Grace began this Chronicle as she does all Chronicle’s with a simple good day and then immediately launching into the topic. Grace never announces the topic subject or the topic length, and i never inquire as to the topic subject or length. I simply report what Grace says. This particular Chronicle is the longest of all Chronicle’s to date and continues on for hundreds of pages. I estimate based upon my handwritten notes, that the Bliss Chronicle’s cover more than one hundred (100) separate interactions. I am relating the Chronicles in the sequence they were told to me, (except for special Chronicles like the 5th Chronicle – Off to the Races). In the future you will be able to find subsequent Bliss Chronicles quickly, as the title will always contain the word Bliss.

Bliss according to Grace is a natural goal in the foundation of life. The reason COG’s evolved in nature is based upon bliss. Grace stated that evolution is based upon chaos theory. Nature does not cull it’s own negativity. In other words things that are wonderful and beautiful as well as things that are cruel and unusual are not against nature. I take that to mean that anything  found in nature, is in and of itself, free will, that said, not everything in nature will be wonderful.

Grace explained that COG’s are not animals as science indicates. COG’s are not mammalian in the sense of being a higher form of warm blooded animal. COG’s evolved as part of the infinite natural order of life, as the infinite requires a brain to control order, the same as a machine requires an operator or a computer requires a hard drive. Grace stated that anyone who classifies a COG as an animal is foolish. Without the advent of the COG natural order would have ceased.

COG’s are the controlling force of existence. All COG’s are the same in construct. Grace is highly displeased at what we call racism. Grace states that in the future, when politics becomes a COG controlled common effort, (see: 17TH Chronicle – Grace on the Demise of Politics) and the need for race baiting ceases, then racism will cease to exist. Grace points to small children at play being free of unlearned racism, and COG’s who are blind from birth being unable to define racism. There is no difference whatsoever between any COG. No racial difference, (there is only one race – the human race) and no physical or mental ability differences. Grace stated that even those COG’s we refer to as handicapped, are not limited in any manner, they are simply traveling an alternative awareness path which was intended for them.

Just because someone cannot walk does not mean they cannot run. Grace gave me “The Smile” and pointed out various savants, of whom COG’s are amazed cannot tie their shoe’s, but are able to play any song on a piano, after hearing it once. Grace say’s that has nothing to do with being a savant, that is free will. If we COG’s take the time to work with other COG’s who live an alternative awareness existence, there would be many amazing alternative awareness COG’s.  Grace states that all COG’s evolved equally, and the only limitation placed on any COG is the free will each COG exercises in deciding how far the COG wishes to travel down the path of education and experience. In other words, you decide what you desire to be. The choice is yours. The only thing holding you back, is you. The only thing holding back a COG living an alternative awareness existence, is also you! If you take the time to work with an alternative awareness COG, based upon your free will, then both COG’s benefit.

Grace told me something that I thought was bland when she said it. Later i understood the genius of the statement. It’s one of those things that when you first hear it, it has little impact, and later when you think about it, you have an epiphany.

Here is what Grace said. It is very simple to be nothing. You do not ever have to rise in the morning to be nothing. Being nothing takes no work at all. Any COG can become eminently successful at nothing, with no effort at all. In order for any COG to advance, the individual COG must exercise his or her own free will. Think about this over time and the profound message in this simple statement comes shining through.

Grace stated there are two types of bliss, physical and emotional. The rule of 8’s is controlling in bliss, (See Chronicle 13 for more on the Rule of 8’s). Grace started with the 8 meridian points of the human body. [1] mind, (brain) [2] head, (top of eyes to bottom of chin) [3] neck, [4] shoulders, back, spine, [5] chest, to naval, [6] essence, (naval to apex between vagina/scrotum and your anus – invasive/external) [7] legs, and [8] feet. These meridians are paramount to the exercise of what Grace called positive reactive free will.

Grace stated that bliss is the primary goal in all 8 stages of life. [1] birth [2] childhood [3] teenage [4] young adult [5] adulthood [6] maturity [7] seniority  [8] transit. Bliss is essentially pleasurable positive reinforcement in daily life. Grace explained that bliss is nothing new and has been around throughout infinity.

Grace took me on a tour of past and future millennia to show me various COG’s engaged in bliss. Bliss may be practiced in as simple a manner as lying on the ground, standing still or hanging from a tree limb. Bliss may be practiced utilizing dynamic tension gear of simple or complex design. Bliss may be practiced utilizing simple fixtures in a doorway, more complex free standing fixtures or in rooms especially design for the practice of bliss. These specially designed rooms can be quite complex, including multiple water nozzle’s, tiled walls, floors and ceilings, centralized relaxation structures with evacuatory chambers, and hand operated or hydraulic apparatus for three hundred sixty degree (360) rotational therapy. The various forms of bliss Grace revealed to me were amazing.

Bliss may be practiced by one lone COG, two participant COG’s or group’s of COG’s. Bliss ranges from simple hands on therapy to total bliss which is really unique. Grace took me back to a place in egypt, wherein i viewed the daily life of what i took to be a pharaoh and his queen.

The room was inside a palace, the pharaoh walked into the room and the men and women servants stood waiting. The servants wore only loin cloths. The pharaoh took off his robe and stood nude and two of the male servants opened a curtain, behind which was a fancy looking throne with a large hole in the seat and chamber pot beneath. The pharaoh proceeded to sit down on the throne and the female servants began to massage the pharaoh’s chest, stomach and back. The pharaoh evacuated into the chamber pot. Upon completing his evacuation the pharaoh stood and went to a rail where he lean over. The female servants washed his posterior and dried him. Grace stated this was called royal ablutions.

The pharaoh them proceeded to a large alter like device in the middle of the room and laid upon his stomach. The female servants set to work giving what i took to be a massage. Eight ladies worked on the pharaoh. One on each foot, one on the neck, one on the skull, and one on each side who handled the back and posterior and one on each side who handled the legs. I estimate they worked on the pharaoh for about ninety minutes and then turned him over.

What was instantly obvious was that the pharaoh had become tumescent. The ladies assumed their same positions on the feet, skull/face, chest/stomach and legs. The lady who had handled the neck when the pharaoh was on his stomach, was now detailed to handling his phallus once the pharaoh turned over. The massage continued for another ninety minutes. The lady handling the phallus gave the pharaoh numerous releases. The pharaoh appeared quite happy. The process was repeated for the queen. Ablutions then bliss. The queen was also attended to by the females. The queen received an invasive massage in her vaginal area. She to appeared quite satisfied. During the queen’s therapy i noticed the pharaoh needed to urinate and one of the ladies held his phallus and upon him completing his task, she cleaned his phallus.

Grace then took me to a much simpler setting wherein a man was simply massaging a woman on a blanket. We then went to another setting where a man was massaging a man on what looked to me like an old fashioned version of a massage table. We traveled further still to a more modern setting where a man was massaging a woman who was suspended in mid- air by her hands. She wore an aluminum device much like a glove that was curved at the end so she could hang from a bar that was strung across a doorway. Her feet were spread far apart and rested on short  poles  protruding from the sides of the doorway.  In this position she was stretch to the point of total tension and seemed to be purring as the man massaged her. Grace told me this was called dynamic tension. The man was massaging her in what i would consider a conventional fashion for the most part, until it came to the breasts whereupon i took it to be very erotic, and when it came to the vaginal area the man began an invasive massage, that caused the lady to be come quite vocal in her enjoyment of the therapy.

Grace the took me to a room inside a huge mansion somewhere in california. I knew we were in california as i could see the hollywood sign from the glass wall that fronted the room. The room was tiled in beautiful small tiles on the floor, all four walls and the ceiling. In the middle of the room was a built in table like structure complete with an incorporated colonic unit for evacuation. A lovely lady of i would estimate 40 or 45 years was naked on the table. Two ladies were scrubbing her. During this process which lasted  about three hours i watched as they scrubbed the woman from head to toe, and i mean scrubbed. The ladies utilized small brushes to completely cleanse under toe nails, finger nails, folds of skin, folds of the labia, and inside the muscle folds of the anus. During the therapy the lady evacuated and urinated and was scrubbed again much like the egyptian ablutions. Finally the lady was groomed and all unneeded hair was removed from the body. The last portion of the bliss therapy was the massage from head to toe on both sides.

Grace took me to other locations where i saw variations on the theme, so that i could report bliss can be done by any COG to any other COG in any location. Wealth or lack thereof is irrelevant. Rich or poor, fancy bliss chambers or lying on a blanket, the only thing keeping you from enjoying bliss is you. Grace instructed that upon my release, i am to give instruction to whomever may desire same in how to conduct bliss therapy and how to construct the required dynamic tension, cleansing and grooming equipment.

Grace showed me two versions of singular bliss wherein one was a lady and in the other a man, gave bliss therapy to themselves without any second party. I use it here at the prison as a form of relaxation and release. The physical release of bliss therapy plays an important role in the emotional well being of all COG’s.

There is a lot to show you. Like I have said in previous Chronicles i am writing from a prison at this time and do not have access to visual programs. When i am released i will create visuals and show you what i have referred to in this Chronicle.

In the future, there will be hundred’s of Chronicles on the subject of bliss, in far greater detail than set forth here.

I had one question that i transmitted telepathically to Grace. The question was this is somewhat erotic for God to be displaying. Grace gave me “The Smile” and looked at me like i was a moron. Grace said frederick, if God, by way of the infinite, gave female and male COG’s genitals, why would it be odd to see God pleased that the COG’s are enjoying what I myself gave them?

Grace said the entire meaning of life is to procreate in a willing fashion, (Key phrase here is willing fashion more on this later in the Chronicle on abortion). COG’s were created to enjoy bliss everyday, multiple times a day. It is conventional human society that places all of the restrictions on sensual enjoyment by COG’s, not God. Grace told me to never forget she places all COG’s on this earth naked, and to this day COG’s continue to arrive on earth naked. It is only after their arrival on this planet, that they cover themselves of their own free will. Deus Vult.

In the future there will be many more Bliss Chronicles.
Grace be with you.


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