantly eliminate your depression.

Grace again reiterated that the only thing keeping any COG from being successful and happy is a conscious desire to suppress their own free will.

The New Age systems of supporting free will will be the subject of many Chronicles in the future. Each new age related Chronicle will contain the words new age in the heading.

Grace be with you.


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