Friday, October 21, 2011:

Grace began this Chronicle by saying, I wish to discuss the meaning of life, death, happiness, free will and the need for human understanding. Grace calls the Infinite and the rule of 8’s the prime directive’s. The infinite represents existence in and of itself. No beginning and no end. The rule of 8’s are various patterns that appear in the stages of life, control of the body, relationships and other numerological patterns that always have exactly eight (8) parts, never more and never less.

The meaning of life, is for every COG to give birth to themselves. The process of giving birth to oneself is lifelong, and is complete at the end of your current life. Grace states the giving birth to oneself means, that you have finished the fulfillment of the process in this life and are ready to transit to the next life.

In plain language you work at living as honorable an existence as possible, in order to give birth to your next self the moment you transit. (transit as in leave your current body, which COG’s refer to as dying) Essentially there are eight (8) stages of life that control each of the more than six billion points of light, (each point of light represents a soul) [1] Birth, [2] childhood, [3] teenage, [4] young adult, [5] adulthood, [6] maturity, [7] seniority, and [8] transit.

Grace states that using the word dying is improper. No one dies. The current existence is simply abandoned for a myriad of reasons, and the COG transits to the next existence. If you are a man you may come back as a woman, and vice versa. If you are chinese you may come back as a russian. If you are white, you may come back as sephardic, (Graces word which is a biblical hebrew term meaning dark skinned or black in today’s language). When you transit you are directed to the raceway and immediately placed in a womb somewhere on earth. Nine months later you are born again. You may transit across the street, across town, across the country or across the word. The theory on transiting is chaos theory, no plan, you go where you are needed at that moment.

Your past accomplishments or lack thereof in this existence have nothing to do with your next existence. If you are a good person now, you may not be so good in the next existence, and vice versa. Grace explains that each existence starts the process of giving birth to oneself all over again, and the free will of the individual COG determines the outcome of the next existence.

There are eight meridian sections to the human body. [1] Mind (brain), [2] head (top of eyes to bottom of chin), [3] neck, [4] shoulders and back-spine, [5] chest to the naval, [6] essence, (crotch from naval to apex the area between your vagina/scrotum and your anus – invasive as well as exterior), [7] legs and [8] feet. The meridians are discussed in greater detail in the 14TH CHRONICLE on Bliss.

The rule of eights is one of the two prime directives derived from the infinite. I shall try to explain the infinite in words. Keep in mind i am in prison as i write this. I do not have access to power point, drawing programs or video, so it is impossible to show you what Grace showed me. When i am released i will find someone to construct a visual for all to see. In my humble opinion the infinite is so complex, that in essence if you really think about it, it is actually simple.

You have all seen the infinity symbol. The infinity symbol looks like a figure “8” lying on it’s side. Rather simple as a construct. Grace showed me a fancy version of the infinity symbol, on its side. Many things were moving in, out and around the symbol at tremendous speed. The view I had was from far off, i would guess millions of miles. The infinity was huge, and our universe was only one small part of the infinite. Imagine the los angeles freeway during rush hour, multiplied by trillions of times, and you have a general idea. Grace explained that the view i was enjoying was created by Grace as there is no place to view the infinite from without, as the infinite is just that. Infinite. There is no being outside the infinite.

Grace zoomed in to various areas and showed me raceways with millions of souls in transit every moment. Grace said that within the infinite time, light and space do not exist, as they move to slow. I am not sure what that means, but that’s what she said, you figure it out. Grace said the infinite was moving at a rate of speed we will never be able to comprehend. There are eight quadrants to the infinite, that actually form, what was in my humble opinion, a huge type of stylized cross, or possibly a flower petal symbol.

Imagine if you can two number eights. One standing on end the other on its side. You will see what i saw which looks like a cross when you merge the two together in your imagination. The apex at the center, is a point of light so brilliant it is beyond beauty. I am far to stupid a COG to even begin to find the words required to describe this sight. It is so beautiful, that i could look at it forever.

Grace went on to describe to me the ability to see into the past, present and future all at the same time. Grace said that the roman deity janus was an attempt by a Chronicler from the far distant past to spread this knowledge. Grace told me that COG’s have no problem understanding that COG’s elsewhere in the infinite are watching i love lucy, yet cannot understand that the infinite exists.

Grace explained that every signal that we broadcast either audio or video goes off into the infinite. Light traveling at 186,000 miles per second means that since i love lucy was first filmed, lucille ball, ricky ricardo and fred and ethel mertz are being watch by COG’s hundreds of trillions of miles from earth. Grace also said that einstein was wrong. Light is not the fastest moving entity. Light is the fastest that we on earth are able to understand speed, but as applied to the infinite, light speed is actually quite slow.

COG’s in other quadrants of the infinite are able to travel the entire infinite at will at rates of speed beyond comprehension. Grace stated that advanced COG’s have visited this quadrant, and all are benevolent, as advanced COG’s have given birth to selves that have no need for the petty violence which earth COG’s continue to embrace. Grace states that this will pass as free will (good versus evil) eventually works through chaos theory in a pure mathematical sense. Grace estimated about twenty five thousand (25,000) more years, until we grow up.

Grace showed me beings in other segments of the infinite, both past, current and future. Grace showed me when I would transit, what my next existence will be and each existence of my past. Grace said that the current scientific penchant by physicists in trying to establish big bang theories, string theories and all the rest is foolish. The never was a beginning and there will never be an end.

In the future when I have access to better computer gear and video/audio capability i will greatly expand on the rule of eights and the infinite. I could go on for years on this subject. I hope someday to stand before you in groups, show you the video representations of the infinite and watch your amazement and delight as you view it, and we all discuss it.

Existence in the infinite is wonderful as well as wondrous.

You have no idea what lies ahead of you. Free will via Deus Vult.

Grace be with you.


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