Sunday, October 23, 2011:

Grace began this discourse by simply stating that the earth is undergoing a revolutionary change in communication.
Originally COG’s, based upon the motivation of free will, to interact with one another, communicated with hand signs and by painting pictures on cave walls. The movement aspects of hand signs, allowed COG’s to develop the ability to verbalize what the hand signs signified, (more on this in later Chronicles). Thereafter COG’s progressed to the point of conversation from pictures on cave walls to written symbols, and eventually to rudimentary written language.

Grace stated that over the course of history COG’s have seen tablets, parchment, sheep skins, quills, blood utilized as ink, scrolls and on and on until COG’s finally reached the point of the guttenberg printing press used for newspapers, bibles and books. As COG’s advanced into the twentieth century COG’s saw newspapers go to full color, the invention of high speed presses, fax machines, and copiers.

Grace talked about the fact that next COG’s saw the telegraph, the telephone, and the ticker tape. Thereafter came radio, television and movies. Communication went from two people having a conversation in the village sqaure, to mass communication wherein COG’s could disseminate information to millions overnight, or within the time it took to prepare a broadcast, and beam it to a satellite.

Grace said that as these advances in communications were talking place, COG’s simultaneously saw advances in transportation. Originally COG’s started out on foot. Then came the horse. Next came the advent of the wheel. From there COG’s progressed to wagons, stage coaches, ships, cars, buses, trains and airplanes.

Grace opined that over the last two thousand years COG’s have advanced at a snails pace from one rudimentary form of communication and transportation to the next. With the advent of the transistor, COG’s started moving much faster. Then came the circuit board. Finally in one short decade COG’s advanced farther than COG’s had gone in more than two thousand years via the invention of the computer.

Grace stated that in the last decade COG’s have moved light years into the future when compared to the previous two thousand years of advancements. COG’s are now able to send a message anywhere in the world in nanoseconds. COG’s can research and communicate as fast as COG’s can type and think. COG’s are able to point our cell phones and shoot a video while simultaneously transmitting the image worldwide.

Grace said that since the dawn of civilization COG’s have depended on others to represent them as governments were formed. The reasoning for such representation was simple. The entire population of a country could not go to the capital to vote, to argue points of law, to decide what to approve and what to repeal, to decide what services were needed and what services were to be abandoned.

Grace smiled her smile and said that with the need for representation came corruption. As they say, power corrupts and absolute power, corrupts absolutely. COG’s came to accept the corruption as part of the routine of politics. Today COG’s see a movement toward one world government and the usurpation of sovereignty in exchange for one central controlling body. Some say the elites of the world, wish to have total dominant control.

Grace looked at me and said something startling. In the future the elites will come to realize they have made a huge mistake. Once the control of all the individual sovereign governments now controlling each set of ethnic COG’s, is transferred to one central source, it becomes axiomatic that COG’s will realize that COG’s no longer need government.

Grace posed the thought, that if all services, decisions and needs are controlled from one main point, then why is there a need for politicians and elections. If you consider we are setting in place the ability to track every COG by micro chip, eye mapping, finger prints and dna, then why not let the people speak for themselves. After all we now communicate instantly, and if need be can instantly travel electronically, to any point on earth, via video conferencing.

As an example Grace stated, lets assume there is a central point wherein all government, financial and political decisions are made. Lets say it is based in geneva, switzerland and is controlled by the united nations. Now lets assume we are going to vote on expenditure of funds. Do we need lobbyists to talk to legislators? Why not have the lobbyist present their case on the internet. The COG’s of the world vote yes or no. The votes are tabulated via eye mapping or fingerprints to prevent  fraud in the vote. Suddenly we have no need for politicians.

Grace made this point. Lets say a criminal is to go on trial in brooklyn, new york. Do we need a courtroom, a jury and a judge. The COG’s living in kings county, wherein brooklyn is situated, would watch on their individual iphone, ipad, pc or laptop. The virtual jury made up of COG’s from kings county, would vote guilty or not guilty, this eliminates the need for a jury. The computer would analyze the law, this eliminates the need for a judge. The lawyer would stay in his office, the prosecutor would stay in his office and the defendant would be at home or in a jail. It would all be done on the internet. Think about the savings in elimination of courts, cops, and all attendant costs. Computers could review the proceedings and validate or invalidate convictions in a virtual appellate process.

Grace took it further from there. She posed this question. Why would we need schools? Outcome based education and the bureaucracy which it has fostered are a drain on our economy. Why not go to open source education, over the internet at home. No need for school classrooms, no need for books, no need for teachers. No need for school buses. The same may be said for all essential services, we can automatically pay the people providing the service, by direct deposit and track the delivery of the needed services by video links, eliminating the need for the bureaucracy and managers.

Grace gave me her signature smile and told me that those who think they will rule the world, need to think again. The elites need to be careful what they wish for. When all is said and done control of the world wide population of COG’s is rapidly coming to an end. COG’s are rapidly realizing politicians are the problem, not the solution. The same as organized religion is on the wane in face of the new age belief in free will. The antiquated need for governments and political power shall wane. COG’s are waking up, exercising free will and taking control for themselves. Deus Vult.

Grace stated that the fear of big brother is a trojan horse. As COG’s become more and more aware of free will by understanding the message contained in the new age, free will teachings, the tyranny of big brother will actually be seen for what it is, and opportunity for freedom, by the exercise of free will.  Deus vult.

In the future there will be many more Chronicles on the demise of politics.

Grace be with you.


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