Friday, October 21, 2011:

Grace began the session by looking me in the eye and asking me to explain why I was working for the united states government  regarding the overthrow of the iranian theocracy. I began to tell Grace the facts of the case (found elsewhere on this site under the heading “FOX NEWS – U.S. INTELLIGENCE”) and Grace gave me “The Smile” and held up her hand. Frederick, I know the details, what I want to know is why do you believe what your handlers tell you about the goals of the united states, in iran?

Grace stated that the united states has been involved in numerous attempts to control the government of iran for decades. Grace expounded on the fact that when the british left egypt and the french left algeria, the western oil companies were forced to give up control of the oil wells they had discovered and developed. The oil companies had no other choice than to be content with whatever deal they could make with the new governments.

Grace was displeased with the fact that i would be foolish enough to support the united states in it’s faux quest for democracy, when it was the control of oil that was the actual goal. Grace was livid over oil company interests costing thousands of lives of young american COG’s in the military, as well as innocent COG’s who were citizens of the countries in the mid-east which the united states seeks to control.

Grace stated that in 1953 the fuse was lit in iran, with the overthrow of mohammed mosaddeq. The reason for the overthrow had nothing to do with democracy and freedom. The reason was oil. Mossadeq was very popular in iran and with the support of the nations populace had decided to nationalize the oil companies, with full aim at the u.s. controlled anglo-iranian oil company.

Mossadeq’s government had won the support of the iranian populace by showing the people that anglo-american oil was paying more in taxes to the british, than it was paying in royalties to the iranian’s. In order to prevent the nationalization of anglo-american oil, the british and american’s decided to bring back the shah of iran in a coup d’etat.

Mosadeq was overthrown and general fazlollah zahedi was installed as prime minister. Soon after zahedi took over the shah returned to iran and resumed his throne. The iranian population knew the british intelligence agency mi6 and the american cia had backed the coup d’etat and considered the shah an american (western) puppet from his first day back on the throne.

The puppeteers were neither reliable nor efficient. When the iranian revolution came in 1979 neither the british nor the american’s lifted a finger to help the shah. President carter offered the shah asylum, and later withdrew the asylum under iranian pressure. The shah was allowed to come to the united states for a short time for medical treatment, in new york city, and was then sent to panama, where the iranian’s almost succeeded in having him deported back to iran to stand trial for war crimes. Thereafter the shah settled in egypt, and died there in 1980.

Grace was livid that I would be dumb enough to believe the united states wanted to overthrow a theocracy and install a democracy. Grace actually looked at me and laughed, not her well known “Smile”, she actually laughed. Grace took me through the last ten years of my life and showed me where i had been duped.

Grace said, frederick, i know your main contact in the united states was alireza jeffarzeedah, and that your main contact for the so-called revolution was esfandiyar rahim mashaei. Grace inquired, do you know who mashaei really is? I said no. Grace told me that mashaei is actually the hand picked replacement for mahmoud ahmadinejad, who must step down in 2013. Mashaei received more than $120 million dollars from our rainmaker u.s. intelligence efforts to overthrown the man he secretly works for. Grace told me the state department was well aware of all this, and supports mashaei. Grace opines that mashaei will not succeed.

Grace told me how foolish i was to think i was doing good for democracy when my $120 million was chicken feed, a drop in the bucket. Grace told me that mashaei had joined with the revolutionary guard in iran in the past few years to steal more than  twenty five ($25,000,000,000.00) billion dollars. They needed our $120 million just like oprah winfrey needs to gain five more pounds.

Grace told me that the ncri and mek terrorist organizations are actually fronts for the cia and u.s. state department. Terrorism is a business, supported by multi-national, global corporations, who wish to control economies, peoples lives, oil and gas, and everyone’s thoughts. The ability to control thought is via ownership of the major media outlets, which has already been accomplished. Grace pointed to the fact that while working for the u.s. government i myself had been broadcasting a legal talk radio show on a fox news affiliate in washington, d.c., and that the broadcasts were used to  convey scripted information to terrorist related cells worldwide, at the behest of the u.s. state department.

I am going to help you frederick, I will put people on your team that will expose what was done to you and the people of the united states, israel and iran. Grace intends to show the citizens of the united states that there is no difference between the democrats, republicans and independents when it comes to oil money. While there may be some differences in political agendas, the effort to grab the cash to pay for each parties political plans is the same all around.

Grace told me to open my eyes, and for me to tell all COG’s to open their eyes.

Our children are dying in iraq and afghanistan so that corporate oil interests, will grow flush with cash, and the bush family and condoleezza rice will be able to eat caviar every day.

It’s the oil stupid. Alway’s follow the money!

So say Grace.

Grace be with you.


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