Sunday, October 23, 2011:

Grace began this discourse by looking at me with her signature smile, and remaining silent. I transmitted my question to her. Why are you staring? She said, I wanted to see if you are listening. With that began one of the most interesting conversation Grace and i have ever had. I have abridged this lengthy conversation here, and in the future will expand upon it.

Grace stated that all, not most, all, of the problems in the world stem from the inability of COG’s to listen to each other and communicate. Grace stated that most COG’s do not listen to someone in an effort to understand what the other COG is saying. They listen with the intent to respond and get on down the road.

Grace said that if you watch, the majority of conversations, consist of one COG trying to speak, and the other COG talking over them, completing the sentences for them, or preparing their answer and rushing the conversation via hand gesture which signify hurry up.

Grace said that instead of listening, most COG’s pretend to listen, hear snippets of the other COG’s statement, or totally ignore what is being said with a smile that indicates attention, but actually masks inattention. Grace said whenever you have a conversation with a COG look at the placement of the feet of the COG who is doing the listening. If the feet face  the speaker, then the other COG is listening. If the feet do not face the speaker, then the listening COG is not paying attention to what the speaking COG is saying.

When a COG is listening, Grace says you can tell by the empathy the COG shows the speaker. Keep in mind that empathy is not sympathy. Empathy is when the listening COG gets inside what is being said by the speaking COG and try’s to fully understand the statement. This is called empathic listening. Empathic listening involves the usage of your ears, your eyes and your emotions. You must feel what is being said.

When COG’s really communicate via empathic listening problems are solved, solutions are found, agreements are reached. One of the keys to empathic listening is understanding the difference between the moment the question is posed in the speaking COG’s statement and the time the lsitening COG takes to reply. Most COG’s fail to realize there is a vast gulf between the question and reply phase. If you snap off an answer to the speaking COG’s question before the speaking COG has finished speaking or immediately after the speaking COG finishes speaking, then your reply is condescending and disrespectful. If you take the time to consider and evaluate what the speaking COG has said, then the listening COG’s reply is real and genuine from the heart and mind.

Grace stated that she is constantly disappointed when she see’s her COG’s use negative language or contradictory language. Grace stated that any thinking COG will never use the words, no, but or however, in a conversation. These three words trigger feelings of resistance. The speaking COG feels they have wasted their time.

Grace said she was impressed by the fact that as she has watched me over the years, i utilize language such as, i agree with what you are saying, and wonder if you would consider this point of view; or, i will say, i respect your opinion and if you will permit me, i would like to offer this idea; or, i appreciate the fact you feel that way, and i was wondering if you would be willing to hear my side of the issue.

Grace stated that if COG’s would learn to communicate and consider each others paradigms, that all of the problems we now face in life would be eliminated.

There will be many more existence life support Chronicles in the future on listening, as well as other free will paradigms to give you Graces point of view, on how to improve your existence on earth.

Grace be with you.


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