Saturday, October 22, 2011:

Grace was sitting for this Chronicle. She appeared even more agitated than when she addressed me on the issue  regarding the treatment of women by islam. I have no way of reading God’s mood. It’s just that the way Grace delivers most statements is rather stoic for lack of a better word. When something is pressing Grace’s hot button, i sense it, even though i really do not see it. This was the first time Grace had ever begun a discourse with an inquiry other than about myself. At times Grace will ask me a question about my behaviors, but never until now had Grace opened a discourse with a general question.

Are you familiar with cardinal bevilacqua and cardinal krol?  My telepathic response was no. Grace sat up straight and started to address these two people. Cardinal’s bevilacqua and krol have engaged in behavior so heinous, in my name, that if i was a God of punishment, I would strike them dead, here and now, to see these two men parading around in my name, scikens me.  At this stage i figured Grace did not like these two men very much. I wondered what this was all about.

Grace told me that cardinal’s bevilacqua and krol were high officials of the Philadelphia Archdiocese, in pennsylvania, and had been responsible for the cover-up of the rapes and abuse of hundreds of children, by sixty three (63) catholic priests. Grace said that the catholic church, allegedly acting under her divine auspices sanctioned the cover-up all the way to the vatican. The cover-up was personally approved by the pope.

Grace listed a litany of horrors by catholic priests. An 11 year old girl was raped by a priest who later took her in for an abortion. A priest took someone for an abortion? A fifth grade girl was molested in a confessional by a priest. In a confessional? A priest stopped by to visit a sick teenage girl who was in traction in a hospital bed. The priest groped her, and stopped only when the girl rang for the nurse.

A priest rubbed up against a young boy and ejaculated all over the child. One priest took two young boys at once in his bed. A young boy was given alcohol by a priest and when he woke up in the priests bed, the father was giving the unconscious boy oral sex. One priest offered money to young boys to place the priest in bondage and asked the boys to make him their slave.

One 12 year old, was raped and sodomized by a priest, and the child then tried to commit suicide. The victim remains in a mental institution to this day, as an adult. One child abusing priest was transferred to so many parishes that they ran out of places to send him. Nun’s who complained about abusive priests were fired. How do you fire a nun? The bishop of philadelphia said one priest was innocent, because the 11 year old victim had seduced the priest.

Grace named a small portion of her list of the worst priests. Nicolas sudemo; raymond leneweaver; james brzyski; albert kostelnick;  gerald chambers; stanley gana; nilo martins; david scoli; john mulholland; and 54 other catholic priests. Grace instructed that i refrain from identifying these perverts by the title father or monsignor.

Grace expressed revulsion that cardinal bevilacqua went so far as to mislead the grand jury investigating the case. Grace went on to detail many such cover-ups by the catholic church, which dares to operate under her name. Grace detailed similar cover-ups of child rape from coast to coast.

Grace spoke about the following with special revulsion. Joseph gausch,  became a priest in 1945  and started abusing young boys from day one. He served as a priest for 54 years. Peter dunne ordained in 1954, was in charge of the archdiocese scouting program. He was diagnosed as an untreatable pedophile and yet the catholic church allowed him to have access to young boys. Michael mccarthy was transferred from place to place and allowed to rape young boys, with the full knowledge of the church.

Edward dipaoli, ordained in 1970 was in possession of $15,000.00 in child pornography, consisting of  111 magazines, 14-8mm films, and 11 video tapes, when he was raided by the U.S. Marshals. He was a teacher of morals and ethics, at the archdiocese high school. Morals and ethics? Francis rogers raped so many boys in his 50 year career the grand jury could not add up the total. Francis x. trauger molested a 12 year old boy in a motel. Francis giliberti ran a anti-masturbation boot camp, while molesting young boys. John gillespie fondled boys, including two brothers, over a 40 year career. Thomas J. Smith, made young boys play the role of jesus in plays, then molested the boys. Cardinal bevilacqua, with full knowledge of these events, sanctioned this activity for almost three years, until finally removing smith from active duty.

Francis j. gallagher accused of molesting boys was promoted by the cardinal. Thomas f. shea, had a secret file of his church sanctioned molestation deeds on behalf of what grace referred to, as the catholic church’s special, hands on, sex education program, in the archdiocese offices. No one was warned about the contents of the secret shea file. John a. cannon, ran a church summer camp wherein he feasted on young boys. Michael bolesta, was accused of molesting at minimum 10 young boys. Robert l. brennan, was treated four times for pedophilia issues and moved around to various parishes to help him. Help him do what?

Grace stopped at this point and said, I think I have made my point about the catholic church. I want to make sure that the Chronicles clearly point out to every COG on this planet, that I do not condone this behavior. Grace said that free will is exercised by all, and in the cases of these men, who hide behind the divinity of God, the free will  they  choose to exercise is unforgivable.

Relaters Note: I looked at Grace and thought i saw tears in her eyes. I had the feeling that these sixty three men and all the other perverted catholic priests worldwide, would find their next station on the raceway, as being assigned as goat herders in afghanistan. Personally, i think they should be immediately treated with the only pedophile cure i am aware of, which is being lowered slowly, into a wood chipper.

Future Chronicles will cover more of the wondrous ministry of the catholic church, and the catholic’s hands on sex education programs.

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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